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Sheep And Wool 2010

The fun just keeps on coming.  Here’s my re-cap of this year’s NY Sheep and Wool Festival.  There’s no need for a lot of chit-chat I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Ok, I’ll do a little bit of talking.  I don’t know how this sand sculpture was still standing.  It was so incredibly windy…

I think the wind may have kept some of the attendees away.  It was not nearly as crowded as it’s been in the past.

There’s our girl at her first festival.  It was a day full of reasons to use her favorite word…WOOOOW!!

Here was another “wow”  inducing moment.

It’s one thing to see horses in her books but to see them this close….well…what can you say but WOOOOOW!  Mum, Mum, Da Da, WOW!

Waiting patiently for the beloved Artichoke French…I wish I’d taken a picture of the line.  There were more people waiting on-line for food than anything else this year.

I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t knit that sweater.  It was a gift for her first birthday.  I did knit her a sweater for the day but it’s waiting for a zipper.  

Our little cutey…

 The Earthtones family…with mum sporting the Hand to Hand Pullover.

…and fall colored Kai Mei socks.

Of course I’ll have “The Haul” shots tomorrow…

And to the woman who spoke to my husband saying she recognized him and Kira from reading my blog but never comments please do so…I’d love to hear from you.

I was so excited that a reader recognized “me” and mine.  Hope you had a wonderful day.

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Getting Ready

It’s that time of the year everyone.  You can almost smell it in the air.  The summer travels and vacations are winding down, everyone is sick of the heat, TV commercials for back to school supplies have started running and we knitters have begun to think about Rhinebeck.  That’s right, before you know it will be time for the NY Sheep and Wool festival.  And it’s not so much the shopping we/I am thinking about but what am I going to knit to wear.

I’m thinking this…Vivan by Ysolda


Does that yarn look familiar?  Yes, I ripped out the Urban Aran Cardigan.  According to this pattern I have more than enough yarn, the charts are much easier to follow, the swearter is more interesting, well-written and super clever.  And there is a knit as you go I-cord that is a constant source of entertainment.  The yarn is Blue Sky Worsted in Cranberry, 14 skeins at 100yds each.  I’m knitting the 36″ size.   

 I had been thinking about this sweater.   The Clasica Coat by Deborah Newton.


When I saw the Interweave Knits Fall 2009 preview, it had me drooling.  But once I got the actual issue and saw it up close, the cables didn’t appeal to me as much.  Neither did the overall “generous-ness” of the fit.  Vivian is my kind of cable knitting.  And (if I may be so vain) I think it will be more flattering to my post-partum body.

Ya think it can be done?  In 2 months….(plus something special for Kira).


“Let me help you with that Mummy…”

(No child or work-in-progress were harmed in the making of this post)

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It is definitely a haul but not nearly as much as I’ve done in the past.  There is so much yarn in my stash I just couldn’t justify adding for the sake of adding.  But these I couldn’t resist.

All Socks That Rock Yarn L to R: Rare Gems (these are one of a kind skeins you grab while you can), Mill Ends (another one of a kind) (both lightweight), Pebbles & Nyame (medium weight).  I saw this pattern in the Nyame colorway and fell in love with it.  Even though it’s blueish I think it would work for a boy or girl right?  I hate that color is so associated with gender…

Green Mountain Spinnery: the two “creamy” ones are New Mexico Organic (so delicious)  and the brownish, reddish, with a hint of yellow one is Mountain Mohair in “Spice”.  That last one is for a pair of Sideways Mystery Mittens for my mum (per her request).

And just as I was getting ready to leave the fair grounds, this little gem caught my eye.  I’ve never heard of the company or seen the yarn before but I just couldn’t leave it.  Acquerello 75% Wool, 25% Nylon about 420 yds…I see socks, do you? 

And this…don’t ask.  My sister saw a sample of this pattern while I was standing on the STR line and said she had to have it.  Yes, those are laces up the back…The things we do for love.  Thank God she only wants the waist corset.  But that’s bad enough….. (I’m so grateful right now that she doesn’t read this.  I promise to show pictures when it’s done and I have no idea when that will be….holy crap am I really going to put this on needles?)

So that’s it yall, not much but I’m happy!

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This was the kind of day that one attending a sheep and wool festival dreams about.  Cool/cold weather, clear blue sky, bright sunshine, awesome food, great company, lots of sheep and wool. 

Had to give you a “car shot” because I just had to.  You’d think a person would get used to seeing the colors change year after year but no.  It still moves me and this year was special because my aunt, who’s here visiting from Barbados, was so “struck” by it all.  It was like seeing it for the first time.

This was taken about 11am.   It doesn’t even come close to showing how many people where actually there already.  Now I won’t bore you with pictures of the lines and madness over the STR binging that took place.  It was the same as last year (see the 4th and 5th pix down).  I just can’t believe how nuts we all get over this stuff.

This is the other thing, we/I go nuts over…THE FOOD!  If you ever have a chance to attend the festival, you must try this stuff…no words… (that’s mum and sis waiting patiently).

Deep fried, garlicky artichokes, with fresh bread…OMG!

This was other major attraction of the day.  The Ravelry meet up. 

I can’t even begin to guess how many people where standing on the top of this hill.  Amazing. I’ve said it before…what did we all do before Ravelry?

Here are the very necessary animal shots…all beauties.

This one was my favorite…

Look at that face. Those eyes…All he kept doing was nuzzling up to his handler.

But this is really why I fell in love.  Check out the club my boy is a member of (look in the upper left corner).  Awesome right?

Time for more food.  Yes, that’s apple pie a la mode and that is my dad holding it.  I was the only one who bought pie then everyone (mum, sis and aunt) wanted some.  My dad offered to hold since he is diabetic, there was no chance of him having any.  Do you see the measures I have to resort to just to protect my food.  I just love my family.

We watched the dog competition while snacking…

More beauties.

Day’s almost over but we had to have a family shot…sis behind the camera.

For the observant among you, that’s my aran coat.  I decided today was a perfect day for its first wearing.  At first I thought it would be too much but it was bloody cold up there.

This is the first year that I only attended one day but it was so perfect and full, it should be more than enough to hold me over until next year.  Pictures of “the haul” coming tomorrow.

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For those of you who were wondering, yes I’m still alive and yes this is still a functioning blog, there just hasn’t been much knitting going on.  Whole lot of livin’ but not much knittin’.  Since I showed you the cowl in my last post I haven’t even touched it.   Sad, I know but I’m just so distracted these days I can’t focus on anything for more than a few minutes.

I was able to finish these. There was only suppose to be one that I used for a sock class I was teaching but it felt so good and cozy on my foot I knit it’s mate.   The best part is, they stay on.  I was actually surprised by that.  I was expecting to “walk out” of them.

Pattern: 60 st. stockinette sock.  Knit the cuff for about 10-15 rounds(k2p2 rib). Slip stitch heel, knit down to the toe, decrease to 20 sts, graft toe…can’t get any simpler.

Yarn: Mt. Colors, Bearfoot.  Rosehip colorway.

Amount: Less than 1/2 a skein

Needles: #1, 2 circulars

A simple, quick knit that makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something.  We love those projects.

I’m also knitting (for about a minute every other day) on this cardigan.  In my wildest dreams I’ll have it done by the NY Sheep and Wool festival on 10/18-19.  Yeah…right….but I can dream.  It will probably be too warm to wear it anyway but just in case….

As you can see it’s garter stitch, I’m thinking. drop shoulder style, 8 to 9 inch deep armhole, garter stitch graft for the shoulder seam, pick up stitches around the armhole and knit down on the sleeves.  Maybe a double breasted front, Maybe a hood…we’ll see.

I have 2 movies from Netflix, Juno and Atonement…I’ve seen them both but that’s just the kind of “background” noise I like.  A great movie I can listen to and glance at while knitting something that my hands can do on their own.  Let’s see how much I can get done.

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So last weekend I told you I was getting together with my friend Julie for some spinning…well here it is. 

An old friend of mine bought this at the NYC Sheep and Wool Festival in 2005.  I told her I would spin it up for her.  Well better late than never.  And I know you want to know what the fibers are but I/she lost the tag so long ago…sorry.  All I remember is there is some silk in it and 2 other fibers (hence the different colors).  The details don’t matter to me that much it was just fun spinning and plying it.  That’s what we really focused on our plying.  You should have seen the two of us, it was quite the scene.  You’d have thought we’d never sat at a wheel before.

Here’s some more.  I wish you could touch this.  The lanolin is just delicious and everything was just covered in it.  The hubby is not a fan of that smell but I just love it. 

The is called Marshmallow & Fudge.  It’s 100% Wool from Steam Valley’s Corriedale & Border Leicester Sheep.  They even give you the names of the sheep on the tag.  This was generously donated by King Arthur, Odyssey, Eri, Lex & Cocoa.  You can find Steam Valley here.  Hopefully I can get some more of this this year. 

I also spun up some of the Spunky Eclectic but I’d like to spin a bit more and ply it before I show you.  The colors blew me away.  You’ll see.

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Perfect Weekend

This was the sixth year that I’ve attended the festival and it may have been the best.  It wasn’t only because my husband come along, or my mum, dad and sister were there, or the weather was awesome (just a bit to warm for me), or that I bought all the STR colorways I love or that there were many more vendors (food and fiber) then ever before or even that I spent Sunday with a friend who had never attended but a perfect combination of all these things. 


I know, it’s a picture of fog but I couldn’t resist…amazing.  This is on the ride up at 8am.


Yes, that is a giant fork in the road…that we always, always make a wrong turn at…you’d think we’d know the way by now.


Fairground entrance…let the games begin…


 Here’s The Fold…the only place at carries Socks That Rock and the busiest vendor for the day.


Are we all nuts to wait on a line this long…well yeah!! Wouldn’t you?


Isn’t he cute?


That’s his buddy Bandit…who makes the sweetest sounds…


So after some shopping and hanging with animals… I made my way over to the Blogger/Ravelry/Bingo Meetup


And here’s the dynamic duo, Jess and Casey…who have made Ravelry “a place our own”.


More shopping.


Here’s me at the end of day 2…a bit beat, a bit poor but damn happy!!!


There was no sweater wearin’ but the t-shirt was a hit…and I’m proudly sporting my pins.


The perfect end to a perfect weekend.

 I’ll try to get shots of all my purchases up tomorrow.   Like I needn’t more yarn.

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…and we will all be rolling around in sheep and wool.  And after the votes were tallied the decision is Hand to Hand pullover by a land’s slide…


(Dear Mommy Dearest…please forgive the wire hanger….)

Yes, I’ll be sweating my butt off but I’ll look great!! Small sacrifice.  But if the temp is really unreasonable then I’ll be carrying this…



See you there.  And stay tuned for lots of pictures and end of day recaps.

Have a great weekend.

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Yes, its Socktoberfest (those awesome patterns are calling)  and I’m also trying to finish de Grace by the Sheep and Wool Festival but I couldn’t resist pulling out a project that’s been lanquishing on needles for a couple of months now…these beauties.  


I started them with total relish but then put them aside as I got ready for Knitting Camp.  But yesterday I got an email from TKOF (Traditional Knitting Open Forum, a yahoo group) and there was a post that Terri Shea was starting a knit-a-long for her book …well I pulled my mits right out and cast on the second one….I’m off and running…it’s as if the universe knew I was in the mood for some stranding…and was honestly a bit bored with my other projects.

Aren’t they gorgeous? They are NHM #7 (they are the same pair featured on the KAL yahoo page)

Here’s the back


Here’s the palm


Thumb Gusset…I had some trouble here but I actually think I’m doing ok…Any thoughts or comments are more than welcome.


Now please forgive me but I’m not using a norwegian yarn not because I couldn’t find one I just want to use some stash (giving me an excuse to buy more stash,  do you see the vicious cycle)  I’m using Palette by KnitPicks…Cream and Bark.  Is it the best yarn in the world, no but it feels much better knitted than in the ball though it does tend to split a bit…no matter.  When I get better at these I’ll invest.

Anyway I’ll be “chatting” on the KAL as well as here, of course, so Knit On everyone!!!!

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