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Any fans of To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar?  It’s one of my favorite movies and as I sat down to write this post Ms. Vita’s line came to mind.

But before I get into that, I wanted you all to know that the cowl has been delivered and will be loved…to death!


Doesn’t it look great on her?  And so does that hat!!!!  Yes, I finally finished “the hat” that was on needles way to long.  Its done and once again as I asked my sister to model it I thought…not a good idea.  She wanted to keep it of course but I couldn’t blame her it matched so perfectly with the cowl.


Look at the ribbing, so twisted and perfect!!!


This hat, Windschief by Stephen West, was supposed to be fitted, like a watch cap but when I saw this version on Ravelry and loved it.

I also added another mod.  I used a tubular cast on.  The effect of the stitches appearing to roll over the edge never fails to thrill me.


And did I mention how warm it is?  I used 2 strands of fingering weight (Unisono, colorway 1164) held together (on a #7 needle) to get the gauge…worked perfectly!!


I don’t have any pictures of the wrestling match that ensued as I tried to get the hat off my sister…suffice it to say…I won!!

Now let’s re-visit a past knit for a moment.  I’ve had a few questions lately about the Lucy Hat.

Downtown Abbey KAL - The Lucy Hat 2013

Downtown Abbey KAL – The Lucy Hat 2013

If you remember while I was very happy with this hat and the project in general the only “complaint” was it wasn’t deep enough.  So I did what all crazy knitters do I ripped back to re-do the crown.


Now to answer the questions of a recent comment by Brittany.  Yes I simple wore the hat backwards, to hide the seam/the color jog, which placed the flap on the left.  As mentioned in the original post.


I used a german twisted cast on.  It blended so much better with the purl stitches that followed.

Now regarding the short rows, which another reader had a question about.  I honestly don’t think I can shed much light on that one, except to say don’t over think it.  If the directions say, knit to 2 stitches before the last wrapped stitched that means the second stitch from the wrapped stitch.  I don’t know if that helps but I don’t think I can explain it any more clearly than that.  There are quite a few videos on YouTube and on Ravelry that can help.  I think the problem with short rows it just over thinking.  Do exactly what the directions say and you should be fine.

I hope this helps everyone…and remember the beauty of knitting is you can rip it out.  Once you cut fabric, for example, you’re done…no re-dos….

Happy Hat Knitting Everyone!!

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Snow…Just What I Needed

On cold, snowy, winter days (and nights) I often wonder what people do who can’t knit (or sew, quilt etc).  I know there are movies to watch, books to read, cookies to bake but there is something so wonderful about having warm, sweet-smelling yarn in your hands.  That extra added warmth and the soft click of the needles, it is so endlessly comforting.

As soon as I heard about the pending snow storm headed our way I thought, time to cast on!!!  And what a great excuse to knit a hat to accompany my new cowl.  I have a bunch of hats but none really “went” with it.  I needed something dark and simple, but still interesting.

Enter Windschief! I knit this pattern (the cowl version) 2 years ago this month, under very similar circumstances…a bit of deja vu!


It’s a quick knit and will hold my interest just long enough to get through this “stay in” weekend.

Anyone else snowed in?  What are you working on?

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A Small Thing

Well it wasn’t knit during a weekend but it’s done.  My first completed project of 2013.  It is a small thing, a simple thing but I love it!

In my last post I mentioned that I’d joined a Downton Abbey knit-a-long and planned to knit The Lucy Hat.  Here it is…


It’s not even blocked yet but I had to share it.


As usual these pictures are not doing the colors justice.  But you can still see I made a return to my namesake with the cream and brown.



I love that woven stitch pattern…


If I had to say one negative thing about this pattern (which I followed to the letter) is it’s a bit “shallow”.  That is definitely the style but I tend to like my hats covering a bit more of my head.  I may rip this back to a round before the decreases, add a few rows, then re-finish.  I will also wear it with the “flip” on my left instead of my right, to put the “jog” in color and pattern to the back instead of the front.

Pattern:  The Lucy Hat by  Carina Spencer

Yarn: Madeline Tosh Vintage in Moccasin (brown) and Trodden (cream) which I purchased here.

Needle: #7 (2 circular method)

Modifications: None (just ones mentioned above)…

I think I’ll wear my new hat while I watch last night’s episode of Downton Abbey, which I missed because I was clued to the Golden Globes.   (Congratulations to all the winners, some surprises, some not)

So what should I knit for Downton next? A shawl, stockings, oooh…gloves?

Thanks to my friend, Kim for her photographing services….

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There is no way for me to explain how motivating it is to complete a project.  It’s like a drug.  I finish one, get a rush, post about it (or not) then I’m off to finish another one.  And recently (I don’t know how) I’ve been able to find a balance between knitting, sewing, quilting, social media/blogging, family, friends, life in general.  I have no idea how long that is going to last but I’m running with it for now.

Here a taste of that balance and another completed project.

This morning I met with my dear friend Carolyn, who until recently I wasn’t spending nearly enough time with but (there’s that balance thing) we’ve managed to find a way.  We met at a little cafe and I had my first taste of spiced hot chocolate.  Chilli, cayanne, and chipotle….Oh heavens!!!  I’ll never drink regular hot chocolate again.  That said I think it made us both a bit giddy.  I asked her to take some pictures of me wearing my new knits then we were suddenly goofing around.

Ok, enough goofing…here are the pattern details.

I finished the hat weeks and weeks ago but I was waiting until I finished the fingerless gloves to post about them together.


Pattern: It’s an old Blue Sky Alpaca pattern that is out of print (I believe).  But it’s a super basic rolled rim hat using sock yarn.

Fingerless Gloves:

Pattern: Fingerless Gloves by Petra

Yarn: Anzula “Squishy”, colorway, Wine

Needles: Both were done on US#1

I was able to make both projects from one skein with some to spare.  The store I bought it from is no longer in business but you can find it at Purl Soho.  It’s pricey but worth it!

The yarn is wonderful and butter soft but I wouldn’t use it again for anything with cables.  Not enough twist so the stitches in the cable row are a bit stretched.  No one will see it but it bugs me.

That said I still love them and how yummy they feel!!!

Thanks for a great morning my friend!!

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Zaftig Hat

Since I’m feeling rather zaftig myself today.  I thought I have my best girl do some modeling for me.

Here’s my very simple, very warm and cozy rolled rim hat.  I finished it on the train coming home from Virginia the day that rogue storm hit the east coast…and just in time.

It fits her so well…Is my head small or is her head big?

Ok…it’s a bit long but that the point of a rolled hat…a little extra if you need it…

And on the days when I don’t need the extra it’s creates a stylish “pouchy” effect in the back.

I love this colorway!!!!

I also LOVE that face!!!!!!!

Pattern: Simple Rolled Rim Hat (cast on 98 stitches, knit until your sick of stockinette then start decreasing, K6, K2tog across the rnd, next rnd knit even, next rnd, K5, k2tog…etc…until you’re done)

Source: My head…

Yarn: Zaftig Bugga by Sanguine Gyrphon, 1 skein, colorway Killer Tree

Needles: #7 (2 circs)

If you can get some of this yarn, get it.  It truly is delicious!!!  I would love a sweater in this yarn.  Christmas gift maybe?

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Simple Yet Satisfying

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  It was Kira’s first and I think we spent more time taking pictures of her then we did eating.  There is something so camera worthy about sweet potatoes in a baby’s hair. 

And thanks to everyone that commented on my last post.   As the Knight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade said, “You’ve chosen wisely”…and I have.   I chosen my friends very wisely.

Now finally some knitting (and more pictures of the girl).  I made these two little  hats a few weeks ago, just didn’t get around to posting them.  The sweetness factor is super high, like cavity inducing high…you’ve been warned.


Pattern: Chocqua

Source: Baby Beanies: Happy Hats to Knit for Little Heads by Amanda Keeys

Yarn:  1/2 skein each of, Aurora 8,  and Zara (had both in my stash, and don’t remember the color numbers)

Needles #7

As I mentioned below, this yarn needs to be knit at a tighter gauge…it was stretched out in no time.   But still cute, cute, cute!


And  here she is in her Aviatrix Baby Hat.  This is the fastest project I’ve ever made.  I know it’s small but it just went super quick.  Very clever design.


Is it me or is my daughter just edible?


I couldn’t quite get the pose I wanted so check out the still-life below.

Pattern: Aviatrix Baby Hat (a free Raverly download)

Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8, Merlot #2, 1 skein (98 yards)

Needles: #7

Thoughts:  Love the pattern, love the hat, love the yarn but after about two or three wearings it started to get a bit stretched out.  Especially the neck-band.  As with the other hat this yarn is just way to soft and needs a smaller needle or rather knit at a tighter gauge.  I would try a 6 or even a 5 next time.  For now as a quick fix I just ripped a few rows out of the neck-band and it fit snug again. 

In terms of modifications, I knit all the wraps on the short rows and also didn’t double them up as written in the pattern but staggered them.  It was way to messy looking without that change.

This a great baby gift, quick, easy, inexpensive and it looks sooo fancy and complicated.



Just finishing up a jacket for her so I’ll post that one soon.  And I’ll leave a hint about my project…

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1st FOs ’08

Finally some finished items…These are gifts for some friends. I know what you’re thinking the colors are so not me but aren’t they gorgeous just the same. The entertainment factor was pretty high. The way the colors pooled and changed. The northern lights came to mind.


Yarn: Mt. Colors Bearfoot

Colorway: Juniper, 1 skein

Needles: #2 Addis

It’s my usual Whimsical Hat pattern but knit on larger needles.  I didn’t want to cut off the blood flow to her brain.   Only I seem to enjoy that…

The hand-warmers are the result of my feeble toe-dipping into the design pool.


Here’s the lovely Jackie modeling her hat in her shop.


And these are for Auntie Karen.


That’s my hand not hers.  I wanted to get the pictures up and I wasn’t going to see her till today.


Wear them in good health ladies…

Now back to my coat and maybe some toe-up socks…(gasp!!!)

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About a month ago my sister decided to cut her hair and is now sporting an adorable “pixie” do.  She’s so much more fashionable than I will ever be….Anyway, since the new coif she’s started wearing hats and looks fabulous, so guess what…here’s one of her Christmas gifts.  Now what’s the Muk mean?  All I will say is it’s her pet/nickname for her husband.  There’s a long story behind it’s origins and I will respect their privacy…but I thought it would be sweet to incorporate it into the hat somehow.  I started by doing a two color thing via instructions from Armenian Knitting, but it just looked awful…not because of the book…I think there was to much contrast  between the colors I choose (the cream you see here and a rusty brown color… yes great colors but not for this project).  So then I thought I’d try purl stitches…So the “muk” is there but subtle and even more subtle when it’s on (I tried it on to check).  I can’t wait to see it on her.  Now she can have her Muk with her to keep her warm…

Am I a sappy, corny mess or what? 



The crown shaping makes me thing of ice cream for some reason…just humor me ok…



Pattern: Whimsical Hats

Source: Blue Sky Alpacas

Yarn: Rowan 4 Ply Soft, 1 skein of #376 Nippy (cream)

Needles: Addi #1 (2 circs)

This is the same pattern I used for the Red Tail Hawk hat .  It’s a great, easy, super quick hat.  It’s also a great blank canvas on which to experiment. 

My Christmas knitting is officially done!!! Yahoo!!!  I do have some thank you knitting to do but there’s no deadline or pressure there. 

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