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Huge Departure

When have you ever seen yarn this colorful on Earthtones Girl?  I’d venture to say never….

I’m just stepping out of the box a bit…ok maybe alot…ok maybe I’ve set the box on fire.

But can’t you just picture it?  variegated pink knee-hi socks…   BRIGHT PINK SOCKS!!!!

Right this minute I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

I hope all this pinkness gets your week off to a great start…

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 These were suppose to have been done in time to wear them to Vogueknitting Live…oh well.  They’re done!

Pattern: Thalweg Socks

Source: Knitscene, Fall 2010

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces, Cranberry, 2 skeins (with enough to spare to do 1 or 2 more reps on the leg)

Needle: Size 1 Addi

Mods: None…knit as instructed.

If you love twisted stitch knitting, you’ll love these.  And they are great practice for doing cables without a cable needle.

The convergence of the cables on the toe is so beautiful….

Sorry but I had to include this one.  Kira kept reaching for the camera saying, “hold, hold, hold”…I can’t belive I was able to get these pictures with her awake.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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49 Days

When I started these on July 9th I wondered how long they would take me.  To save you the trouble of looking back, they took 49 days!  But who really counts socks in the WIPs pile anyway?  Socks are always on needles, ever at the ready to fill the “waiting” moments.  And I can’t think of a better way to fill those moments then with Cookies. (Are you getting tired of my cookie references yet?) Every time I knit a pair of socks by Cookie A.  I fall more and more in love…with socks and her patterns.

I also love the thrill of finishing a project.



Pattern: Wanida from Sock Innovation by Cookie A.

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, 2 skeins of Red Rover

I bought this yarn from Loopy Ewe about 2 years ago and didn’t realize until I cast on for the socks that they were two different dye lots but I don’t think you can really tell. I wasn’t that wild about the color when I started the socks but now that they’re done, it’s perfect for this pattern.  A bit of color variation that doesn’t take away from the pattern.

Needles: #1, 2 circs

Modifications: There is a small error in the pattern (a first, that I’ve found in any of her patterns) just when you start the heel flap.  I followed the correction of a Raveler and it worked out perfectly.  You can find that here.  Other than that I followed the directions exactly.  A great pattern and very interesting charts (as always).


I knit 2 full reps of the leg chart and 2 full reps plus 12 rnds of the foot chart.  I love the way the toes worked out




So now what? Another pair of socks? Another pair of Cookie socks?  I’m thinking Kai-Mei.  My friend Kim recently posted her finished pair and they’re beautiful!  Well, you’ll see soon.  I have to get back to Vivian and Kira’s Sheep and Wool outfit and a christening outfit and a gift for a friend who just had a baby yesterday and another friend that is due at the end of September….Crap that’s a lot of knitting.  But what fun lies ahead…

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Here’s another Cookie A pattern….Wanida from the Sock Innovation.


Let’s see how long these take.  It’s super easy so far.  There isn’t a pattern from her that I’ve ever had a problem with.  I did have a problem with the book though.


But not anymore.  I highly recommend spiral binding.   So much convenience for so little money.  Just $6 at Staples.

Enough, the sock beckons and Kira is taking a nap.

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One of the hardest parts about becoming a mother (for me)  has been the management of time.   These days the majority of my time is spent getting to know my daughter, her cries, her smiles and cooing sounds, her body language, everything about her.   We have reached a point in the last couple of weeks where I feel that I’ve finally gotten a handle on her and how to take care of her.   Though each day still brings new things to learn.  That learning will continue for the rest of my life, as a mum and human being,  and I will always welcome it and see it as a gift. 

It’s funny, I finally understand what I’ve heard mothers say for years.  It really is easy to loose yourself in all this, to forget what YOU want or rather put aside what you want, what you love to do.  And it’s been only two months.  

I finally finished knitting a pair of socks and I can’t tell you how happy it made me.  Almost as happy as seeing Kira smile at me.  Some may ask how can I compare my baby’s smile to a finished pair of socks, you really can’t but…I hope someone understands what I’m trying to say. 

Back to the issue of time,  everything aside from Kira has become secondary but trying to arrange those secondary things into “order of  importance”  is the challenge.  What do I do first?  How do I triage those things.   My biggest issue, what do I do with the “20 minutes” a day I can carve out for myself?  Do I return phone calls, send thank you notes (for baby gifts), clean the apartment, cook  a meal, take a shower, KNIT, read a book…?  And am I being selfish for even wanting “time for myself”?

Oh and there’s the other issue…I’m still someones wife.  (I”m also someones daughter, sister, friend, cousin, etc).    I know there is some balance here somewhere….

One of the best lessons I’ve learned in the last 8 weeks, aside giving the baby a bath and not losing my grip, putting on the diaper so the poop doesn’t leak out around the legs and always bring a change of clothes for myself as well as the babe, is guilt is a waste of time.  Easier said than done but so essential.

The learning and search for time continues…


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For My May Baby

Here’s the May 2009 Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock Limited Edition colorway from Jimmy Beans Wool.  I wanted to order it on the 1st of the month but it was just days before going into the hospital to have the little one.  I missed my window and it sold out.  Thanks to a very generous knitter on Ravelry I was able to acquire two skeins.  Thank you so much Margaret.


Beautiful isn’t it?


And don’t you love the thoughtfulness…only a knitter.

I had to have the colorway from the month Kira was born…I know more mushy sentiment.  I can’t help myself.  The question now is what to make for her with it.  Any thoughts?

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Salto & Pepper

I know that title is silly but I couldn’t resist.  I have absolutely no idea where this week went.  It was Sunday then it was today.  Chris and I painted our bathroom and did lots of spring cleaning.  It feels so wonderful and “light” in here now.  It motivated me to finally finish these socks.  Aren’t they beautiful?  I love them.  Super comfy and the perfect length in the leg.  I like my sock legs to be on the long side.

This is the  reason I knit these.  I loved the shaping on the back and the way it flowed into the eye of partridge heel flap

Here’s another shot of the shaping…it’s such a nice design.

I took this shot a little while ago to show you the lengths I will go to to avoid dpns.  Yes, that’s 3 circs I’m  on.  And yes I could have used my usual 2 but I was curious about using 3 to see how “fidely” it would be to have all that stuff dangling.  It was actually fine, I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it either.  Just one more thing you can do with circulars. 

Here are the details:

Pattern: Salto by Rebekkah Kerner (http://bowerbirdknits.blogspot.com/

Source: Spring ’08 Knitty

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Sheperd Sock in Old Rose

Amount: 2 skeins

Needles: Addi #0s & #1s


The changes I made were to improve the fit since I love my socks to practially cut off circulation.  I did one repeat less on the heel flap to make it a bit shorter.  5 repeats of the instep pattern.  And I decreased to 36 stitches instead of 44 on the first part of the toe shaping then down to 20 stitches (10 on each needle) to graft the toe.  They fit perfectly…Overall, 2 thumbs up!!

Thanks Rebekkah!

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