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Happy New Year

 January 1st.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know how much celebrating the new year means to me.  Last night my sister, brother-in-law, husband and I brought in 2011 together.  Happily, quietly, with full bellies and slightly “buzzed” heads.  It was great.  Even though the Ice Wine was flowing I managed to finish up these socks.  I had to re-do my Kitchener in the morning but like a new year, you can start over.

Pattern: Basic Sock from Knitting Rules by Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee

Yarn: Skinny Bugga  Color: Smaller Yellow Ant

This yarn is soooooo yummy.  A touch of cashmere is the perfect new year treat to myself.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and mentally peaceful new year.

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Sock Love…Nothing Like It


If you treat yourself to one knitting book this season.  It should be this one.  Cookie A, my sock guru, has done it again.

Some patterns we’ve seen before and there are a bunch of new ones.   This book gives me one more reason to say, there are not enough hours in a day.

There is another reason I’m “just a bit excited” about this book….Yep that’s me!

How cool is that? 

I know some of you were wondering about me…so was my husband (remember this conversation) but I could never stray to far or to long  from my passion.

And speaking of passion.  Guess what I’m doing in January?  Attending Vogue Knitting Live!!!!!!! Where I’ll be taking an all day class with the master herself….  Happy New Year!!!

ETG is still here yall.

Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful holiday season so far….I’m off to finish another shawl…12 days to go…no problem.

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Found In Translation

When you are a stay-home-mom, you have days when you feel like you’re worth is so disregarded.  Yes, you have the enormous task of raising another human being into a responsible, strong, happy,(I could continue…) smart adult but I don’t really think that anyone that hasn’t actually spent the day repeating the same game or lesson or song over and over and over gets the exhaustive level of commitment and dedication that requires.   It is also easy to forget sometimes the things you loved before the 300th repetition of the ABCs.  Well I haven’t forgotten and don’t intend to.

A few weeks ago I saw a pattern for an absolutely amazing color work sock on Ravelry and immediately contacted the designer.  The pattern was written in Norwegian.  Of course I asked when the English version would be available and was told it was in the works but would take a while.   Ok, no problem.   It’s not like I don’t have 20 other projects on needles and/or on the waiting list.

That said, about a week later the designer Ann (rav name Pinneguri) emailed me and asked if I would be interested in copy editing the English version….WOW!!!  Not only was I excited, I was so super honored to even be asked.  It may seem so simple, but I honestly felt just a bit important.

Sokkene Jernverk (Socks Wrought Iron Work) by The Needle Lady

Aren’t they gorgeous?!  They look complicated but they are so not…give them try…I’ll post my own pair soon.  I’m long overdue for some 2 color action.

It’s also really NICE to see my name on such an amazing pattern.

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 Here’s my latest pair of socks which I worked on while we were moving.  There were such a comfort at the end of a day filled with boxes, unpacking and being surrounded by “unsettled-ness”.  They are also the answer to my search for the perfect shade of brown.  I don’ t think these pictures will do the color  justice but trust me.  I would paint my walls this color if I could…ok not really but I just love this shade of brown.

The new header came from this shot…

Pattern:  Arch-Shaped Socks by Jen Showalter

Yarn: Malabrigo Sock Yarn, colorway Cordovan.  This shade is now my ideal brown…love it.  And the yarn…butta.  I can see why this one is so coveted.

Needles: #1

Mods:  I cast on 72 stitches, decreased to 64 then worked the rest of the pattern as directed.  Mindless, easy, great fit and interesting without being complicated.  Just what the doctor ordered.

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And Another….

Last Friday I posted a finished project and I have another one this Friday….a theme…maybe….

Whenever I say I’m going to start a theme I don’t, so maybe if I don’t say that I am then I will…

Anyway…here’s Kai-Mei

My only regret is not making the foot a bit longer, like 1/2 an inch.  The heel is “off” just a bit.  No matter, they will still be loved.

Pattern: Kai-Mei by Cookie A. from the book Sock Innovation

Yarn: Little Traveler by Sanquine Gryphon, colorway Doha (awesome color!)

Amount: 1 Skein (a little less)

Needles: #1

Followed as directed.  Another delicious “cookie”.  This pattern is super easy yet very engaging.  Perfect as usual!  I highly recommend giving Little Traveler a try but I don’t think I would use it for socks again.  It feels like butter on your feet but it’s almost too soft.  Not sure how well it will hold up to a lot of wear.  I’ll just have to wear them a lot and find out.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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Funny You Should Ask

The title of this post was suppose to be ” A Funny Thing Happened On My Way Out The Door” but thanks to my friend Kim, its been changed to the above.

We are very fortunate to live within walking distance of all the basic necessities.  2 grocery stores, bank, post office, huge park with endless walking/hiking trails, shoe repair shop, Dunkin Donuts (that is a huge necessity for Chris), church, schools, 2 colleges, library, public transportation, etc…I mean I can walk to everything. 

Most afternoons I’m out with the dogs and Kira (in her handy-dandy, can’t live without it Ergo Baby Carrier) just enjoying the day.  Now here’s the thing, all of a sudden, for no apparent reason and without any outside motivation I can’t leave home without wearing a pair of hand-made socks.  Finally after all these years of knitting socks…I AM WEARING MY SOCKS.  Yes people, yes, Kim you read that correctly I am wearing my socks.  The only thing I can think of that may have been the catalyst for this huge, cosmic shift are these.

Black, Mary Jane style, Born shoes.  I bought them about a month and half ago and love them.  And see how nicely they show off the socks.  That was not my reason for buying them but it’s an awesome plus.  It’s also bloody cold outside and my feet want to be warm.

So yes, I’m wearing my socks and currently knitting two new pairs.  I don’t think I’ve ever had two pairs of socks going at the same time.  But I just love both patterns and thought why not.  I didn’t want to wait to finish one pair to start the other.

Here’s Kai Mei by Cookie A.  I’m using Little Traveler by The Sanguine Gryphon, Daha colorway

It’s super soft and very light.  Even though it’s listed as a sock yarn, it’s seems like if it’s not knit up super tight, 9 to 10 stitches per inch, it won’t hold up.  But that’s not stopping me.  It feels so delicious….and I have enough pairs that I won’t wear them every day and wear them out so I knit on.  They are 100% merino.

I wish you could see how much color is in this yarn.  This picture doesn’t even come close to capturing it all.

And here’s that mystery sock I was working on but stopped to work my sister’s socks and get ready for Christmas.

The pattern is Meander by Lisa Stichweh.  I first saw them on Cookie A. website and thought they were great.  I love stitch patterns that “move”.   And once I find something I like I tend to go a bit overboard.  More Sanguine Gryphon love.  This time it’s Skinny Bugga, Longhorned Beetle colorway.

Nice way to start the year, huh?  And my mind is already buzzing with a possible knitting camp sock project….So fun!!!

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Ole Year’s Day

It’s my favorite day of the year again…the last day, new year’s eve or as we say Ole Year’s Day.   The stressfulness of the holiday season is over and now we can all relax.  I have my usual rituals and customs,  (see this old post) but this year is a bit different.   In past years, my goal has been to “set the tone”,  change the energy and “make good things happen” in  the new year.  This year I just love where I am, where my family is and where our lives are headed.  For the first time in about 15 years I feel no need to change a thing.  I’m just going to wrap myself up in all the love and positive energy around here and enjoy.

I don’t have to say it’s been one of the fullest and best years of my life.  Giving birth to the most beautiful, smart and simply dazzling baby ever.  I’m allowed to say that as a proud mum.  I know some of you are gagging…sorry.  I got to know another side of my husband who, at times, I butted heads with.  But at the end of the day I realize is even more a partner and friend than ever before.  There have been moments when I was so unfair to him, “hogging” Kira to myself, forgetting that I’m a wife, etc. but he never, ever waived in his devotion or spoke his mind in complaint.  I am twice blessed.  And there are my little puppies, who I”m sure have felt a bit neglected but as only a dog can do, they love you unconditionally, a tail-wag always at the ready.

My family…I have no words for, to describe their love and support.  I will simply say thank you Mum, Dad, Vern and May. 

No major plans for tonight.  It’s hard to get a baby sitter on new year’s eve, so we are staying in.  That is always my first choice.  The darling hubby has a lobster dinner planned, that he is cooking.   Even better. Kira’s bedtime is about 6:30pm so we have the whole evening…NICE!!

The one thing I do plan to do a lot of in the new year is knit, of course.  And for some reason all I want to knit are socks.  And I thought to end the year I’d show off the pair I just finished for my sister (only a week late for Christmas).

There are the 3 reps of the EZ’s Fishbone Cable.

Standard slip stitch heel

As I said in the other post about these, they were suppose to be Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Arch Shaped Stockings/Socks but I changed things a bit.   I think I’ll name these Jules Vern Socks (It’s an inside thing).  So there it is.

Pattern: Jules Vern Socks

Source: my own design

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock, Medium Weight in the Beryl colorway

Amount: 1 skein

Needles: #2

At some point I’ll write down what I did….in the meantime.  Enjoy my sista, I love ya!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Love to all and many blessings!!!

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