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…that I’m suppose to be knitting Kira’s sweater but I just can’t resist a cute & quick sewing project.

Since Kira was born I’ve wanted to sew an alphabet for her.  It’s one thing to see letters in books, on TV and play with them for a few minutes in the tub at bath time.  It’s another, altogether to hold them in your little hands, feel them, see them, move them around.

I’ve seen several tutorials on-line, here and here and here but I just didn’t have the skills or the sewing machine to do them.  Then I saw this on Pinterest and decided to try again.  SUCCESS!!! 

I had to put my needles down and whip up at least one of these.  A test run…

Kira was playing near me when I was sewing it.  I showed it to her and she said…”How make it? How make it Mummy?  Beauful! My “a” (she makes the sound for “A”).  Can I keep it?  

If that is not inspiration to sew the whole alphabet then what is?   I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL!!!! 

My only glitch is cutting out the “enclosed” spaces …any thoughts? Suggestions?

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