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My dear friend Heather came to me today asking for help to find a loving home for these two sweeties.  I will post flyers, leave messages on some Ravelry boards but I thought this was the most direct way to “introduce them to you”.  Heather is currently fostering them but most find them a home as soon as possible.  So please read on and meet Nana and Gizmo.  The following was written by Heather.


These adorable Yorkshire Terriers are Nana & Gizmo and they are looking for a new home.

They have been together since Gizmo was a puppy and while they give each other their space, they are very attached to one another.

Nana is 9-10 years old.  She’s 10 pounds, had three healthy litters and she has been spayed.  She is very sweet & loving and likes lots of belly rubs and attention.  She’s great on walks, does her “business” outside, and she is really good with people and other dogs.  She is currently taking drops for “dry eye” and it seems to be going very well so far: other than that, she is in perfect health! 

Gizmo is 8 years old.  He is 6 pounds, had three litters with Nana and has been fixed.  He is also very loving and a real cutie!  he’s got a lot of spunk but also likes to cuddle.  He has some anxiety, moaning-like squeaky noises and some barking around other dogs, while on walks but he’s been getting better with every walk.  He always does his “business” outside and quickly.  He is totally healthy.

They have both been groomed and they both had check-ups where they were each given their bordetella, parvo/distemper and rabies shots as well as clean bills of health.  Nana had an eye infection from neglect but it appears to be gone now and the only long-term affects may be dry-eye which would require drops in her eyes.

They are so incredibly loving and just need a stable home that loves them unconditionally.  I would keep them myself  but I have 3 dogs already and the inn is crowded!  However I am only willing to give them to the “right” home – the “right” home might have other doges but probably no cats, is relatively quiet, has lots of love and even more stability.  And most of all an appreciation for sweet dogs that have been tossed around a lot and need to see the kinder side of humans.

Neither of them are aggressive but some insecurities and anxieties are there, however they have gotten SO much better in the short time I’ve been fostering them…it’s amazing really!  They love to sleep in bed and hang on the couch with me when I’m watching TV.  They don’t have any destructive behavior and have been around all my stiff with no issues.  I think they might have been abused because sometimes when I go to pet them from above they will flinch but what’s amazing is that they are never aggressive to me if that happens. 

So really, it’s just two sweet dogs who need a home and lots of love and to stay together.  If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me – Thanks for reading…

Heather: 917-769-8294 or heather.bellizzi@gmail.com  

You can also email me or leave a comment here and either Heather or I will contact you.  I also want to thank you for reading and hope someone out there has a big, soft couch with Nana & Gizmo’s names written all over it.

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