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Happy 100th Birthday!!!!

There is so much to say about this great lady I could write for hours but I’ll just let her ingenious patterns speak for me. 

(from the top, Aran Coat, Hand to Hand Pullover, New Zealand  Sweater and Saddle Shoulder Sweater)

(February Baby Sweater, Baby Surprise Jacket)

(Baby Surprise Snowsuit)

Thank you for your inspiration, your guidance, and your fearlessness in the face of cables, lace and life itself.

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There isn’t a whole lot to say except it’s done.  I enjoyed every stitch but I’m glad it over.  Everyone is glad it’s over.  I haven’t even blocked it yet but couldn’t wait another minute to show it to you. 

There’s the original below made by Elizabeth Zimmermann.  I think after mine is blocked it will fit even better.   The sleeves on mine a just a bit wonky but again…it’s amazing what a little blocking can fix.

Sorry the edges are blurry.  We’d sent my damaged camera back to Canon for repair but it’s still not up to 100%.  But the sweater looks pretty good…

I love the fit, the color, especially the color and all that shaping.  Just look at it.

The photo session didn’t last too long since it’s sweater hater weather outside.  It was over 90 degrees here today…..I gotta get this thing off.

Oh, before I forget.  Finally count on balls of yarn….15!!!  Yes, 15.  Same size, same gauge, etc.  It is very possible I miscounted, some balls got sucked into the black hole of knitting where inches, lost needles and stitch markers reside.  I don’t have an answer nor can I offer an educated guess.  The original took 10. Chalk this up to one of life’s great mysteries.

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Disappointed but not completely upset.   The left sleeve is 2 full balls long and 14.5″.  The right sleeve is a tad over 8″ and you can see how much of the last ball I have left.    The goal was 18″ on each. 

But I’m done, now my hands can rest…

I will call Schoolhouse Press tomorrow morning, order at least 3 more balls (one is for another project) have than overnighted and finish this up asap.   I am sorry I didn’t get it done in time but that doesn’t make it less of an accomplishment.

Now I’m free to celebrate my husband’s birthday today…Thanks for being so patient.    Even my puppys have had enough.

And thank you Kim for all your help and for captaining our team.  Bravo for getting yours done.  I can’t wait to see it.

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With such precious time left you’d think I would have been up all night but my body and hands said enough and I passed out in my bed next to my hubby who finally caved and said “Do any of the other husbands feel neglected because of the Olympics?”.  Darling I promise I will make this up to you.  You’ll see.

In the meantime after a good night’s rest, good breakfast this morning and hands feeling less cramped and tired, I’ve been dealt a blow.  This is something only a knitter will understand and be able to relate to.  I’m feel sick to my stomach about it.  I’M RUNNING OUT OF YARN!!!

That is all I have left.  The pattern said this size (37″) would take about 10 1oz skeins.  I’m up to 12!!  Plus the two remaining, that’s 14 freaking skeins of yarn.   And I wouldn’t even have had this much had I not bought extra for another project.  Of course Schoolhouse Press is closed today (I called, hoping against hope) and won’t re-open until Monday.  So I will knit until the sleeves are done or the yarn runs out, which ever comes first.  Can you believe this and I’d come so far…

Ok that was my one moment of despair…moving on.  Here’s where I am so far.

I decided to work the sleeves at the same time.  It’s a mind game I play.  Whenever I have to make two of something (socks, sleeves) I knit them at the same time but on separate sets of circs.  In this case there was no other way.  Isn’t it pretty?

The neck looks small but it fits perfectly.  Have I said it yet?  I love this sweater and not for one moment in the last 16 days have a been sick of or wanted to see it end.

Underarm gusset…I think I’ll put this into all my sweaters from now on.  It makes sense and looks great.  The Yarn Harlot said once that turning the heel of a sock makes her feel smart.  That’s how I feel about this gusset.

It is also the perfect length. 

So that’s where I am.  Again we’ll see how much further I get.  Tomorrow by 11:59am it will all be over, one way or another.

My Tigger outlook  is still with me…(this is what I meant)

I refuse to ever be…with anything in this life.

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