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Feels So Good

Thanks so much to everyone for that incredibly warm welcome back and for the words of understanding.   I missed yall too.

Anyway, to continue catching up…

Here’s a bit of seasonal color I just had to share.  T his is just a few blocks from home.

As I was walking through the woods by our apartment, there were so many leaves falling it sounded like rain…It was one of those rare, quiet moments when you stand perfectly still, listen, enjoy and know you are not alone.

Knitting coming up soon….stay tuned.

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My two favorite times of the year are spring and fall.  There is so much inspiration from all the color it makes me feel dizzy.  The dizziness is at it’s best this spring.  I don’t know what has come over me but every where I look I’m completely overwhelmed by all the amazingly rich, bright, dazzling colors (not to mention the sweet blossom smells).  And it’s kicking me right out of my earthtone colored box.

Here’s some of my inspiration.


I’m definitely having a romance with pink…even my nails are in a pickish hue. 

Can you stand how beautiful those flowers are?  I have a ton more pictures but I’ll save some for another day and post.

So anyway, Salto (pink!) was finished and I thought ok, take are break from socks (yeah right) and try something a bit different.  I rummaged through my stash and thought how ’bout this bag. 


I’ve had the pattern for a while  and thought, yeah I’ll get to it but then I saw this version of it and decided that’s my next project.  I picked my colors and cast on.


But as I was walking my dogs and was once again in awe of all the spring finery I changed my mind.  The bag just seemed too dark for right now.  So I decided to go with these instead  (We’ll talk about the genius of this pattern later) in this color


Wrong!!!…once again I’m trying to stay in the box but it just wasn’t working.  So I decided to really look around and the view is quite amazing from outside my box…I have to say.  Don’t you think this is so much better?


I don’t know what I love more, the pattern, the color or my new prespective.


Check out the colors for my next project…can you believe it?  And I’m really excited about it.

The countdown to May 2 begins…I’m just going to ride this colorful wave and see where it takes me.

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These pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago, just after the last big snowstorm we had.    I thought today was a good day to share them since they reflect so perfectly what I crave most…




I just loaded this to my Ipod (I actually got it from the library.  I’m only willing to spend that much money on yarn but it’s great to know so much is available), the aran coat sleeves are on needles and it’s gonna rain all day tomorrow,  “I believe this is heaven to no one else but me” – Sarah Maclaughlin  Chris and I love her music…(I’ll show you how much one day).

Have a great and peaceful weekend everyone…

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