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No Spot For Me

Last week emails went out about who got into the Loopy Ewe Sock Club and who didn’t.   This is the second year I’ve tried to get in and the second year I didn’t.  Oh well..not the end of the world of course.  But instead of just letting it go, what did I do?  I shopped!! Did I need to buy more sock yarn? We all know the answer to that one.  Did I want to buy more sock yarn….

And I don’t regret it for a second.  I get so happy when I see that little tag on perfectly tissue-paper wrapped skeins of yarn.


First up, Shaefer Yarn’s new sock, Nicole in “Edward’s Lock”.  Loved the color on their site but not at all when it arrived.   I know it’s brown but it just wasn’t working for me.  And just to touch it, it feels exactly like Dream in Color Smoochy.  That was sent back and exchanged for another skein of my next selection.


The Alpaca Yarn Co. Paca Peds H-T in Pacaccino.  Does it get any earthier than that?  And it’s heaven to touch…


Hey what’s that?  As I was trying to focus to take the next picture I realized something was in my way…ME.  That’s a little preview of Baby ETG, all round and sweet.  Is it May yet?  I’m trying not to be in a rush and enjoy the process (which I am) but I just can’t wait to hold this little one.


Anyway…here’s my second to last purchase which I debated buying for months.  It’s a relatively new color from Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Woodlawn.  I just had to have it. YUM.


And this little extra was to get the free shipping.   I don’t know if I’ll make the socks but I really wanted the keychain….silly I know, but….


Let’s see what happens next year.

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My Yarn Fairies

After hearing my tale of woe (at about 5:30am…we get up very early to walk our boys) about missing out on Wollmeise during the last sale over at The Loopy Ewe, my darling husband stepped in to enable me once again.  Thank you sweetness!!  I really can’t convey to you how supportive this man is of me and my “habit”. 

This is what arrived last Saturday from Germany.


Both are laceweight and beyond gorgeous!!!

Uluru 100% Superwash


Campari Orange 100% Superwash (my favorite drink, so of course I had to have yarn to match)


 And this gem came from this amazingly generous lady…Lynne, out of the kindness of her heart, sold me a skein of the sock yarn.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!  I know what you’re thinking…not my usual colors but could you resist…that much color just pulls you right in.

Iris Sibirica %100 Superwash


I checked on Ravery and a few people have made socks out of the laceweight (that’s a truck load of socks).  We’ll see.  Right now I’m just going to roll around in my yarn.  Maybe I’ll finally be motivated to dunk my toes into the lace pond.  I haven’t ventured there yet…A little afraid? Maybe…but all that color may be just the motivation I need. 

This is only a little better than a dollar for a tooth…hee, hee.

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Have A Great Weekend

Well the temperature here on the east coast has finally dropped,  I’m snuggled into my favorite sweatpants and shirt and my needles are quite busy.  Below is some eye candy/yarn porn for you…enjoy!!!! Yes, I have an addiction and there is nothing that I’m willing to do about it right now…

Jitterbug Morello Mash


 Jitterbug Ginger Cinnabar


I saw (and bought of course) these new Jitterbug colors here…you can see all the colors here but I don’t think the pictures do the colorways  justice.  GORGEOUS!!!!! RICH COLOR!!!!!!

Here’s the Lorna’s Laces Mineshaft I mentioned before.  This is a bit dark for me but I just loved the “detail” in this colorway…I tried to capture just how much color variation is going on in this yarn, hope you can see it….I might save these for a Cat pattern.


 Ranco Multy #306, I have a surprise for you with this yarn…stay tuned.


That takes the sock stash to 62….somebody help me….learn to knit faster. 

I’m having one of those days when I am  so deeply greatful that I knit so I don’t go out of my mind…Knit On & Happy Knitting Everyone!

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To a Friend…

….you’re the best and I’m thinking about you all the time. I pray you find answers and recovery quickly. You have no idea how touched I was when I received your amazingly thoughtful gift…In spite of everything you are dealing with you found the time, not to mention energy to buy and send me this beautiful yarn. I love it so much…Thank you Michelle…so very much.


Yarn: Dream in Color “Smoochy” in November Muse.

How’d ya guess my favorite colors….EARTHTONES!!!

And for those of you who don’t know, if it weren’t for Michelle this blog would not have been possible. Again I thank you, thank you, thank you….

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About 7 years ago when I new to knitting I stumbled upon Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock yarn at Patternworks (when they were still located In Poughkeepsie) and bought two skeins in the colorway, Aslan.  I had just finished knitting my second sweater made out of Colinette Wigwam, “Mushroom” and thought Aslan matched perfectly.  Well, I knit the socks on size 2 needles, followed Cat Bordhi’s Socks Soar instructions to the letter and was delighted.  Then I tried them on.  I only wore them once because the purl stitches against my foot were so uncomfortable and to be honest I was only so-so about the yarn…

 Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago when I was out stash enhancement hunting and I came across, “Gold Hill”….it was love at first sight.  I ran home cast on and thought holy cow…why have I denied myself for so long.  This yarn is amazing.  Of course I’ve read it on several blogs, here for example.  When I saw these socks by the way, it began a search and debate in my head over whether to try this yarn again.  I’m ashamed it took me so long.


Isn’t this color amazing.  I bought 3 skeins and aside from these socks, I plan to knit a hat too.  I have a thing for hats, especially snug fitting ones made out of sock yarn.

I also ordered these beauties from The Loopy Ewe


LL Old Rose


LL Red Rover

 If only I could knit just a little bit faster and didn’t have to work.

I’ll post progress shots soon.

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May’s Socks

 Ok, this is going to sound really silly but in all my sock knitting I”ve never made a plain pair socks. I always include all over ribbing or a cable or lace or something but never just a plain ol’ sock….


What the hell took me so long…?!

A) I’m making socks ( which is always a good thing)

B) It’s beloved stockinette….round, after round, after mind-calming round of knit stitches.

C) They knit up so fast….(maybe now I can start weeding through some sock yarn stash that seems to be growing exponentially)

Does it get any better than that?

Well, this gorgeous pair are for my best friend May…a while back she very sweetly voiced her “awareness” that to date she has never received a pair of socks from me, that my sister gets them all.  Well May-May, here they are.  Wear them in good health my friend….love ya honey. I do have to admit parting with these will be a bit hard….they are so soft and yummy…I love them. 


That’s one of my pups, Scooby who graciously agreed to model them.  Chris and I adopted him and his brother Chance (pictures later, he was feeling a bit camera shy today) last November…Lots more pics of them to come….

Oops almost forgot the details…

Pattern: plain ol’ sock, 72 stitches, slip stitch heel, you know the rest

Yarn: Anne by Schaefer Yarns

Color: The skein came from a potluck bag…no name included.

Amt: I used about 2/3 of the skein…I’m going to use the rest to experiment with Cat’s new book

Needles: Addi #0 (2 circ method)


Thoughts: As you can see above my cure for Second Sock Syndrome (SSS), do them both at the same time…..

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