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Lots of things were going on tonight.  Not only was I out on a school night, it was to attend a knitting event, with one of my favorite authors/knitters, and I met some awesome people.  Does it get any better?

So as promised to Amy and Carolyn, who couldn’t attend, but for whom I have personalized/autographed books.  The play by play…

Sock shot on the subway…if you can believe it, I got here by 5:10…Hey Steph, here I come. 


Have you been to the Borders in Columbus Circle?…HUGE!!!!


The crowd grows…


and grows…suddenly it doesn’t seem so huge.  There is still an hour to go…


The required sock shot…from her end and ours.


Not only is she a talented writer and knitter but an inspiration as well.  I think everyone in attendance tonight would agree, she really made us feel proud to be ourselves and to be knitters.


The signing begins and it ran with military percision.  We were all so impressed with the organization and courtesy of the Borders staff… cause this could have gotten ugly real fast…


And there are two lovely ladies I met while patiently waiting my turn (cause we knitters know about patience).

This is Kusi, who works at Downtown Yarns…(great store). 


And this is Victoria, knitting “Boyfriend Socks“.  We made a deal tonight, a knitter’s pack.  I’ll wear my socks and she’ll post more frequently on her blog.  Which I will visit to check up.  We high-fived and everything so I’m stuck, we both are.  I got more than one look at the mention that I don’t wear the socks that I knit.  We’ve been here before but this time I caved.  Carolyn you win.  I’m sold this time.  I am wool-worthy. I believe, I believe, it’s silly but I believe (can you guess who said that?)


Another required shot…the blogger/knitter with the author/blogger/knitter.  Stephanie is holding my sock and I her’s, of course.


And the waiting continued.  These are the unfortunate souls who arrived late and had to stand.  They were punished (I think) twice by having to wait until all the seated attendees got their books signed first. 


That’s where I met up with Lysa.  Sorry it’s so darn close but my arms just couldn’t got back any further.


That’s all folks!! (I know you know who said that)

Yes, I was wearing my socks tonight…(Lorna’s Laces, Gold Hill, Phineas)


I know it’s very late but I’m still going to read a bit more.


This sums up my feelings about the book, the evening, my knitting…

I need to sleep near the things that I love, the things that move me.


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