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…and time to push myself just a bit more.  I’m not talking about the sweater below but the pictures of the sweater below.  I learned to use the self-timer on my camera!  Ok, stop laughing.  For those of us who are “technologically challenged” this is a big deal, a grown up accomplishment.  I’m proud of myself.  Are the pictures great, not really, but for a first try I’m satisfied.

So here it is…

Again still trying to get the hang of the self protrait thing.  I thought you’d see it better with a darker background. 

A bit grainy huh?  I’ll keep practicing.  But all that aside, I love the way this sweater came out.  Nice, simple, clean lines, rolls just enough, wide neck, super comfy.

If it looks like I’m falling to the right, I am a bit.  I’m was trying to regain my balance after setting the timer and trying to get back in front of the camera (it changed from 10 seconds to 2 for some reason.  I’m learning, I’m learning)

There’s the grafting at the underarm, not to bad.  But not as good as with wool.  The cotton yarn (and light color) shows every flaw.  But I was still able to graft it and match up the phoney seam on the body and sleeve.

Two stitch I-cord around the neck. 


Pattern: EPS (Elizabeth Percentage System) for Raglan Pullover

Source: Knitting Without Tears, Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic, #3003, 9 skeins (108yds each)

Needles: #7 Addi Circ

Overall, I’m very happy with the way it turned out.  Although it’s now too darn warm outside to wear it.  The temp in NY was 84 degrees today…a gorgeous day but the sweater will have to reside in the cedar chest until fall. 

Moving on, it’s time to get back to the aran coat…remember that one…camp will be here any minute.

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It’s Monday And…

…I have not finished my sweater.  I’ve almost finished my sweater but no cigar.  There’s this saying, “man (in this case woman) plans and God laughs”.  That explains the giggling…

Well here’s my progress.

As you can see, I am moving along but I have to admit, all of a sudden I’m quite sick of this color and project.  I can’t wait to wear it but right now I’m sick of knitting it.   You love a project and love it and love it and then boom you want it over with….that’s been happening to me alot.  Anyway, that aside, I have done a few things differently with this pullover.

As you can see the raglan shaping is a bit wide.  I usually use a double decrease which creates a single “stitch line” but I just thought I’d try something different…and I like it…alot.  I put two stitches between the two sets of decreases like on the toe of a sock.  Looks good huh?

I also added phoney seams on the either side of the body.

And up the center of the sleave increases, hence the prominent ridges.

I tried it on and I know I’m going to love it and live in it,  I just want it off my needles and on my back.

I think it’s time for a pair of socks…

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Better Than A Drink

So tell me, what do you do to take the edge off?  Do you have a drink with friends after work, go dancing, meditate, chanting, yoga?  If you’re a knitter, and the edge is so sharp you could cut yourself on it, what do you do? What do I do? I knit round after soothing round of stockinette.  The pure simplicity of the knit stitch over and over and over. 

Just looking at it makes me feel better.

Now I know you’re wondering what that is a part of.  Before I tell you,  I haven’t forgotten about my mittens or my aran coat (well maybe a little bit on the coat but I’m going to get back to that real soon).  I just wanted a quick fix, something that I didn’t have to stop and think about.  Something that would just knit itself and take me along for the ride.   I also wanted a simple, light (in color and weight) cotton pullover.  It’s the perfect thing for this time of year when you don’t want to wear a jacket but you still need an extra layer.  And yes, you read that correctly, I’m knitting cotton…On the rare occasion when I step out of my woolly comfort zone Cotton Classic by Tahki Stacy Charles is the only yarn I’ll use.

Details when she’s done…which I’m hoping is by Saturday, so I can block on Sunday then wear (and post) on Monday…

Check out Ravelings on page 120 of the Summer 08 Interweave Knits.  That explains it.





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