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Disappointed but not completely upset.   The left sleeve is 2 full balls long and 14.5″.  The right sleeve is a tad over 8″ and you can see how much of the last ball I have left.    The goal was 18″ on each. 

But I’m done, now my hands can rest…

I will call Schoolhouse Press tomorrow morning, order at least 3 more balls (one is for another project) have than overnighted and finish this up asap.   I am sorry I didn’t get it done in time but that doesn’t make it less of an accomplishment.

Now I’m free to celebrate my husband’s birthday today…Thanks for being so patient.    Even my puppys have had enough.

And thank you Kim for all your help and for captaining our team.  Bravo for getting yours done.  I can’t wait to see it.

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With such precious time left you’d think I would have been up all night but my body and hands said enough and I passed out in my bed next to my hubby who finally caved and said “Do any of the other husbands feel neglected because of the Olympics?”.  Darling I promise I will make this up to you.  You’ll see.

In the meantime after a good night’s rest, good breakfast this morning and hands feeling less cramped and tired, I’ve been dealt a blow.  This is something only a knitter will understand and be able to relate to.  I’m feel sick to my stomach about it.  I’M RUNNING OUT OF YARN!!!

That is all I have left.  The pattern said this size (37″) would take about 10 1oz skeins.  I’m up to 12!!  Plus the two remaining, that’s 14 freaking skeins of yarn.   And I wouldn’t even have had this much had I not bought extra for another project.  Of course Schoolhouse Press is closed today (I called, hoping against hope) and won’t re-open until Monday.  So I will knit until the sleeves are done or the yarn runs out, which ever comes first.  Can you believe this and I’d come so far…

Ok that was my one moment of despair…moving on.  Here’s where I am so far.

I decided to work the sleeves at the same time.  It’s a mind game I play.  Whenever I have to make two of something (socks, sleeves) I knit them at the same time but on separate sets of circs.  In this case there was no other way.  Isn’t it pretty?

The neck looks small but it fits perfectly.  Have I said it yet?  I love this sweater and not for one moment in the last 16 days have a been sick of or wanted to see it end.

Underarm gusset…I think I’ll put this into all my sweaters from now on.  It makes sense and looks great.  The Yarn Harlot said once that turning the heel of a sock makes her feel smart.  That’s how I feel about this gusset.

It is also the perfect length. 

So that’s where I am.  Again we’ll see how much further I get.  Tomorrow by 11:59am it will all be over, one way or another.

My Tigger outlook  is still with me…(this is what I meant)

I refuse to ever be…with anything in this life.

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How do you knit a sweater in Chinese?  According to my friend Tina, who is from that beautiful place in the world, like this…

I AM KNITTING A SWEATER.  Don’t ask me how that breaks down exactly.  The literal translation is I KNIT WOOL CLOTHES.  Well I am and here’s another progress shot as of 6:51pm yesterday. 

Carolyn brought me sustenance.   The food of champions (chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies) and so darn good, thank you so much Carolyn and kids.

Back to work…

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Just 2 days to go before the Ravelympics 2008 kicks off and I’ve been swatching away.  After two attempts, I’m still not sure what needle I’m using.  I started on a #2 but the fabric was so dense and tight.  Now I’m up to a 4.  We’ll see.  My goal is 6 sts to an inch.

I’m part of Team Knitting Camp and my project is the New Zealand Pullover by Elizabeth Zimmerman (of course).  All the members of the team are knitting EZ or Meg Swansen projects.  Can you tell we are all still a bit “homesick” for camp.  My event is the Sweater Sprint.  This is going to be so much fun.

Here’s my yarn selection.  Pretty huh?  Shetland 2 Ply Jumper Yarn, color #3.  It’s like oatmeal with some maple syrup stirred in.  I have 13 skeins which should be more than enough. 

Can you picture a better color for me?  No, it’s not brown but it’s still earthy.

Yesterday I had a major wake up call of sorts.  I was reading over the Ravelympics boards and noticed the Time Zone Converter.  That right folks, we’re suppose to cast on during the opening ceremonies which begin at 8pm Beijing time.  What time is that where you live boys and girls?  Here in Nueva York that’s going to be 8 am.  Thank God I don’t live in Hawaii, their start time is 2am…Ouch!  But I’d still be up knittin’.

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Stick a fork in it, she’s done.  Right before I left for camp I’d been on an emotional roller coaster ride with this thing.  Loving it, then feeling like I totally screwed it up, then loving it again.  But after “show and tell” at camp, it’s definitely love.

I can’t tell you how excited and nervous I was when it was my turn.  One of my fellow campers Therese took the following three pictures.  You can see her entire camp album here.  I’m so grateful to have this pictures.   A 1,000 thank yous Therese.   You may think I’m a silly groupie but when you’re guru is offering counsel and praise…who wouldn’t be. 

One major issue with the coat is the hood. I love hoods but most of my attempts don’t quite work (yet this doesn’t stop me from attempting).  This one is no exception.  In a word, it’s too big.   I thought about tucking it in and tacking it down which I did so you would get a better “effect” of what the hood was intended to look like.  Meg said I should steek it and weave the ends together.  Cricket will do as she is told.


Can you stand it? That’s Meg Swansen examining my coat…holy crap.

How am I still standing?

It a big person who can post such an unflattering/raw picture of herself.  But it so perfectly captures how I was feeling…excited, nervous, honored, proud, humbled and just a bit freaked out.

Love the front.   I thought the sleeves were too long but actually I like them that length.  I always like my sleeves long.

When it’s laying flat against my back and the two cable “lines”  line up.  It takes my breath away…

This was one of my favorite parts to knit the epaulet/shoulder saddle.  I highly recommend learning to knit back backwards, it saved me so much time and energy.  Turning it at the end of each row of 6 stitches would have been ridiculous.

Here’s another feature I love.  The all purpose “duct tape of knitting” (to quote Meg), the Icord “shoulder holder”.  It was amazing how much of a difference this feature made.  It not only rounded out the shoulders but it strengthened the entire coat.  Like putting in a support beam in a house.  It ran from one shoulder to the other on the inside of the coat so the sleeves wouldn’t drag from the weight.

Almost forget a closeup of the buttons/band.  This picture was taken post-camp, thanks for modeling Carolyn (and for taking the coat off and giving it back).


Definitely love…..

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I’m Here…

…just knitting, knitting, knitting…I’ll have some pictures in another day or so.  All the pieces of the coat are joined and I’m almost to the saddle shoulder shaping.  I’m so in love with this project, it’s like having a friend to hang out with.  Is that nuts?  Usually at this point in a project I’m sick of it…Not this time.  My only complaint, if I had to say I have one, was pushing around 240 stitches and wrestling with this thing.  There’s no question…she’s heavy.  It got better after all the sleeve decreases were done but…

My finger is getting just a litte bit sore over here.

I’ve also been glued to my Ipod.  Per the suggestion of Jessica and Erin I’m hooked on On Chesil Beach.  Audiobooks and knitting, a perfect combination….


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…stands for “working on my Aran Coat in the Air Conditioning”.  It’s too bloody hot to go out and camp is rapidly approaching.

Just one more repeat of the sheepfold and the body will be done.

You wouldn’t think it would be so hard but it took about 3 attempts for me to be satisfied with incorporating the increases into the sleeve patterns.  There were many trips to the frog pond on this one.

But look at that, I love how it looks.  The center cable was not in the original design but in the spirit of Elizabeth I’m making it my own.

The only problem is, the way it feels today makes me wonder if and when it will ever be cold enough to wear it.   This girl is getting heavy…

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