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Back In The Groove

It’s amazing to me how fast time is actually moving these days.  I know that technically there have been no changes in how time “moves” but I swear on some cosmic level it’s speeding up at an alarming rate.

Where did a week go?  My god-daughter arrived on Sunday, Aug 14, then it was time to drive her to meet her parents this past Saturday, Aug 20.  Today is the 22nd.  Wow!  This time rush can’t be just me….

Anyway, moving on… there wasn’t too much knitting done by me this past week, Julia’s needles were flying however.  And she had it bad…3 projects started in as many days.  Startitis, just a bit…

I was able to get a couple more “puffs” done. 

Top left is my original…the rest at new.  I just love making these little things. 

I also love to sew and haven’t touched my machine in the longest time.  There is a completed project to show…but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

What have you all been up to?

PS.   Sorry about not posting a BLT last Friday…I’ll make up for it this week…

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Have A Cookie

Finally Marlene is done and off needles. 




 Pattern: Marlene by Cookie A.

Source: Knit 1 Fall/Winter 2008

Yarn: Koigu # 1128,  2 skeins

Needles: #1 (should have used #2…)

Modifications:  None, I followed the pattern exactly but I should have used a bigger needle.   Even though it’s hard to get them over my and my sister’s ankles the fit is great once they are on.   Thanks to Sarah for encouraging me to finish them.

 The other thing I would have done differently was not decrease to 14 stitches.  It makes the toes a bit to pointy for me.  But no matter.  I absolutely love them. 



My sister is modeling while laying on the couch with Kira taking a nap on her chest.    That’s actually a good thing.  It will give me a chance to go hide them since I may have to go back on giving these to her as a gift.  I think I want to keep them.  Is that bad?  The other day she took back a lip gloss she gave me.  Now we’re even…I’ll make it up to her I promise.  Now I know what you all are thinking.  Just give them to her, because I’m not going to wear them anyway. But it took me so long to finish them.  Excuse while I go get some cheese to go with this wine…

It’s hard to give away cookies…

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Much to my surprise I can still knit. 


I started these (Marlene by Cookie A.) back in March, that feels like years ago.


I wanted to finish them before Kira was born but was then disheartened when they didn’t fit (due to pregnancy swelling).   But Sarah urged me on saying I wouldn’t be pregnant forever.  She was right but I still decided to give them to my sister, because if I faced the truth, they fit me but were still a bit tight.  So I tried to finish them for her birthday on June 11th…Today is the 17th. 

I will get there. I will finish them.  I will. 

That’s my sister modeling by the way…gosh her feet are narrow.  When did mine become Hobbit feet?

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Next Time Heed The Warnings

Like the good Raveler I am, I checked and double checked other knitters notes on Marlene and yarn choices before I cast on.  Thinking I was ready, I began knitting away happily.  A yummy chocolate-y shade of Koigu on #1 needles.   About 1/2 way through the first sock I read this by Grumperina which caused a little trepidation but I brushed it off as indigestion caused by the babe.  The knitting continued.


Pretty huh? I loved this pattern from the first time I saw it in the Fall/Winter 2008 Knit 1.  Another gem from Cookie A. (I’m dying for her new book).

My mind kept telling me it looked a bit small.  I knit on…  I did swatch and was getting the gauge on a #2 (like the pattern called for) but it just seemed so large, so I stuck with the #1.  This is one of the those moments in the life of a knitter when she completely disregards all the things she knows and just jumps in…thinking hey it will all work out.  Why worry, just knit.

Then I tried it on……


Can you see anything wrong here?  The freaking thing doesn’t fit….not even close….#$%&!!!!!  Now this could be from slightly swollen feet and ankles (only one pair of my shoes fit comfortably right now), that’s what I want to believe but why continue the delusion.

Heed the warnings people….

They would probably fit my sister.  But I wanted sooo much to knit a pair of socks for myself.

Any thoughts?  Rip? Continue and give them away? F@$K!!!

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Just In Time

IT’S DONE!!!  And I love, love, love, love, love it!!!  I wanted to post  two days ago but that thing called life gets in the way sometimes.  I was also recovering from all that Kitchnering…(I think I like saying that word.)



My friend Karen took these.  Isn’t she the best?   Great job!!! Thanks SOOO much!



Here are some “still-life” shots.  I’m tore between staring at it and wearing it.  But considering how darn cold it’s suppose to be over the next few days I’ll choose the latter and just in time.

Here are the required details:

Pattern: Tapestry Cowl by Pepperknit

Yarn: Koigu #1128 (brown) and #2360 (cream), 1 skein of each

Needles: #5 (2 circulars)

I didn’t change a thing but I did need about  5 or 10 yards extra of the brown.  I think it’s because I held a strand in each hand (brown left and cream right).  My continental knitting  is much more loose than my throwing so there was a bit more yarn used up on the brown side.  Not enough to make it look uneven but enough that I needed just a bit more at the end.



Here’s the cast off edge.  Not to bad?


That’s the join/woven in area.. again not to bad and I’m sure the magic of blocking with even that right out.


Ok, I have to go snuggle into my cowl now.

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First off, thanks so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes.  It was a fabulous day!!

I’m very happy to say that our cousin in Texas is alive and well and her house is still standing.   She and we have no idea how that is possible but it is.  There is damage of course but it’s there. 

My SIL is doing very well and seems to have made relative peace with her decision about her wedding.  I think when a person knows in their heart that their making the right choice even if it is a hard one there is relief.  And she is definitely relieved.  Sad but relieved. 

And guess what… the Yorkies have been adopted.  I got an email from their foster mom a few mornings ago and she was getting ready to drop them off at their new home.

Last but not least…Fall is here yall!!!  And a very happy one to everyone.  This is my absolute favorite time of the year as you will see over the next couple of months with lots of foliage shots.  I’m apologizing in advance.  Now I say we welcome it with a little knitting, which I feel I’ve been neglecting lately.   Here’s my Tapestry Cowl, so far.  Just a little something to look at.


I can’t stress enough how awesome this project is.  Double Knitting is not a fast technique but the results are so worth the effort. 

Isn’t that cast on the purtiest thing you’ve ever seen…

The temperature is dropping…time to get this one done and around my neck.

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1 Down, 179 To Go

When I first met my husband his parents had a very hard time getting their minds wrapped around “the phase” their son was going through.  In my attempts to practice the basic principle of karma, I tried very hard to be gracious and patient while they “came to grips”.  Well it’s now 12 years later, there is love all around and the journey was well worth it.  So in a show of love and in keeping with the season this perfectly timed idea arrived in my email box yesterday.  Thank you Karen.

Knitted Easter Egg Ornaments from The Purl Bee.  Keep reading and you’ll see why this is so perfect…


Yarn: Koigu (I have no idea what color #.  This was in the left over sock stash)

Amount: A few yards

Pattern:  See above

Needles: #2

My very sweet mother-in-law collects egg cups.  At last count (by my sister-in-law this morning) she has 180 of them.   And every one is different, quaint and absolutely beautiful. 


This shelf is one of two her nephew custom made for her to hold them.  (This post would have been endless if I showed you all of them)And as you can see depending on the size and placement of the cup not all of them will be able to hold/show off a knitted egg but can you imagine how cute that would be…I may still try to knit one for each cup or until I get sick of them.  But they are sweet aren’t they? (the eggs and the cups).



Here’s the other thing I did today…bake!  For over 3 hours, can you say fun…

Easter Wheat Pies (an Italian treat).  My Father-in-law, loves this dessert and I love licking the bowl…win, win all around. (I know, raw eggs, but something is gonna kill me and if it hasn’t after about 30 years of bowl licking I think I’m ok),


Here is Chocolate Chip Banana Bread…no real tie-in to the holiday but why not.  I was already covered in flour…



Have a wonderful weekend and for those celebrating the holiday…Enjoy:)

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