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Best of Intentions

Last year on Easter I came up with a goal.  To knit eggs for every egg cup my mother-in-law owned.  180 at last count, but like so many intentions we all have.  What do they say about that road to hell….Anyway, here’s a little cup that is still egg-less but so cute and suitable for the day.


Happy Easter Everyone!

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1 Down, 179 To Go

When I first met my husband his parents had a very hard time getting their minds wrapped around “the phase” their son was going through.  In my attempts to practice the basic principle of karma, I tried very hard to be gracious and patient while they “came to grips”.  Well it’s now 12 years later, there is love all around and the journey was well worth it.  So in a show of love and in keeping with the season this perfectly timed idea arrived in my email box yesterday.  Thank you Karen.

Knitted Easter Egg Ornaments from The Purl Bee.  Keep reading and you’ll see why this is so perfect…


Yarn: Koigu (I have no idea what color #.  This was in the left over sock stash)

Amount: A few yards

Pattern:  See above

Needles: #2

My very sweet mother-in-law collects egg cups.  At last count (by my sister-in-law this morning) she has 180 of them.   And every one is different, quaint and absolutely beautiful. 


This shelf is one of two her nephew custom made for her to hold them.  (This post would have been endless if I showed you all of them)And as you can see depending on the size and placement of the cup not all of them will be able to hold/show off a knitted egg but can you imagine how cute that would be…I may still try to knit one for each cup or until I get sick of them.  But they are sweet aren’t they? (the eggs and the cups).



Here’s the other thing I did today…bake!  For over 3 hours, can you say fun…

Easter Wheat Pies (an Italian treat).  My Father-in-law, loves this dessert and I love licking the bowl…win, win all around. (I know, raw eggs, but something is gonna kill me and if it hasn’t after about 30 years of bowl licking I think I’m ok),


Here is Chocolate Chip Banana Bread…no real tie-in to the holiday but why not.  I was already covered in flour…



Have a wonderful weekend and for those celebrating the holiday…Enjoy:)

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