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For all of you who have been following my blog for a while you’ve seen my creative outlet shift a bit toward quilting, sewing and the like but as I’ve said here many times. In my heart of heart I’m a knitter and always will be.  When the seam won’t work, can’t understand the quilt pattern, my 2 1/2 inch strips are measuring 2 3/4 and I want to throw my rotary cutter across the room my knitting needles are sitting there in the basket whispering it’s ok, we’re here. I reach, knit a few rows and it’s all better.  Unfortunately I haven’t completed a knitting project in ages…but that’s about to change.

I’ve decided to unofficially participate in the Ravellenic Games 2012.  Meaning I’m not joining a team or tagging a project, etc but I plan to start and complete a knitting project during the games.  This was formerly known by another name but I discovered recently that there’s been quite a brew-haha about it.  If you’re as late to the “game” as I am you can read about it here.

That said I haven’t participated in this in years but I’m itching for it right now.  So tomorrow, July 27, 2012 as the world watches the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in London, I and thousands of knitters around the world will be starting in their own events. 

Here’s my project….I’m so excited to start this.

(picture is the property of Ysolda)

Marin by Ysolda 

I had other, bigger projects in mind but then thought, “be realistic Den…”  So Marin it is!!! I will wind my yarn today and kick off is tomorrow evening?  Anyone else out there joining in the fun?

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This was the kind of day that one attending a sheep and wool festival dreams about.  Cool/cold weather, clear blue sky, bright sunshine, awesome food, great company, lots of sheep and wool. 

Had to give you a “car shot” because I just had to.  You’d think a person would get used to seeing the colors change year after year but no.  It still moves me and this year was special because my aunt, who’s here visiting from Barbados, was so “struck” by it all.  It was like seeing it for the first time.

This was taken about 11am.   It doesn’t even come close to showing how many people where actually there already.  Now I won’t bore you with pictures of the lines and madness over the STR binging that took place.  It was the same as last year (see the 4th and 5th pix down).  I just can’t believe how nuts we all get over this stuff.

This is the other thing, we/I go nuts over…THE FOOD!  If you ever have a chance to attend the festival, you must try this stuff…no words… (that’s mum and sis waiting patiently).

Deep fried, garlicky artichokes, with fresh bread…OMG!

This was other major attraction of the day.  The Ravelry meet up. 

I can’t even begin to guess how many people where standing on the top of this hill.  Amazing. I’ve said it before…what did we all do before Ravelry?

Here are the very necessary animal shots…all beauties.

This one was my favorite…

Look at that face. Those eyes…All he kept doing was nuzzling up to his handler.

But this is really why I fell in love.  Check out the club my boy is a member of (look in the upper left corner).  Awesome right?

Time for more food.  Yes, that’s apple pie a la mode and that is my dad holding it.  I was the only one who bought pie then everyone (mum, sis and aunt) wanted some.  My dad offered to hold since he is diabetic, there was no chance of him having any.  Do you see the measures I have to resort to just to protect my food.  I just love my family.

We watched the dog competition while snacking…

More beauties.

Day’s almost over but we had to have a family shot…sis behind the camera.

For the observant among you, that’s my aran coat.  I decided today was a perfect day for its first wearing.  At first I thought it would be too much but it was bloody cold up there.

This is the first year that I only attended one day but it was so perfect and full, it should be more than enough to hold me over until next year.  Pictures of “the haul” coming tomorrow.

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…and all the other phrases used to start sporting events  were heard round the internet this morning as Ravelry kicked off it’s first Ravelympics.

I was on the road heading to work at the East coast start time (8am).  But by 9am I was cast on and knitting away.   After leaving work at about 1pm I headed over to the my in-laws to see my hubby, have lunch and get some knitting time in in the back yard.

The observant among you will notice the date/time stamp on the picture above.  I thought that would be a good idea…keep things honest and believed.

Unlike the skys in China, the view here was perfect. 

A crocheted cast on which was a bit slow going to get all 234 stitches on the needle. 

About 1 1/2″ done as of abut 2:45pm this afternoon.  Ok that’s it.  Gotta go knit and get ready to watch the opening ceremonies tonight…Why am I so excited about all this?  Do I really need the answer to that question?

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Just 2 days to go before the Ravelympics 2008 kicks off and I’ve been swatching away.  After two attempts, I’m still not sure what needle I’m using.  I started on a #2 but the fabric was so dense and tight.  Now I’m up to a 4.  We’ll see.  My goal is 6 sts to an inch.

I’m part of Team Knitting Camp and my project is the New Zealand Pullover by Elizabeth Zimmerman (of course).  All the members of the team are knitting EZ or Meg Swansen projects.  Can you tell we are all still a bit “homesick” for camp.  My event is the Sweater Sprint.  This is going to be so much fun.

Here’s my yarn selection.  Pretty huh?  Shetland 2 Ply Jumper Yarn, color #3.  It’s like oatmeal with some maple syrup stirred in.  I have 13 skeins which should be more than enough. 

Can you picture a better color for me?  No, it’s not brown but it’s still earthy.

Yesterday I had a major wake up call of sorts.  I was reading over the Ravelympics boards and noticed the Time Zone Converter.  That right folks, we’re suppose to cast on during the opening ceremonies which begin at 8pm Beijing time.  What time is that where you live boys and girls?  Here in Nueva York that’s going to be 8 am.  Thank God I don’t live in Hawaii, their start time is 2am…Ouch!  But I’d still be up knittin’.

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So I’m happy to say that I’ve used my time off wisely though I would love just a few more days…am I greedy?  The first half of my vacation was spent doing family things, prepping for the new year and just being still.  But in the last couple of days my fingers and my brain have been quite busy…

I’ve started and frogged about 3 different sock patterns, Firestarter, Scheherazade Slippers (really socks…it’s a Ravelry pattern) and Travelers Stockings.   For some reason I either couldn’t get my mind around them or the few inches I knit just didn’t turn me on…so rip it, rip it, rip it, rip it.

So I reigned in my brain a bit, made some decisions about old projects that didn’t make my end of year deadline and started over.  Which is the point of a new year anyway, right?


The Russian Prime sampler was frogged…done…moving on.


My Tomten attempt was put on the hold for now.  I’ve been using Weavers Wool, which I love but it’s dk and my hands want something heavier right now.  That might wait till spring.  It’s a good warm weather project.


The Fair Isle bag…back burner…just not in the mood…and that’s OK!!

Now the slate is clean, so away I go.  I’d like to introduce you to my first two projects for 2008.


Take a look here for a much better view.  A simple pattern but super interesting design.  It’s the perfect Amex project.  The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Sheperd Sock in Mineshaft.  Rich and dark and murky.

And this baby…I’ve wanted to knit this for about 4 years…well it’s on needles…The Aran Coat from Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman.


There’s the swatch and my notes.  The yarn is Araucania Natural Wool Chunky #121.  Don’t you just love the color…I can’t even tell you how gorgeous it is…I’ll be posting alot about this one, as she grows.  I’m so in love with this yarn.


As I was doing all the math to work out the pattern distribution and yardage…I realized I was going to be a bit short and needed about 500 more yards.  So I jumped on line, hit google and BANG!  Found the yarn here.   And the best part, they had the same dye lot (not to mention the close out price. I originally paid $10.00 per skein)…I still can’t believe my luck.  I bought this year about 2 years ago from Taos Sunflower (there’s  a great article about them in the new Yarn Market News, FYI).  What are the chances…?  I can’t think of a better way to start the knitting new year.

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Hey yall, my invitation arrived yesterday…I’m officially a Ravelry-er. I”m in!!! I started to set up things last night and WOW!! This site is a bit mind-blowing…I was honestly overwhelmed by how much there is to do and see and contribute…it’s definitely going to take me a while to set everything up but I’m so darn excited.  Now you see how long it took me to get my blog looking the way I wanted (and I still have to figure out posting buttons in the sidebar, don’t laugh those of you who know how) so we’ll see what I can do…I’m sure if I ask sweetly I can get the darling hubby to help…

Anyway, I”m off to Ravel and finish my Rhinebeck sweater…why is this taking me so long????

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