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The New York Sheep and Wool Festival in next month.  A month from yesterday to be exact.  HELLO KNITTING NEEDLES!  Hence the reason for this week’s BLT post.

I’m thinking a Wonderful Wallaby for Kira.  I bought this yarn at the festival last year.  Seems appropriate.  Just look at all that  yummy yarniness.  I’m torn between just staring at that beautiful ball and actually knitting it.  My goal is to finish it in a week.  Started it yesterday.  We’ll see.  The knitting bug has taken a big bite outta me.  The temperature is also dropping around here.  I’d call that motivation.

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I know it’s Tuesday and I was suppose to announce winners yesterday and I will, promise…But I just saw this challenge on the Twist Collective forum on Ravelry….Knit  or complete a sweater  in 2 weeks, starting today.   Think I can do it?  I need a challenge and I also need to get Ms. Vivian off needles.

It’s time don’t you think…I can bearly remember the last time I touched this sweater.  Anyone else up for it?

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Sweater Season

Just a quick check on my current projects. 

Vivian is coming along quite nicely!! Actually I’m loving this sweater and can’t wait to wear it.  Just look at it…I can’t knit fast enough.


I love the shaping in the back


And here’s a little BSJ for Kira.  It’s the time of year when you need a little something extra in the mornings or evenings.  This BSJ is a bit special though as I’m experimenting with something, let’s see if it works.  I’ll fill you in later.  The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug, in Peaches and Cream. 


The temperature has dropped around here, overnight it seems and I’m loving it.  September is my favorite month, it’s my birthday month and  I have great projects on needles…life is good.

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Getting Ready

It’s that time of the year everyone.  You can almost smell it in the air.  The summer travels and vacations are winding down, everyone is sick of the heat, TV commercials for back to school supplies have started running and we knitters have begun to think about Rhinebeck.  That’s right, before you know it will be time for the NY Sheep and Wool festival.  And it’s not so much the shopping we/I am thinking about but what am I going to knit to wear.

I’m thinking this…Vivan by Ysolda


Does that yarn look familiar?  Yes, I ripped out the Urban Aran Cardigan.  According to this pattern I have more than enough yarn, the charts are much easier to follow, the swearter is more interesting, well-written and super clever.  And there is a knit as you go I-cord that is a constant source of entertainment.  The yarn is Blue Sky Worsted in Cranberry, 14 skeins at 100yds each.  I’m knitting the 36″ size.   

 I had been thinking about this sweater.   The Clasica Coat by Deborah Newton.


When I saw the Interweave Knits Fall 2009 preview, it had me drooling.  But once I got the actual issue and saw it up close, the cables didn’t appeal to me as much.  Neither did the overall “generous-ness” of the fit.  Vivian is my kind of cable knitting.  And (if I may be so vain) I think it will be more flattering to my post-partum body.

Ya think it can be done?  In 2 months….(plus something special for Kira).


“Let me help you with that Mummy…”

(No child or work-in-progress were harmed in the making of this post)

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Knitting On Hormones

First off, thanks so much for all the great feedback on the Abagail dress, not to mention all the compliments on my dear one.

So let’s back track a bit, here’s what I started for myself soon after Kira was born.


Looks pretty good.  For those who don’t recognize it, it’s the beginning of a sleeve from the Urban Aran (from the booklet Street Smart by Patons).  My plan is to cardiganize it like Brooklyntweed.  I’ve wanted this sweater for quite some time and thought it would be perfect to work on while my girl napped.  Well in the early days she didn’t nap all that much and there was the whole “getting to know each other ” phase which left me beyond exhausted most of the time.  But I still did pretty well right?


But look at this.  This is my brain on post partum hormones.  I’m ashamed to even show this.  I know you’re all gasping at the horror…yuck right?  For some reason I just couldn’t get my mind around how to work these increases smoothly. They look hideous.  I was so discouraged that I just put it away and went back to breastfeeding and diaper changing….

I think it’s time for a revisit don’t you think?  But here’s my next problem.  Now that my mind is a bit clearer and I can see the error of my ways.  I’m afraid I won’t have enough yarn.  I’ve checked the yarn quantities on Rav and I may just make it but this is not a one, two, three sweater with a 3 month old around.  Do I risk the time and just go for it or do I start over with another project.  Either way I’m starting over but….Agh!!! The angst over a possible yarn shortage.  Ok perspective Den…this is not a real problem but when your time is so limited do you really want to take the chance of wasting it.  There’s that precious twenty minutes nagging at me again.


I should scrap this and just knit something else for the bebe.  It’ll be faster and I’m sure, much cuter.  But I want a red sweater too!!!

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There has been knitting, it just happened before and after the trip.  Here’s a run down.

Another Baby Surprise Jacket, because….

Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8, Yellow is #575,  the other color is a rich, reddish brown #1313 (this picture doesn’t do either color justice.  Better pix to come)

Just a side note, Karabella must have changed mills.  Has any one noticed how much more loosely spun it is?  Not sure I’m liking it and I’m actually a bit annoyed.  This is one of my favorite yarns.  I’ll let you know.  


A sweater for me, it’s about time, the Drops Jacket, of which there are tons of samples on Ravelry. 

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted in Cranberry.  YUM!!


And this showed up in my mail box the day before we left for FL.  I had about 2 mins to flip through it.  OMG!!  I can’t wait to jump in and it totally motivated me to finish the cowl…Crap I’ve been working on that project just a little too long.


Gotta go knit…I’ve missed it.

Can you believe Hubby is kicking me off the computer so he can play Fallout 3. And this after complaining that I haven’t updated in an age….He probably won’t read this for days since he’s glued to his Pip Boy

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There isn’t a whole lot to say except it’s done.  I enjoyed every stitch but I’m glad it over.  Everyone is glad it’s over.  I haven’t even blocked it yet but couldn’t wait another minute to show it to you. 

There’s the original below made by Elizabeth Zimmermann.  I think after mine is blocked it will fit even better.   The sleeves on mine a just a bit wonky but again…it’s amazing what a little blocking can fix.

Sorry the edges are blurry.  We’d sent my damaged camera back to Canon for repair but it’s still not up to 100%.  But the sweater looks pretty good…

I love the fit, the color, especially the color and all that shaping.  Just look at it.

The photo session didn’t last too long since it’s sweater hater weather outside.  It was over 90 degrees here today…..I gotta get this thing off.

Oh, before I forget.  Finally count on balls of yarn….15!!!  Yes, 15.  Same size, same gauge, etc.  It is very possible I miscounted, some balls got sucked into the black hole of knitting where inches, lost needles and stitch markers reside.  I don’t have an answer nor can I offer an educated guess.  The original took 10. Chalk this up to one of life’s great mysteries.

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