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Not Quite Francie

When I started knitting Salto I read through the pattern (no problem) and Rebekkah’s blog post  about it (so funny).  Then, despite the warning I jumped in, happily knitting away without a worry.  All went well, the socks were completed with nary a disaster or the slightest glitch. 

Then I started Francie…more happy knitting.  I was also listening to Big Country (I loved and lived on them in college) on my ipod and the time just flew by.  Legs were done, flaps were knit, heels were turned, moving down the foot…then…found the glitch…

I just don’t know what happened.  I actually re-knit the foot on both socks, twice! And I still couldn’t get the pattern/numbers to work out.  I was so annoyed and frustrated BUT I loved the pattern so much I persevered.  But ultimately to no avail.  Here’s my solution. 

I am very pleased with the result (and my creativity) but it just doesn’t have the real beauty of the original

The leg came out perfect…but here’s the big difference.

There is no ribbing on the bottom of the foot.  I used this pattern to help me out and as you can see, it worked.

There’s a close up of the toe where russian join is…not to bad.

Overall, I love them. I love these socks and really wish it were cold enough to wear them.   That will come soon enough.  And about the pattern, my brain must have been in shock from Big Country (so 80s but I love um.)

Pattern: Francie by Bowerbird Knits (see link above)

Yarn: Jitterbug (Ginger Cinnabar), 1 and about 1/8 of a second skein.

Needles: Addi #1


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I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this.  I wish you were all in my living room with me right now so you could be excited with me, because I know you would be.  Can you tell I’m excited?  Check this out.  I’ve seen this on line before but never tried it.  I just didn’t think I really had a need for it.  It’s called a Russian Join.  It’s simply another way of joining an old ball of yarn to a new ball of yarn without having to weave in ends (sort of).  

Here’s my pair of Francie socks.  I thought I would be clever and start at both ends of the ball so I could knit the socks at the same time.  Well I ran out of yarn just before the toe…AGH!!!  So I thought why not try the join on this project since you don’t want ends coming out or fraying on a socks.  All the pulling on and pulling off of the sock could lead to just that.  Here it is…

Old ball on the left, new ball on the right.

Starting with the old ball I treaded the needle, and then started to gently undo the twist (just a bit) on the yarn weaving the needle into the strand as I went along.

So it looked like that.  I then pulled the new ball through the loop before pulling the tail through the yarn.

And you get this. Then I repeated that on the other side.

Done! The old is joined to the new Russian style…

Cut the remaining ends/tails on both sides and…

Voila!!  The left side looks “cleaner” than the right.  The right looks like I just twisted the two ends together but it is pulled through.  I think with more practice it will look even better.

Overall…I love this!!!  I’ll show you the spot on the socks where the join is, when the socks are done.

This self-timer thing ROCKS!!! Can you hear that roaring?  It’s the monster I’ve created.

Check here if you need to see this in motion.  I looked at a few videos and liked this one.  One or two extra steps but still easy to understand. 


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