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When your favorite aunt doesn’t really, kinda does ask you to knit her a shawl she saw on your blog and fell totally in love with and then sings praises about your skills, what is a knitter to do?  Break out the needles and start knitting.

It’s on the way auntie…

MARIN by Ysolda

This is one of those knits that I could honestly knit over and over (and have).  It’s a perfect pattern!  This time around I used Skinny Bugga, colorway: Smaller Yellow Ant

Can the color be any more fitting for this time of year?  I love it, I love everything about it…

The first pair of socks I ever knit I gave to this aunt.  She still wears them.  That was almost 13 years ago…

I know this shawl will be just as well-loved…

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I haven’t posted a completed knitting, quilting or sewing project in ages! It’s way over due…so without further ado…here’s Marin

A bit late but who really cares? It’s done and I love it!

I wanted to post an “action” shot but it’s 100% humidity, and pouring rain out today.

As usual I wish you could really see the color but my camera, more likely the photographer, are not the greatest.

The edging on this shawl is what makes it amazing! 

Just look at that!!! Gorgeous!!

Pattern:   MARIN by Ysolda

Yarn:    Bugga by Sanquine Gryphon (this yarn company is now two separate companies), colorway, Cockshafer.  I bought it at last year’s NY Sheep and Wool festival and I’m kicking myself for only buying one!!!!!

Needles:  #5, 24″  Addi Turbo Lace

Mods: None…followed the pattern exactly!!! Great pattern!!

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I was doing great, knitting away, riveted to the games just like everyone else but then…I seemed to have lost track of time.  Honestly all of a sudden I realized the closing ceremonies were in 2 days and I was only a bit more than half way.  In a perfect world if everyone around me could have suddenly become totally self-sufficient I would have met the deadline but of course not.  I didn’t even get to watch the closing ceremonies.  I’m bumming right now…

So that said I didn’t finish my project but I will and in the next couple of days.  It’s so beautiful, the yarn, the pattern, everything…Love it!

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4pm EST


I’ve cast on….Isn’t that a gorgeous colorway!

I’d love to hear what you all are working on.

And a big, giant, thank you to my cheerleader, Daria…..

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For all of you who have been following my blog for a while you’ve seen my creative outlet shift a bit toward quilting, sewing and the like but as I’ve said here many times. In my heart of heart I’m a knitter and always will be.  When the seam won’t work, can’t understand the quilt pattern, my 2 1/2 inch strips are measuring 2 3/4 and I want to throw my rotary cutter across the room my knitting needles are sitting there in the basket whispering it’s ok, we’re here. I reach, knit a few rows and it’s all better.  Unfortunately I haven’t completed a knitting project in ages…but that’s about to change.

I’ve decided to unofficially participate in the Ravellenic Games 2012.  Meaning I’m not joining a team or tagging a project, etc but I plan to start and complete a knitting project during the games.  This was formerly known by another name but I discovered recently that there’s been quite a brew-haha about it.  If you’re as late to the “game” as I am you can read about it here.

That said I haven’t participated in this in years but I’m itching for it right now.  So tomorrow, July 27, 2012 as the world watches the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in London, I and thousands of knitters around the world will be starting in their own events. 

Here’s my project….I’m so excited to start this.

(picture is the property of Ysolda)

Marin by Ysolda 

I had other, bigger projects in mind but then thought, “be realistic Den…”  So Marin it is!!! I will wind my yarn today and kick off is tomorrow evening?  Anyone else out there joining in the fun?

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A Stripe Study

I’m not going to spoil this will alot of chat.  Enjoy the pictures.

I love that picture soooo much…

Yes, that’s my Kira.  She loves anything she can wrap herself in.  Needless to say it was hard getting this back.

Say cheese mummy….I think it looks better on her.

Pattern: Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Valimaki

Source: Ravelry

Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Bugga in Sangria Heart Butterfly colorway (brown) and Sanguine Gryphon Edios in Panchea colorway (cream)

Needle:  Size 6

Modifications: Only made 10 stripes because I ran out of yarn.   But it didn’t seem to be a problem since I was able to still block it to the measurements in the pattern.

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Two For Two

Here’s the second Damson Christmas gift.  My May May was gracious to send me some pictures I can post.  And I’m only slightly jealous of how gorgeous she looks.

Chris, Kira (especially Kira, poor thing) and I have been so sick since last week Friday.  We’ve all been prescribed some drugs (which I resisted but it’s become necessary) so hopefully by the end of the weekend we should be feeling much better. 

JL, if you are reading this I won’t be meeting up with you tomorrow.  Forgive me.  It will happen…..

Anyway, here are some more Damon shots. 

If I didn’t love her so much I’d be so twisted with envy.  After a week of coughing, sneezing, snotty noses, fevers and very few showers, I look a mess.  Everyone keeps telling me that I”m “building my immune system”…yeah whatever I still feel like crap. 

But the shawl looks great.  Thanks May May.  Have a great weekend everyone.  Aside from working on my/our recovery I’ll also be working on some socks for VogueKnitting Live next Friday.    I can’t wait.

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