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Moving On (With Help)

Ok, the Sock Summit is over.  I’m happy to say I’ve been able to make peace with it all.  But not without a little help from a friend.  When Sarah said I’ll send you a little something, I was thinking tape measure, stitch markers, something along those lines.   She was thinking bigger.


As she said in her note she looked for the earthiest skein she could find in the marketplace  (wishing I was there to search with her).  I’d say she found it.  It’s so beautiful and of course this picture is not doing it justice.  There is alot of subtle color variation going it. 

It’s BFL sock yarn (which I’ve been dying to try.  My stash is pretty much all merino) by Girl On The Rocks in the Bark colorway.  Yummy!!!

I’m going to save it for a pair of socks or stockings using some of the patterns from this book. 

Twisted-Stitch Knitting Bk Cover

Another little something I bought for myself to ease the pain.  It’s hot off the press from Schoolhouse Press.  We’ll talk more about that when it arrives,  I’m so excited.  Between the book and the yarn I may be inspired me to stick my toes in the sock design pool.

Thank you Sarah.

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What do you call a piece of heaven?  Is it when two things you love are combined?  It is for me…  Mint & chocolate, honey & mustard, cream cheese & frosting and the newest, Lorna’s Laces and one of my favorite bloggers.    For fans of the two latter items feast your eyes!  Isn’t a thing of beauty?  I can’t believe I got two skeins, considering how fast it sold out.  I ordered it from here on Sunday and it arrrived yesterday (with 2 Werthers Original in alittle zip lock bag, yum, another favorite).   I’m not sure what pattern I’ll use but it really doesn’t matter.  For now I’ll just pet it and love it and enjoy my “grumpiness”.


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