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…is I wish I were the kind of person who can ignore when their environment is in chaos and just sew, quilt, knit the hours away stress free.  But I’m not.  When my world is turned even a little upside down I can have to “right it” before I can relax.  So hence another delay in my blogging.  We’ve been renovating some parts of our house and there’s been dust, boxes and paint cans every where.  But hubby is now putting the place back together and I’m feeling a little less nuts.

So that said, let’s play catch up, again and hopefully we’ll be back on track (till the next thing)…

My give-away was beyond a success.  I’m up to 49 Likes, hooray!! And I had not one but two winners.  I felt it only right to give both the 45th (who got me to my goal) and the 46th person (who pushed it beyond my goal) both prizes.  They’ve both been notified and gifts are in the mail.  Enjoy and don’t forget to share what you make with your goodies.

Yesterday was the first day I could see above the mess and spent a few minutes at the sewing machine.  I had wanted to share this on Valentine’s Day but…here it is now.

My first attempt at applique and I’m pretty pleased with the results.


There is so much fun stuff out there to do with applique.   I just had to finally take my head out-of-the-way, stop over thinking and just jump in.  I used letter shaped cookie cutters to make the letters.  Always think outside of the box!!


Not to bad for a first attempt.  I got a bit wonky going around the corner of the L but when I slowed down and followed the advice from this blogger, it worked perfectly…check out the O.  Slow and steady wins the race!


And I now have a great new mug rug for my sewing room.


A little digression…Don’t you love that mason jar! I found it a Sur La Table (of all places, over the top expense store but these, I bought 4, were only $3.99)  If you have the patience you can find some cute stuff in there, all the way in the back by the clearance section.  Can you see the rooster!! I just love them.  It says “not for hot content” on the back but my fire fighter husband assures me I’m safe. The explanation of glass and heat conductivity would go beyond digression.

Back to the point.  If you’re interested in giving applique a try I have a bunch of tutorials pinned on my quilting tutorials board on Pinterest.  Or you can click here, here or here.  (Can’t assume we are all on Pinterest…)

Ok I’m off to finish up a baby quilt!!!  Another finished project tomorrow and maybe even an Oscar Sunday themed BLT!! (It’s been a while)

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Here’s a little baby gift I made up this weekend for a friend of Chris.  A boy, obviously and I just couldn’t resist the “traditional” color and theme.

This is the kind of project you can make in about 1/2 hour.  Measure, cut, assemble, sew, edge, iron…DONE!!  It’s from a tutorial I found on Pinterest (where else)  for a Self Binding Baby Quilt.  It’s actually a receiving blanket, but so what…it’s super cute and easy.   (Gosh I sound like Jenny from the tutorial.)

Here’s a close up of the print…CUTE!! Who can resist puppies?

I used a simple decorative stitch between the print and solid fabrics.  In hind sight I probably should have used brown.  It would have “packed more punch” but oh well…It’s done and off to the family.  Next time…

See what I mean.  That white thread just gets lost on the back (and front).  But when making something for a stranger, in my mind, I’d rather err on the side of simple.

The tutorial was done by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I like their videos/tutorials for the ideas but they are not to big on technique and exactness.  That is good and bad depending on what you are looking for.  In this case…it was just what I wanted.  A quick handmade gift without a lot of details and perfection.

Here ‘s the YouTube link…Enjoy!!!


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So Where Ya Been?

Having fun with my girl!! We’ve been working with our letters but I thought it was time for something new.  Check out what we did today…

Home Made Play Dough!!!! 

I don’t know which one of us had more fun!  A little secret of mine. I think I should have been a chemist, because I get such a kick out of alchemy-esk projects.  This one was awesome!!! Guess what all our baby/toddler friends are going to get as gifts this year?  If your child is like mine, they love play dough but every now and then a stray piece finds it way into a curious mouth.  All the ingredients here are from my kitchen and if anyone gets the munchies they’ll just be getting a super salty mouthful that I’m sure will be spit right out.  And if ingested…a tummy ache at worst.

Measuring out the ingredients…”Is it at the line Mummy?”

Stirring carefully…What’s great about this stuff is it doesn’t really get hot.  Kira lifted the spoon just as I was reaching for something and a big gulp spilled on the back of my hand.  I was braced for the pain but nothing.  It was very warm but not hot at all.  Great if the little ones spill it on themselves. or it splashes while being stirred.

I’m going to save you lots of time and maybe some taxed brain cells.  1/2 of a tablespoon = 1 1/2 teaspoons.  Maybe some of you are laughing at me right now but that took me a moment and a little help from my iPhone.  Sound familiar Mum?

Next step…KNEADING!!! Kira took this step very seriously!!

Very seriously!!! “This is hard work Mum!”

Of course we had to try pink first.  This is after about 5 mins of kneading.

A quick hand-roll into a ball and VOILA!!!!

Start to finish about 15 mins!!!  Even with Kira helping.  We can’t wait to make more.  And this project is another great “learn your colors” exercise.

Thanks again Pinterest! What did we do before you?

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I don’t know how many of you read the articles I linked about Pinterest but to say the least I’ve been a bit freaked out!!!!  The following statements are for complete clarification.   

1.  Anything that I have ever “talked” about on this blog has been linked and credited back to the source. 

2.  In no way do I claim anything to be “mine” nor am I making any profit of any kind. 

3.   The sole purpose of my BLT series is to share, inspire (as I have been) and pass along information.

All that said…My conscious is clear (somewhat)…so let’s have some fun shall we! 


Another great quilting resource for beginners, for everyone actually.  Lots of tutorials, links to shopping and tons of patchwork eye candy.  Once again I have to pause and thank bloggers for their generosity in sharing their skills.  I love this blog!

Jaybird Quilts


Since spring is in the air (sort of, it was 29 degrees when I walked the dogs this morning) I thought we would move away from the “heavy”,  chocolate-y, bread-y desserts and try something lighter.  It’s also one of my favorites.

CHEWY LEMON SNOWDROPS by SOPHISTIMOM (a beautiful blog by the way)

Lemon Bars in cookie form!! YUM!!!! Thank you Jaime.

Chewy Lemon Snowdrops by Sophistimom

Chewy Lemon Snowdrops by Sophistimom

TUTORIAL: Check out this amazing quilting tutorial that uses interfacing as a piecing tool for fabric scraps.  It makes so much sense and looks so easy.  Are any of you familiar with Oh Frannson!  You should be… 

Stamp Collection Quilt Block Tutorial 

Sorry I was late this week.  Forgive me May May… Have a great weekend everyone!  Some finished projects next week (I’m so overdue).

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…my sewing project cup runneth over.

Puppy Dog Tails is pinned and ready to go. Just have to decide on the quilting design.  I’m thinking this or this.

If you have room in your home I highly recommend this.  Hubby borrowed/bought me 2 six-foot outdoor tables for pinning my quilts.  I had been doing this on the living room floor, the hard wood floor. 

While my darling husband is endlessly supportive of my hobby he would not be too pleased with deep scratches/gouges on the hard wood.  It’s a win win all around.  Floor stay pretty, quilts get pinned (and without sore knees and back aches), and we have tables for outdoor parties.

Here’s a block from my next quilt…I’m so in love with this project already.  Anyone following my Quilts & Patchwork pin board will know this pattern is a favorite of mine.    It is for someone who I owe an apology.

A friend of mine recently told me, via email, that  she was pregnant.  For purely selfish reasons, namely I’m trying for another baby too and have been unsuccessful, I didn’t reply to her message.  Some friend I am…  I got a bit caught up in myself while I should have been rejoicing with her.  Forgive me SP.  I hope you’re reading this. There is never an excuse for not celebrating someone’s joy just so you can sit on the pity pot alone.  I’ll stop here…

This is my other venture….a pair of pants for me!!!  I took a class two Mondays ago to make a pair of pants and jacket. 

While the patterns themselves are basic I’m hoping the knowledge gained will help me with these clothes for my girl.

Can you just picture my little one is these outfits?  I can’t wait!!!

Ok, gotta go sew!

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I have to admit that I’m not really feeling to chatty this week.  Super busy the last few days potty training.  It’s going great but super exhausting!!!   Why is parenthood so darn hard some times.  Anyway…enough on the pitty pot…


For all you bloggers out there…I didn’t even know that I was looking for this article until I saw it on Pinterest.  Definitely something to think about….



If that doesn’t get my little one to eat more fruit I don’t know what will.  I found this picture on Pinterest (of course but there was no link to a site besides Tumblr.  So just for the record the picture is not mine but it has inspired me).


Kira’s room just got a whole lot prettier!!!  Crib and Toddler Bed Sheets Tutorial…I can’t wait to try these.

If anyone tries any of the tutorials or recipes I’ve been listing I’d love to hear from you. 

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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…but so much cooler and I think a bit more fashionable.  

Since Kira has sort of taken over my Ipod Touch, I use my iPhone instead.   And since I’m  always listening to an audiobook or enjoying my new “glee-nee” playlist (I love that list…and promise to post the songs) I always have my earbuds with me.  Now in the grand scheme of things a tangled set of earbuds is not a huge but it’s annoying.  Like a mosquito bite…

Solution…Ta Da!!

Circle Zip Earbud Pouch!! Another awesome Pinterest find.

Is that the cutest thing or what?  But wait it gets cuter…wait for it…

My little “sweater set”…Really,  can you have one without the other?  I couldn’t.  And I’ve already cut all the fabric to make another one.

Now if you look closely you can see that the circle is a bit off.  I didn’t go back and rip it out but I know exactly what to do differently for the next one.  It’s off because I had a hard time keep the main fabric, batting and lining fabric all straight against the nylon zipper…slippage….

This was also the first time I’d ever set a zipper…ever…not to bad.  Can you tell I love to sew? I really love to sew…


1.  Use fusible fleece or fusible medium weight so the fabric and batting stick together and are still reinforced.

2.  Use basting glue to keep everything from sliding against the zipper. 

I think those simple mods will make all the difference.   But all that aside I would say another success.   

Thank you Erin for another great project and tutorial.  Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

So who wants a set for Christmas?

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