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Rhinebeck 2013

The only thing that would have made the day absolutely perfect instead of just perfect was finishing the mittens.  But as we started walking around, eating, shopping and breathing in the clean air it just didn’t seem to matter!!!


The little animal lover and future vet in action!!


I’m not the “selfie” kind of girl but this attempt was pretty successful!


Every year there is one yarn that is the must-have of the season.  This year is by Miss Babs.


That line stretched outside and down the side of the building…It is beautiful and gorgeous and I’m so glad I got to see it in person.  Now I’ll just order some on the internet later and continue to enjoy the day!


My cousin took this picture and obviously I didn’t know she was there!  Serious business this yarn shopping!!


Time for some more eating!!!


I wanted so much to be a big girl, walk over, introduce myself, get some pictures, say how much I love their work and move on.  Instead I was totally star-struck and stole this picture instead.  On the left is Jessica, one of founders of Ravelry and on the right is Ysolda, knit designer extraordinaire!!!  I’ve knit a couple of her shawls, Ishbel, and Damson for example.


Then as I walked away this lovely lady approached me, introduced her self and we took a picture.  She’s been reading my blog for years now and wanted to say hello.  She even asked for Kira.   Why couldn’t I be so grown up?


Here’s my friend Karen who I had the pleasure of running into.  She is wearing a pair of hand warmers I knit her years ago.  She said they’ve been repaired twice and still going strong.  That’s love!!! Thanks so much Karen!!!


My girl and I took a quiet moment to knit and watch the animals…


happiness is…


Thank you…see you next year Rhinebeck!!!!!

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We are packed for the festival tomorrow!!! I’m so excited…But I still have some knitting to do.


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When things start getting very busy for everyone!! Halloween is just around the corner, then Thanksgiving and we can’t forget the big favorite…Christmas! Or should I say the Holiday Season.  But no matter what you are celebrating the bottom line is, its gift giving time.

For the normal person there is the usual, shopping malls, speciality shops, Amazon, etc.  For crafters such as myself this is the time of year when we begin to inflict major amounts of pressure on ourselves.  For us the mind-set is “I’m making all my gifts this year” and then we spend the next two months in hell trying to achieve the impossible.  But I may have found a super fast and super useful answer to my unending need to over achieve!

I found this on Pinterest (I know…) and it’s what I didn’t know I’ve always wanted.  This is also the season for making soups, stews and warm, yummy desserts but there is a problem, burned fingers and hands when you try to remove your heated goodies from the microwave!! Not any more!


No your eyes are not deceiving you…I’ve made a microwavable bowl holder!  No more burned hands or laps (as some of us like to eat in front of the TV).


Put your eatables in the bowl, put the bowl in the “cozy” and pop it in!!  It is completely safe since all the materials are 100% cotton.  As you can see I took these pictures this morning…healthy oatmeal for me!


It is the perfect “height” on the sides of the bowl (this one measures 10″ from one side to the other.  When you read the pattern that will make more sense).

There is so much room to have fun with your fabric choices and quilting patterns with this project!


This print is so subtle and so pretty!!  Nice simple quilting.  You can also just sew straight lines.



And this apple fabric is just irresistible!!!!

So have you guessed yet what everyone is getting for the holidays.   I may even have time to make a few to sell (I always dream big but then….we’ll see).

I used this pattern/tutorial specifically but referred to this one as well.  Both tutorials are great and the instructions are super easy to follow.

So now that I have one less thing to worry about (deciding what to make for everyone), I can focus on a more pressing crafting matter.

For all those living in the tri-state (NY, NJ, CT) area don’t forget The big New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY this weekend!!!

I just have to finish these mittens and I’ll be good to go.  I can do it in 2 days right?  These aren’t complicate at all….(help…)


And one more thing before I’m off to knit furiously.  Earthtones Girl has reached 100 Likes on Facebook!!! I’m so excited and once the fun of this weekend is done I’ll be having another giveaway so stay tuned!!!   I’ll also be posting progress pictures of the mittens on my page so come over and visit…and maybe “like”!!

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…And A Dollar Short

…Yes, I know I’m a little late with this post but it’s finally here.

Not a whole lot to report this year.  My sister and cousin joined us (Kira and I) while daddy stayed home to finish up some work on the house.  That meant my sister and cousin ate their way through the festival while Kira and I spent most of our time in the barns with the animals.

The Recap…

My cousin, Alex, my wee girl and my sister, Julie, who’s wearing a sweater I knit about 7 years ago.  It’s an Elizabeth Zimmermann, saddle shoulder with garter cuffs. Very simple, very warm!! I might have to make another one of those soon…

The eating began here, at the Artichoke French vendor.  As usual the line was super long but the wait was more than worth it.

Like I said my girl couldn’t resist the “baby sheep”.  I lost count of how many sheep and alpacas we pet throughout the day.

I was given a moment to myself and I headed straight for cephalopod Yarns.  This is one of the two companies that used to be Sanquine Gryphon.  The other one, The Verdant Gryphon  was not there (or at least not listed in the festival brochure).

People where very excited to shop and sample.  But not more than me.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the “new” Bugga.

Meet Rose Weavel…looks alot like Long Tailed Beetle by the original company.  I can’t wait to get this on needles.  But alas it has to get on the end of a very long line of “Can’t wait to Start” projects.

Festival is over now I have to get ready for Halloween….More treat bags to make.

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What am I thinking?  Making you all wait 3 whole days for pics of the stash.  1,000 pardons…so no more talking, here it is!  One more thing, this stuff was more than worth the 2 hour wait.

Allow me to introduce you to Zaftig Bugga, colorway, Killer Tree….in a word DELICIOUS!!!  I can’t describe how good this yarn feels in my hands.  And the name, Zaftig according to Webster’s,  “having a full, rounded figure.  Pleasingly plump”  ie. “The actress playing the leading role was a ZAFTIG blonde”. 

The yarn that stole my heart on Saturday was zaftig and earthy!!!

Skinny Bugga, also in colorway Killer Tree, because I think I may have found my perfect shade/shades of brown.

Bugga, colorway Fierce Snake

Mithril (because I had to own yarn called Mithril…Yes, I’m a fan and want to be a Hobbit in my next life), colorway, Woman Under The Willows (can you think of a more perfect name? no I can’t either).  750 yds of lace weight heavenly-ness.  This may hang around for a while until a project (quest) worthy of it comes along.

Yes, more Bugga, because I had to.  Colorway Cockchafer

Kira’s sweater is patiently waiting for sleeves but it may have to wait a bit longer.  Who can resist casting on immediately?

For those who don’t own any of this yarn, if you’re planning to treat yourself to anything fiber related trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Shopping…Sanguine Gryphon.

Before I forget, a huge thank you to all who visited my blog over the last few days.  I’ve never had so many hits in a day (399 on Saturday, 163 on Sunday).

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We were suppose to be on the road by 7:30am…of course in real-time that was actually 8:45am (after stopping for gas and Dunkin Donuts).  Finally with the family feasting, me sipping hot chocolate and knitting, we were on our way…

A beautiful day awaited us.

Arrival, 10:30am. 

Now my goal for the day was to snag me some Sanquine Gryphon.   They were debuting a new yarn, Zaftig Bugga, a worsted weight version of  their favorite Bugga.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.   I kissed my girl, got my ticket and took off running.  The hope was to arrive early and beat the crowd…yeah right…

Destination reached!!!!! 10: 40am.  Made my way through the throngs of happy knitters then proceeded to the end of the line.  Where’s the end of line?

Oh there it is.  About a 1/2 mile from the barn.  Yes, people I waited on this line for 1 hr and 45 mins…..HOLY COW!!!

My mum and sister(white sweater and black boots on the left)  held my place  so I could get another shot of this mind-blowing line.  There’s Chris and Kira off on the right visiting me.

Mum was kind enough to let me wander a bit and enjoy some of the other sites.

Here’s my girl and her “Titi” getting to know a new friend.  Closer…


“Mummy, he kissed me” “Wanna kiss um”…  Is that pure joy on her face or what?

I’ve never met a creature so friendly and full of curiosity.  My sister kept saying, can I have a kiss and it would “kiss” her with a bump on the nose.  We were all amazed.

More sites…

And this picture almost didn’t happen.  We were getting ready to leave and Kira who was truly an angel all day was starting to melt down a bit.  hungry, sleepy, a bit cold…time to go.  I had to go to the bathroom but decided to hold it.  Chris said go, it’s a long ride… Again I said no but he said, just go already.  My lesson for the day, listen to my husband.  As I approached the loo, there she was.  Even with lunch in hand she was gracious and posed.  Thank you Stephanie aka The Yarn Harlot.   Was I excited? UM, yeah! 

Verdict…An awesome day!!!!!  And a realization, no matter how far you stray knitters will always welcome you back.

Haul shots tomorrow….early bedtime for everyone.

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This going to be quick and dirty yall.   I’m knitting feverishly on Kira’ s sweater for Rhinebeck tomorrow and have very little time to wax poetic.  So here we go…


This very talented lady was teaching at the Sewing Summit this past weekend.  What I would have given…



I plan on eating as many of these as I can at the Sheep and Wool festival this weekend without throwing up.   My best friend May (who is now a fellow Pinterest addict) found a recipe for these to be baked not fried….That only cuts about 10 calories….


Ann,  the awesome lady I took my first quilting class with, if you’re reading this.  This is what I want to make and why I’m dying for a lesson.  Help…I’m so in love with this quilt….

I hope you are once again as inspired as I am to sew, quilt, bake, create…do whatever makes you happy.  Have a great weekend everyone.

And if you have a moment and you’re a Pinner, go show my friend, May,  some love.  She has an amazing eye for things and has only 1 follower, me…

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