I can’t even tell you how touched I was by all the wonderful comments both here and on Facebook over my baby news.  Thank you all SO much!!!  I honestly have the best family, friends and readers ever!!!

So now that the cat is out of the bag I can start posting again!  I do have one big project going on right now for a dear friend but in between working on that and living life my babe’s wardrobe is starting to grow.

Baby D is due the first week of October and will need lots and lots of warm goodies!  For the longest time I’ve wanted to sew booties.  I’ve knit them before but there is something beyond adorable about a pair of sewn ones.  The booties below are my first attempt.  Not to bad but not great either.

I decided to combine two patterns.  This one and this YouTube tutorial.  As you can see the heels are different.  The heel on the one on the right (sewn first) is way to small.  The elastic kept slipping on me as I tried to sew it.  And the toe is also a bit smaller because the batting kept shifting too.  I pinned and pinned but it was still tricky.  I followed the written pattern on that one.  For the other one I used the written pattern AND the technique instructions from the YouTube video…and as you can see much better.


Another view….


The written pattern is designed to have all enclosed seams.  While I love that idea I found it darn near impossible to sew without using my own fingers as pin cushions…endless pins.  If these booties were going to walked in then by all means I would make it happen but they are for warmth and I don’t really think the baby with notice or mind.  So I used my beloved pinking shears and voila….


I always tried to make the inside of my work as neat and attractive as the outside.  I have knitting camp to thank for that!!!


I took this picture with the booties on my hand to give you some perspective but I don’t think you can really see how small they are…they are so precious!


Again, not a bad first try but you know me…perfection please (or as close as I can get)!!  Let’s see what happens with my next try!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful day with those you love.  My day has honestly been pretty close to perfect!!  I awoke to breakfast in bed made by my darlings, hubby and baby girl.  Then as if God himself sent me a personal gift, Kira put herself down for a 2 1/2 hour nap.  During that precious time I finally got to finish a quilt!  And tonight, hubby is making my favorite for dinner, stuffed calamari!!!  HEAVEN!!  There is also one more thing that made today so special…

If any of you have been following my Facebook page you’ve seen the rainbow quilt I’ve been working on.  It has been a joy since the first stitch and I love everything about it!!


It is bright, colorful and so full of life.  Very different from all the other quilts I’ve made.


Just look at…I can’t stop!!

Here’s the back, which my dear friend Teri picked out for me.  I wanted something yellow to represent the sun and this jumped out at her.  It’s perfect!!


Close up…


A sun burst batik, could it be better…I’m thinking no!!!


The binding fabric was also chosen for me and is the exact color of many a sunset in our back yard.

In order to really show off the fabrics I decided on simple line quilting (in the ditch).


This quilt perfectly expresses all the joy, happiness and excitement I’m feeling these days.  And I can’t wait to give it to the owner but I’m going to have to wait about 4 1/2 more months…


Yes, that’s me and yes that’s Kira kissing my belly which is currently filled with her baby brother/sister.


The rainbow quilt wrapped around my almost 2 children!!  Happy Mother’s Day to me!!!

I’ve waited and waited to share this news and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you today.

Maybe now that the cat is out of the bag I can get back to posting.  All I’ve been working on is baby stuff.

Again Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

…since my last post! A sin, I know but there’s been lots brewing.

Here’s a little peek…


More to come… Promise…


Any fans of To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar?  It’s one of my favorite movies and as I sat down to write this post Ms. Vita’s line came to mind.

But before I get into that, I wanted you all to know that the cowl has been delivered and will be loved…to death!


Doesn’t it look great on her?  And so does that hat!!!!  Yes, I finally finished “the hat” that was on needles way to long.  Its done and once again as I asked my sister to model it I thought…not a good idea.  She wanted to keep it of course but I couldn’t blame her it matched so perfectly with the cowl.


Look at the ribbing, so twisted and perfect!!!


This hat, Windschief by Stephen West, was supposed to be fitted, like a watch cap but when I saw this version on Ravelry and loved it.

I also added another mod.  I used a tubular cast on.  The effect of the stitches appearing to roll over the edge never fails to thrill me.


And did I mention how warm it is?  I used 2 strands of fingering weight (Unisono, colorway 1164) held together (on a #7 needle) to get the gauge…worked perfectly!!


I don’t have any pictures of the wrestling match that ensued as I tried to get the hat off my sister…suffice it to say…I won!!

Now let’s re-visit a past knit for a moment.  I’ve had a few questions lately about the Lucy Hat.

Downtown Abbey KAL - The Lucy Hat 2013

Downtown Abbey KAL – The Lucy Hat 2013

If you remember while I was very happy with this hat and the project in general the only “complaint” was it wasn’t deep enough.  So I did what all crazy knitters do I ripped back to re-do the crown.


Now to answer the questions of a recent comment by Brittany.  Yes I simple wore the hat backwards, to hide the seam/the color jog, which placed the flap on the left.  As mentioned in the original post.


I used a german twisted cast on.  It blended so much better with the purl stitches that followed.

Now regarding the short rows, which another reader had a question about.  I honestly don’t think I can shed much light on that one, except to say don’t over think it.  If the directions say, knit to 2 stitches before the last wrapped stitched that means the second stitch from the wrapped stitch.  I don’t know if that helps but I don’t think I can explain it any more clearly than that.  There are quite a few videos on YouTube and on Ravelry that can help.  I think the problem with short rows it just over thinking.  Do exactly what the directions say and you should be fine.

I hope this helps everyone…and remember the beauty of knitting is you can rip it out.  Once you cut fabric, for example, you’re done…no re-dos….

Happy Hat Knitting Everyone!!

…And Another…

My sister saw the cowl I made for our cousin and guess what? Yes…she wanted one too, saying it has been sooooo long since I knit her anything.  Here ya go sis!!

Vern SS Cowl 2

A big thank you to my friend Carolyn who so graciously modeled for me.  And just happened to be wearing a beautiful baby blue sweater that matched perfectly.

Vern SS Cowl

Pattern:  Gap-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley

Yarn : 1 skein, Rasta by Malabrigo Yarn, colorway #75 Garden Gate (I kept an eye on the tag this time!!)

Needle: 13, 32″ circular. (I used a 32″ circular on this one instead of a 24″ and there was so much more room on the needle)

Modifications:  I cast on 109 stitches, seed stitch for 11 rounds then bound off in pattern.

Hope you like it sister?


My cousin has been complaining for a number of years now (and rightly so) that I’ve never knit anything for her.  I have no idea how that is possible but she’s right.  So what can I make for a 21-year-old, drama student living in the east village of NY, who’s “bible” is Vogue Magazine?

The Gap-tastic Cowl, of course…


and not only does it fit the bill for fashionable, it’s super warm and (the best part for me) super fast.




After…It’s a perfect project.  Oh and did I mention it took only one 90 yard skein.  I love that!

And my cousin is happy…best part!


Now let’s talk about the yarn for a second…it’s Rasta by Malabrigo Yarn.  Again, 90 yards per skein and the colors…AMAZING!!  There is quite a lot going and it’s beautiful!!!


Pattern:  Gap-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley

Yarn : 1 skein, Rasta by Malabrigo Yarn.  (I hate to tell you this but I can’t find the tag with the color name/number.  But I’ll keep searching.  I’m so annoyed at myself)

Needle: 13, 24″ circular.

Modifications:  I cast on 109 stitches, seed stitch for 12 rounds then bound off in pattern.

Easy peasy, as my cousin would say…

And that poor hat I started weeks ago…still not done!!

So if you remember, 20 days ago, I started a new hat to keep me occupied during a snow storm.  Well guess what I’ve made next to no progress on it but for good reason.

My husband, who I can’t get enough of, gave me a late Christmas gift.  It’s the gift to top all gifts, at least for me.  Are you ready, cause I wasn’t…

I’d like to introduce you my new sewing machine.  The Bernina 750 QE (Quilters Edition).


You’ve all heard and used the expression that there are no words to describe a thing.  Well I have no words to describe how surprised I was, excited I was/am and how unbelievable this machine is.  It’s a behemoth and I’m totally in love with her!!!

Ok, I can hear the question being yelled at me.  Did I really need another sewing machine.  Absolutely not!  But am I blessed with a husband who loves to spoil me, see me smile and has always indulged my hobbies.  YES!!! Am I happy? YES!!!  Is it an incredible machine? YES!!!  And the best part…has it made me bold, has it made me step out of the box?  YES!!!


Look at the size of this girl…HUGE!  It doesn’t even fit in my sewing table.  on top yes, but not inside…no matter… I still love her!!!

I’ve already started a few projects.  This is a start of a single Irish chain quilt for a friend.


And here are some HST (half square triangles).  I have no idea why I haven’t tried them before but I swear this machine has given me wings.  Dramatic I know…but I’m going with it.



I’m happy…very happy…and that poor hat.  Going to have to wait a while.

Thank you Darling…thank you so much!!!