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…is I wish I were the kind of person who can ignore when their environment is in chaos and just sew, quilt, knit the hours away stress free.  But I’m not.  When my world is turned even a little upside down I can have to “right it” before I can relax.  So hence another delay in my blogging.  We’ve been renovating some parts of our house and there’s been dust, boxes and paint cans every where.  But hubby is now putting the place back together and I’m feeling a little less nuts.

So that said, let’s play catch up, again and hopefully we’ll be back on track (till the next thing)…

My give-away was beyond a success.  I’m up to 49 Likes, hooray!! And I had not one but two winners.  I felt it only right to give both the 45th (who got me to my goal) and the 46th person (who pushed it beyond my goal) both prizes.  They’ve both been notified and gifts are in the mail.  Enjoy and don’t forget to share what you make with your goodies.

Yesterday was the first day I could see above the mess and spent a few minutes at the sewing machine.  I had wanted to share this on Valentine’s Day but…here it is now.

My first attempt at applique and I’m pretty pleased with the results.


There is so much fun stuff out there to do with applique.   I just had to finally take my head out-of-the-way, stop over thinking and just jump in.  I used letter shaped cookie cutters to make the letters.  Always think outside of the box!!


Not to bad for a first attempt.  I got a bit wonky going around the corner of the L but when I slowed down and followed the advice from this blogger, it worked perfectly…check out the O.  Slow and steady wins the race!


And I now have a great new mug rug for my sewing room.


A little digression…Don’t you love that mason jar! I found it a Sur La Table (of all places, over the top expense store but these, I bought 4, were only $3.99)  If you have the patience you can find some cute stuff in there, all the way in the back by the clearance section.  Can you see the rooster!! I just love them.  It says “not for hot content” on the back but my fire fighter husband assures me I’m safe. The explanation of glass and heat conductivity would go beyond digression.

Back to the point.  If you’re interested in giving applique a try I have a bunch of tutorials pinned on my quilting tutorials board on Pinterest.  Or you can click here, here or here.  (Can’t assume we are all on Pinterest…)

Ok I’m off to finish up a baby quilt!!!  Another finished project tomorrow and maybe even an Oscar Sunday themed BLT!! (It’s been a while)


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Thanksgiving Recovery

I hope everyone had a wonderful, belly-stretching Thanksgiving.  I wanted to put up a post on the actual day but it came down to posting or cooking.  I didn’t think the 13 people we hosted would appreciate waiting for dinner.  So cooking won!  Then, to be honest I needed to just be still.  It started with the cupcakes for Kira’s school party then went right into all the prepping for Thanksgiving.  And did I mention that I caught another cold.  So by Thursday night I was beyond whipped.  Kira and I just relaxed yesterday.  And here we are Saturday.

As a “job well done” gift to myself I spent a little time on Big B and made a new mug rug.  Yes, I still have binding to put on 2 others but I fell in love with this pattern and wanted something quick and fun to do.

I just finished it this morning and put it to use already.  What is great about these mug rugs are all the possibilities.  In a way all that choice can almost paralyze you.  You don’t know what to do first.  What fabric to use, what embellishments to add, etc.  I tried to stay simple with this one but still use a few of the tricks I’ve learned on Pinterest.

I used a different set of stamps on the open sign and was not thrilled with the result.

I used this set for the Tea House.  Clean, sharp and well spaced.

…and this set for the open sign.  Can you see the little hash marks, well they show up when you stamp.  But as a comfort I’m telling myself it adds to the charm.

What I think really adds to the charm is the fabric on the “roof”

Can you say charming?  My camera is not the greatest but can you see one lady pouring tea for the other?  I have about a 1/2 yd of this…and will use it very wisely.

I left the back plain since I was just playing with the pattern but can you picture a picket fence and some flowers?

I’m off for another cup of tea, nestled happily on my new mug rug and tackling some more projects.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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