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Talk about dropping the ball…I didn’t do a BLT last Friday.  I was headed down to VA to see my best friend May and god-daughter in a play and was so focused on making sure things were ready for Daddy to take the reins.  Anyway…I’m back.  Having arrived just in time for the record snow and full of ideas for this week’s post. 

So let’s make this week’s installment extra special.  As we all know the holiday season is fast approaching.  Some would say it is already upon us.  That in mind…I don’t know about you but my To-Do list for this year is already out of control.  But I’m trying to take it easy and realize, as I said in a post a while back…realistic goals Den, realistic goals.   Only so many hours….


This week’s blogger dances to her own drum and has a great time doing it.  Not only am I inspired but also learning alot.    Go check out the Happy Zombie.  Ya gotta love the name!!!



One thing my best friend and I love to do is eat.  I can’t tell you how many times a week we lament not living near each other (She’s in VA, I’m in NY) but if we did we’d probably weigh about 300 lbs. each.  This is what she had waiting for me when I got off the train.  Butterscotch Bread Pudding…She found it on Pinterest.  I’m very happy to say she now a fellow Pinner and addict.

In case you can’t see them in this picture…

Yes those are butterscotch chips…with caramel.  “Please sir, may I have some more…”

May, kept pushing the whip cream.  Finally I gave in but this is why distance is a good thing.  The only thing growing will be my heart with longing for my friend.   My butt with gratefully stay the same size.  (I hope)


When I stumbled upon this blog I’d finally found what I was looking for.  A quilt blogger who gave me simple instructions to achieve my quilting goals. 

No, it doesn’t have to be perfect

Yes, you can “fake it”…a bit

and have fun!!!

Go check out, A Few Scraps: Free Motion Quilting.   It’s now my go to place.  Let’s see what I can get done this weekend with a little bit of “scrappy” inspiration.

Hope you all gleen some holiday ideas from this post but remember don’t go nuts…

Have a great weekend everyone.

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This going to be quick and dirty yall.   I’m knitting feverishly on Kira’ s sweater for Rhinebeck tomorrow and have very little time to wax poetic.  So here we go…


This very talented lady was teaching at the Sewing Summit this past weekend.  What I would have given…



I plan on eating as many of these as I can at the Sheep and Wool festival this weekend without throwing up.   My best friend May (who is now a fellow Pinterest addict) found a recipe for these to be baked not fried….That only cuts about 10 calories….


Ann,  the awesome lady I took my first quilting class with, if you’re reading this.  This is what I want to make and why I’m dying for a lesson.  Help…I’m so in love with this quilt….

I hope you are once again as inspired as I am to sew, quilt, bake, create…do whatever makes you happy.  Have a great weekend everyone.

And if you have a moment and you’re a Pinner, go show my friend, May,  some love.  She has an amazing eye for things and has only 1 follower, me…

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It’s Friday and I hope you all are enjoying these weekly posts as much as I am.  All week I think about what I can talk about that will get the creative juices flowing.  This is what has me moving right now.


I want to make everything I see on this blog.  It’s all so…pretty.



I don’ t like using what I call “texting” language but it’s the only thing I can think of to describe Carmel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies…OMG!!!  Another one from Pinterest (come on over and follow me)! Too bad my diet started this week, this one may be worth the cheat though.


When I first saw this quilt tutorial I thought, it’s going to take me years to be ready for that.  It’s been 11 months…I’m ready.  And I have a new friend to help me out.  I can’ t wait to introduce you to her.  Soon…in the meantime I have some sewing to do…


How about you?  What are you doing this weekend?  Whatever it is…enjoy!

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It’s Friday yall…time for BLT

BLOG:   One of my goals for this blog is to help and inspire beginners.  Not so much with my own work (though I hope that happens from time to time) but as a resource.   As a beginner myself, I want to share all the “stuff” I find that teaches, inspires and guides me toward being a better quilter.  This blog is one of those.  The posts, the links to shops and her tutorials (especially “How to Make a Quilt from Start to Finish)… Its a must read for me each day.



I was reading one of the endless newsletters that arrive in my inbox each day when I saw this.  It’s from Fons and Porter.  Love it!!

Toe separaters to store your bobbins!!

So simple, function and no more tangled threads.

TUTORIAL:  If you want to step out of the box a bit with your quilting…try this, The Circle Quilt Tutorial.  I have a thing for circles and can’t wait to give this one a try.  I swear there are not enough hours in a lifetime for all the projects I want to work on.

If you’ve read carefully you’ll see I’ve actually thrown in 2 tutorials for the price of one.  Have fun!

And have a great weekend everyone.

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