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Have Snow, Will Knit

New York is blanketed right now, my car is parked in a great spot, the fridge is full of food and I’ve got tons of knitting to do by next  Friday….Can you say hurray!!!!  Kira is sleeping through the night and napping beautifully…I’m in heaven. 

This is the first of a pair of socks for my sister for Christmas (I’m still hoping to get the pants done for Kira….hoping).  It’s Socks That Rock in the Beryl colorway, medium weight.  I love the colorways of this yarn but it is soooooo thick.  I’m really not a fan of this weight for socks but I promised so I will knit on with love in my heart.  She bought this 2 years ago at the Sheep and Wool festival.  I promised her socks then…see where I’m going with this.  I will knit on with love in my heart.

I was going to make Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Arch Shaped socks.  I’ve being dying to cast them on after seeing this pair but this yarn is just getting on my nerves so I changed my mind midway and now I’m winging it…My sister will never know what they were going to be.  And I know she is going to love what they become.  So no worries…right?

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Husband, I Have One

It has been quite a while since I talked about someone very dear to my heart.  Everything around here lately, aside from knitting, has been about Kira but there is someone else I need to talk about.  My husband.

As you all know Chris is the love of my life.  But things have shifted a bit in the last 4 months.  We have become parents and it’s been very easy to forget that we are still husband and wife.  I have had moments of such overwhelming love for him and an equally overwhelming need for him to leave me alone.  To want to be near and away from someone in equal measure is very difficult, and almost unfair.  

But Chris being Chris has “weathered” me as only he can, as only my best friend can. With love, patience, endless patience and true understanding of how wonderful and hard this thing called motherhood can be.  I want to say thank you my love, thank you so very much for loving me so much, for working so hard so I can be home with our daughter and still making me feel pretty…

He really went out of his way to show me the love recently…

Last Monday (8/31) I was in Ravelry reading the “News” thread in the Sanguine Gryphon group and I suddenly saw it.   Skinny Bugga was going on sale starting at 8pm EDT.    (Here’s the link to her shop).  Now the first time I’d heard about this sock yarn was listening to the Doubleknit podcast that’s hosted by my friend Jessica and her fellow knitter/friend Erin.  They were discussing how Bugga was the yarn to have at the Sock Summit.  It sounded like this yarn was bound to go down the path of Socks That Rock and Wollmeise.  It suddenly becomes the must have sock yarn.  The yarn that will make you cool and the envy of all if you say you own a skein.  

It’s ok to want to be cool right?…and yes I have some of the other two so obviously I have to have some of this one too.  And you know who gets more obsessesed then I do about sock yarn, my husband.  Chris makes it his mission to be sure I have what ever yarn everyone else has.  If he’s like this with me and yarn what’s he going to be like with Kira (I’ll think about that later).

Anyway, so I mentioned this to him when he got home from work and he looks at me, with that “Den, do you really, really need this yarn” and I say PLEASE!!!  So we’re off but now I’m usually putting the baby to sleep about that time so he has to get into my account and do the shopping.  I previewed the colors, made a list and he was off and running.

Not since the Wollmeise craze have I seen him so “determined”.  I mean he was logged in, credit card in hand, shoulder’s hunched over, hands hovering over the keyboard.  It was so hilarious and touching to see him so focused.  And once it got started Chris lost his mind a little bit.  “Holy #$@&, can you believe that color sold out already”, “$%^& there are only 2 left of that color”  “Den, how many do you want of each color…” He was actually talking to the computer.  He was getting skeins in the cart, checking out then going back in and shopping some more.  He went a bit crazy.  Then he went into Ravelry (per my suggestion) to read the thread and see what people were saying…of course things were oversold, the site almost crashed, people couldn’t get anything, etc.  The usual yarn shopping madness. 

We weren’t even sure we were going to get any thing at all.  Then the order showed up on Friday (nice start to the holiday weekend).  Can you say WOW!!!

Top two: Skinny Bugga, Longhorned Beetle

Bottom two: Skiny Bugga, Leaffooted Bug


As usual the pictures do not do the colors justice.  They are really amazing and the yarn feels soooo good.   And I love the whole bug thing.  I had a bug obssession when I was a child but we won’t talk about that right now.

From the top: Skinny Bugga in Periodical Cicada, Sharpshooter Leafhopper, and 2 skins of Sappho II in Soon She Will Love (I’m going to exchange those two skeins, they are really beautiful but not exactly what I want right now.  In the zealous-ness those got in there some how).


OMG, I don’t need that much sock yarn… he said it was my birthday present so be quiet and enjoy it.  OK!!  What I know for sure…I’m married to an amazing man and I am blessed beyond words.

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Wool Candy

I know, still more remnants of the Sock Summit (bear with me).   As I was reading blogs for updates during the summit I came across a picture of a very colorful vendor booth.  I did a google search and found WoolCandy.   A great shop and a great blog.  Even better I found the 2 colorways that were dyed just for the event. 


This is Microbrew, named for the many microbreweries that Portland, OR is famous for.  I’m sorry to say that it is now a discontinued color, taken out of commission in honor of the event.  But this lucky lady just happened to score a skein before it went bye-bye…Gorgeous isn’t it?  Thanks Adrienne, I love it.

Does beer go with cookies?

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49 Days

When I started these on July 9th I wondered how long they would take me.  To save you the trouble of looking back, they took 49 days!  But who really counts socks in the WIPs pile anyway?  Socks are always on needles, ever at the ready to fill the “waiting” moments.  And I can’t think of a better way to fill those moments then with Cookies. (Are you getting tired of my cookie references yet?) Every time I knit a pair of socks by Cookie A.  I fall more and more in love…with socks and her patterns.

I also love the thrill of finishing a project.



Pattern: Wanida from Sock Innovation by Cookie A.

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, 2 skeins of Red Rover

I bought this yarn from Loopy Ewe about 2 years ago and didn’t realize until I cast on for the socks that they were two different dye lots but I don’t think you can really tell. I wasn’t that wild about the color when I started the socks but now that they’re done, it’s perfect for this pattern.  A bit of color variation that doesn’t take away from the pattern.

Needles: #1, 2 circs

Modifications: There is a small error in the pattern (a first, that I’ve found in any of her patterns) just when you start the heel flap.  I followed the correction of a Raveler and it worked out perfectly.  You can find that here.  Other than that I followed the directions exactly.  A great pattern and very interesting charts (as always).


I knit 2 full reps of the leg chart and 2 full reps plus 12 rnds of the foot chart.  I love the way the toes worked out




So now what? Another pair of socks? Another pair of Cookie socks?  I’m thinking Kai-Mei.  My friend Kim recently posted her finished pair and they’re beautiful!  Well, you’ll see soon.  I have to get back to Vivian and Kira’s Sheep and Wool outfit and a christening outfit and a gift for a friend who just had a baby yesterday and another friend that is due at the end of September….Crap that’s a lot of knitting.  But what fun lies ahead…

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Moving On (With Help)

Ok, the Sock Summit is over.  I’m happy to say I’ve been able to make peace with it all.  But not without a little help from a friend.  When Sarah said I’ll send you a little something, I was thinking tape measure, stitch markers, something along those lines.   She was thinking bigger.


As she said in her note she looked for the earthiest skein she could find in the marketplace  (wishing I was there to search with her).  I’d say she found it.  It’s so beautiful and of course this picture is not doing it justice.  There is alot of subtle color variation going it. 

It’s BFL sock yarn (which I’ve been dying to try.  My stash is pretty much all merino) by Girl On The Rocks in the Bark colorway.  Yummy!!!

I’m going to save it for a pair of socks or stockings using some of the patterns from this book. 

Twisted-Stitch Knitting Bk Cover

Another little something I bought for myself to ease the pain.  It’s hot off the press from Schoolhouse Press.  We’ll talk more about that when it arrives,  I’m so excited.  Between the book and the yarn I may be inspired me to stick my toes in the sock design pool.

Thank you Sarah.

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I Think I Made It Worse

Since I can’t be in Portland depleting my bank account, I thought I would do a little damage here instead.  In the moment it felt really good.  That wonderful guilt-free, “it’s ok to buy sock yarn because it doesn’t really count” feeling.  Then I got home and saw pictures (thanks Michele) of summit events from today including a shot of hundreds of knitters heading into the Marketplace.  Imagine an breath-takingly enormous room full of shopping possibilities.  And suddenly my two little skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock (colorway Mirth) and my Lantern Moon cable needles just weren’t doing it for me.


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I’m Ok, Really I’m Ok

…even though I’m missing an event that I, as a knitter, was born to attend.  More specfically, a sock knitter.  You all know my love, my passion for socks.  It’s all about the process.  I could care less about wearing them.  And I have alot to wear.    To save you some time, that’s 22 pairs (not to mention all the ones I’ve given away over the years).



The Sock Summit 2009  kicks off in Portland, OR today.   To all those attending, have an awesome time.  I’ll be knitting, socks of course, and trying not to be too jealous.

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