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…is I wish I were the kind of person who can ignore when their environment is in chaos and just sew, quilt, knit the hours away stress free.  But I’m not.  When my world is turned even a little upside down I can have to “right it” before I can relax.  So hence another delay in my blogging.  We’ve been renovating some parts of our house and there’s been dust, boxes and paint cans every where.  But hubby is now putting the place back together and I’m feeling a little less nuts.

So that said, let’s play catch up, again and hopefully we’ll be back on track (till the next thing)…

My give-away was beyond a success.  I’m up to 49 Likes, hooray!! And I had not one but two winners.  I felt it only right to give both the 45th (who got me to my goal) and the 46th person (who pushed it beyond my goal) both prizes.  They’ve both been notified and gifts are in the mail.  Enjoy and don’t forget to share what you make with your goodies.

Yesterday was the first day I could see above the mess and spent a few minutes at the sewing machine.  I had wanted to share this on Valentine’s Day but…here it is now.

My first attempt at applique and I’m pretty pleased with the results.


There is so much fun stuff out there to do with applique.   I just had to finally take my head out-of-the-way, stop over thinking and just jump in.  I used letter shaped cookie cutters to make the letters.  Always think outside of the box!!


Not to bad for a first attempt.  I got a bit wonky going around the corner of the L but when I slowed down and followed the advice from this blogger, it worked perfectly…check out the O.  Slow and steady wins the race!


And I now have a great new mug rug for my sewing room.


A little digression…Don’t you love that mason jar! I found it a Sur La Table (of all places, over the top expense store but these, I bought 4, were only $3.99)  If you have the patience you can find some cute stuff in there, all the way in the back by the clearance section.  Can you see the rooster!! I just love them.  It says “not for hot content” on the back but my fire fighter husband assures me I’m safe. The explanation of glass and heat conductivity would go beyond digression.

Back to the point.  If you’re interested in giving applique a try I have a bunch of tutorials pinned on my quilting tutorials board on Pinterest.  Or you can click here, here or here.  (Can’t assume we are all on Pinterest…)

Ok I’m off to finish up a baby quilt!!!  Another finished project tomorrow and maybe even an Oscar Sunday themed BLT!! (It’s been a while)

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BLT #17

It’s Friday Yall!!!  This is going to be a good one so grab a cup of tea and get to reading…


I found this one on Pinterest.  I should stop saying that and just write a disclaimer that all or most BLT info comes from there, it will say us all precious reading time.  That said, here it is.

Patchwork Pottery

Charming is the first word that came to my mind when I started reading.   I’ve wished I had the time to create such lovely things with all those sweet little details.  And now that my girl is in school I just may be able to find some.  My problem is not getting caught up in the reading but actually doing.  Honestly this blog will more than inspire and getting you snuggled up with your sewing machine.


Still on an apple kick! And why not, tis the season and who wouldn’t want a bite of one of these?  Oh my heaven’s, I would!!! Right now please!!

Apple Pie Bars by My Baking Addiction

Apple Pie Bars by My Baking Addiction


I’ve got a great one for you this week.  So in my daily life I tried very hard to live by the motto “Do one thing a day that scares you.”  Now this isn’t scary but to a perfectionist like me it’s a big challenge with just a hint of fear.  A challenge with the potential to push we over the edge.  I like to get things right the first time I try them.  Yes, that’s incredibly unrealistic but it’s pushes me.  This one is really going to push me.  Triangles!! Until now I’ve only worked with squares and easy quilt piecing but take a look at this. 

Card Trick Quilt Block (tutorial)  by Matt and Shari

Card Trick Quilt Block by Matt and Shari

Look at all those triangles.  I feel a bit faint!  But I’m going to give it a go…

Goal for the weekend…To complete a paper pieced or card trick quilt block.  Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

And I promise to have a little sewing project up in my next post.

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It’s Friday yall!!!  Time for a BLT!!! 


In my never-ending search to improve my skills I stumbled over this little gem on Pinterest.  This blog is so inspiring I don’t even know where to begin.  Actually I do.  My friend Kim, asked if I’ve been making any mini quilts, coasters, etc on any of my other sewing machines and the truth is no.  For some reason, every now and then I need someone to point out the obvious.  What a great idea! I can use my machines, learn new quilt blocks, improve my skills and not feel so guilty about having all my beauties just sitting around. 

The thing that caught my eye about Charise Creates are her paper pieced blocks.  I’m in love and have to learn immediately how do it.  Thankfully she offers a wonderful tutorial on her blog and references some great resources.  Hooray!!!!  The timing couldn’t be better. Kira starts nursery school next week and I’m going to have some extra time on my hands.  Win Win!!!

So go visit Charise Creates and be inspired.


Another reason I love September and the fall are apples.  Baked, Pies, Crisps, and now Cake!  Oh yes!!

FRENCH APPLE CAKE by Joans Food Wanderings

French Apple Cake by Joans Food Wanderings


I just realized you’re getting 2 for the price of 1 in this BLT.  This is another great little project I can work on with another machine.  Maybe my newest after she’s cleaned up.    The tutorial looks super easy and more sharpening on the skills.

OVEN HAND MITTS by The Idea Room

Oven Hand Mitts by The Idea Room

These would also make great holiday gifts.  I’m aiming for much simpler and all hand-made this year.  There’s that road to hell….just waiting for me.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 

A side note: I’m in the process of blog house keeping so there will be some “in with the new and fresh” and “out with the stale and boring” (more like no longer necessary).  I’m even thinking of changing the entire look to this (my friend Sara is amazing and her blog is beautiful)  I’d love to know what you think? 

Again, have a great weekend!!!

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Here’s a little baby gift I made up this weekend for a friend of Chris.  A boy, obviously and I just couldn’t resist the “traditional” color and theme.

This is the kind of project you can make in about 1/2 hour.  Measure, cut, assemble, sew, edge, iron…DONE!!  It’s from a tutorial I found on Pinterest (where else)  for a Self Binding Baby Quilt.  It’s actually a receiving blanket, but so what…it’s super cute and easy.   (Gosh I sound like Jenny from the tutorial.)

Here’s a close up of the print…CUTE!! Who can resist puppies?

I used a simple decorative stitch between the print and solid fabrics.  In hind sight I probably should have used brown.  It would have “packed more punch” but oh well…It’s done and off to the family.  Next time…

See what I mean.  That white thread just gets lost on the back (and front).  But when making something for a stranger, in my mind, I’d rather err on the side of simple.

The tutorial was done by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I like their videos/tutorials for the ideas but they are not to big on technique and exactness.  That is good and bad depending on what you are looking for.  In this case…it was just what I wanted.  A quick handmade gift without a lot of details and perfection.

Here ‘s the YouTube link…Enjoy!!!


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I don’t know how many of you read the articles I linked about Pinterest but to say the least I’ve been a bit freaked out!!!!  The following statements are for complete clarification.   

1.  Anything that I have ever “talked” about on this blog has been linked and credited back to the source. 

2.  In no way do I claim anything to be “mine” nor am I making any profit of any kind. 

3.   The sole purpose of my BLT series is to share, inspire (as I have been) and pass along information.

All that said…My conscious is clear (somewhat)…so let’s have some fun shall we! 


Another great quilting resource for beginners, for everyone actually.  Lots of tutorials, links to shopping and tons of patchwork eye candy.  Once again I have to pause and thank bloggers for their generosity in sharing their skills.  I love this blog!

Jaybird Quilts


Since spring is in the air (sort of, it was 29 degrees when I walked the dogs this morning) I thought we would move away from the “heavy”,  chocolate-y, bread-y desserts and try something lighter.  It’s also one of my favorites.

CHEWY LEMON SNOWDROPS by SOPHISTIMOM (a beautiful blog by the way)

Lemon Bars in cookie form!! YUM!!!! Thank you Jaime.

Chewy Lemon Snowdrops by Sophistimom

Chewy Lemon Snowdrops by Sophistimom

TUTORIAL: Check out this amazing quilting tutorial that uses interfacing as a piecing tool for fabric scraps.  It makes so much sense and looks so easy.  Are any of you familiar with Oh Frannson!  You should be… 

Stamp Collection Quilt Block Tutorial 

Sorry I was late this week.  Forgive me May May… Have a great weekend everyone!  Some finished projects next week (I’m so overdue).

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I’ve got some good ones this week!!!


 If  you’re looking for incredible inspiration, tons clear and easy to follow tutorials and lots of  fabric “eye-candy” try this blog.  It’s one of those sites that I always remembered to check after I turned the laptop off.  Trust me I don’t forget anymore.

The Moda Bake Shop.  

I also can’t resist the combo fabric/baking theme!!!  It feeds not one but two of my favorites.


This is definitely one of those deceptive recipes that makes you look like you worked really hard on it but so not.  Another one for me to have fun with this weekend.   No Bake Nutella Cheesecakes!!!! I’ll be nibbling on one (maybe 2) of these during the Oscars!

No Bake Nutella Cheesecakes by My Baking Addiction


For all you sewers and quilters out there trying to maximize your stash this is an amazing site for you.  Of course I found this on Pinterest and once again couldn’t believe just how much information there is out there…and for free!!  You’re going to love this one.

Quilting/Fabric Math Made Easy

Thank you Minnesota Charms.

Have a great weekend everyone!!  See ya on Oscar Sunday!!

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It’s the first Friday of the  new year yall and you know what that means…  It’s time for a BLT!!!!

I’m so excited to get back to regular editions of my little series.  I kind of took an unofficial break from it during the holiday season but the holidays are now over and I’m can’t wait to get started.  So enough “chat”…

BLOG:  I discovered the Sewing Novice via Twitter.  I started following her based her name and profile (very scientific) but hadn’t visited her blog until I pinned the Fabric Boxes (my last post).  It’s become a regular haunt for me.  Her blog is clean, fresh and gets right to the point.  It’s full of one excellent tutorial after the other with the perfect balance of craft and personal.    And for you sewing novices out there (like me) it’s an awesome resource.  Clear, concise and best of all easy to follow instructions. 



LOVE IT:  One of my personal resolutions this year is to eat better.  I’m not dieting but I do need to expand my palate a bit.  I also want to eat less processed food.  So we are starting with a simple and sweet thing first.  Kira was recently introduced to hot chocolate.  Now if you know my daughter that means that she also knows that something is missing.  “Where marshmallows mummy?”  So being the dedicated mum that I try very hard to be I dug around and found what sounds like the perfect recipe for homemade marshmallows.  Now this is going to “kill” two birds with one stone.  Kira loves to be in the kitchen “cooking” and “baking” so it’s something we can make together (a great rainy day project, child is engaged and learning) and one less processed food on the list.  And they look so darn good!!!

I found the recipe at Smitten Kitchen.  If you haven’t already checked out this site…please do.  It’s awesome and beautiful!!

(picture by Smitten Kitchen….yum!!)



As I was looking for a great tutorial for this post I was lurking around Pinterest (I want to quit it but I just can’t) and found this.

The Top 100 Tutorials of 2011

I can’t even tell you how excited I was to find it.  And I have to thank Ellen, The Long Thread,  for all the work that went into putting that list together.  Amazing!  Organized and all in one place.  Go have a look…you should be able to find something to keep you busy.  My to-do list just tripled!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!  Go do, make, create something that makes your heart happy.

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