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Just In Time (sorta…)

Not for Rhinebeck but for the cool weather headed our way.  Then again it doesn’t matter I would wear these in the summer.  Yes, the mittens/hand warmers are done and I love them!!



This pattern had been on my list for years!!  I enjoyed every stitch!!!


Completely modified the thumb and it fits so much better.  As someone explained on Ravelry they are now made for those who are opposably thumbed!


I paired increases on either side of the two twisted knit stitches.


Love how the pattern flows to the top!!  Yes I will be wearing these all the time.

Here are all the details:

Pattern: Very Terhi by Yarnissima

Yarn: Bugga by The Sanguine Gryphon in Longhorned Beetle (discontinued)

Needles: #2 (I used Addi lace needles.  The pointier points are essential for twisted stitches)

Modifications:  Created a double thumb gusset as described in the link above.

Now I’m thinking a matching hat?  I so need a red hat!!  Nothing fancy just plain ol stockinette…my favorite!!!

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We are packed for the festival tomorrow!!! I’m so excited…But I still have some knitting to do.


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If I said I was in a bit of a funk after returning home from camp it would be an understatement.  I had a cold (which I’m now getting over), I was back at work (nothing more to say, work is work), New York was hot (have I mentioned how much I hate the summer),  I had a doctor’s appointment (all is well) and the coat was done…so now what?

Sideways Mystery Mittens.  I saw them while at camp and even though the pair I tried on where small, I was intrigued.  These would be nice distraction. 

Here’s the picture from the book, one in progress, one complete.  I started with only the instructions from the book and had no idea “where I was going” but followed in blind faith.  Then I hit a speed bump and checked out the pattern on Ravelry.  Someone there said the dvd and book instructions differed a bit.  Everything was super clear after watching the dvd.  I suggest using both.

Here’s my version.

Look at that construction, genius!!!  I can’t believe that someone thought these up.   I won’t explain how they are made and give up the mystery but suffice it to say…pure genius.

The stitches were grafted along the side.  I’d never done garter stitch grafting before…very much fun.  Yes, I’m a crazy knitting geek that actually gets excited about grafting stitches.  Stop shaking your heads.

Sewn casting off (demo-ed on the Knitting Glossary DVD)…which is also so fun and interesting to do.  It’s a simple thing but produces such a beautiful edge.  It’s especially used on garter stitch. 

A delicate line of knit stitches running over the top of the mitten.

The only modification I made was not working the increases around the cuff, which are suppose to “bell”, but just continued on the original number of stitches.   I wanted a close fit and got it. 

Pattern:  Sidways Mystery Mittens

Source: Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman (book and dvd)

Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool, Color ? (I can’t even believe I lost the band, but I’m still looking), 240yds.

Amount: about 1/2 skein

Needles: Addi #6

These are the first of many pairs….

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There is nothing more satisfying to me then when my project is going well, the colors all work, the stitches are even and my hands don’t hurt (that’s most important).  Here’s a peak at my progress on the mittens and so far so good, so great actually.  There’s just one “little thing” which you’ll see in a moment. 

 Pretty even huh?

 I finally understand my “dominant hand” and I’m moving along.

Here is the one “little thing” I mentioned before.  Even though I’m very pleased with how my fringe and braid came out I think the edge it created is to big.  That’s what’s making it curl like that.   Yes, I got the technique but my tension was to loose.  Am I going to rip it out? No, because I think when I block it it will “sit” a bit better.   I will rip out and re-do the second one since I can see the same thing starting to happen.  I confess, I knew it was a bit off when I started but I was too excited and caught up in the side effects of “startitis” to rip back even though that’s what Lizbeth (author of Latvian Mittens and host of this KAL) said we should do if there is a mistake.   I choose to see it as a design feature instead of a mistake.  (Just agree with me and make me feel better, ok)

For those of you who know me I also have to address what some of you may have already noticed.  Why are all those loose ends hanging there like that?  Do I not listen to my own rantings about “cleaning up as you go”?  I do, I do but it’s more of that darn startitis…which has a way of morphing into a maddening desire to see progress…I don’t want to stop and clean up even for a moment I just want to seen this gorgeous mitten continue to grow…

So I’m off to make it grow some more.  The next installment is up and I’ve got to keep going. I’m not anywhere near as far along as I’d like to be.  I know it’s not a race but….

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My two favorite times of the year are spring and fall.  There is so much inspiration from all the color it makes me feel dizzy.  The dizziness is at it’s best this spring.  I don’t know what has come over me but every where I look I’m completely overwhelmed by all the amazingly rich, bright, dazzling colors (not to mention the sweet blossom smells).  And it’s kicking me right out of my earthtone colored box.

Here’s some of my inspiration.


I’m definitely having a romance with pink…even my nails are in a pickish hue. 

Can you stand how beautiful those flowers are?  I have a ton more pictures but I’ll save some for another day and post.

So anyway, Salto (pink!) was finished and I thought ok, take are break from socks (yeah right) and try something a bit different.  I rummaged through my stash and thought how ’bout this bag. 


I’ve had the pattern for a while  and thought, yeah I’ll get to it but then I saw this version of it and decided that’s my next project.  I picked my colors and cast on.


But as I was walking my dogs and was once again in awe of all the spring finery I changed my mind.  The bag just seemed too dark for right now.  So I decided to go with these instead  (We’ll talk about the genius of this pattern later) in this color


Wrong!!!…once again I’m trying to stay in the box but it just wasn’t working.  So I decided to really look around and the view is quite amazing from outside my box…I have to say.  Don’t you think this is so much better?


I don’t know what I love more, the pattern, the color or my new prespective.


Check out the colors for my next project…can you believe it?  And I’m really excited about it.

The countdown to May 2 begins…I’m just going to ride this colorful wave and see where it takes me.

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1st FOs ’08

Finally some finished items…These are gifts for some friends. I know what you’re thinking the colors are so not me but aren’t they gorgeous just the same. The entertainment factor was pretty high. The way the colors pooled and changed. The northern lights came to mind.


Yarn: Mt. Colors Bearfoot

Colorway: Juniper, 1 skein

Needles: #2 Addis

It’s my usual Whimsical Hat pattern but knit on larger needles.  I didn’t want to cut off the blood flow to her brain.   Only I seem to enjoy that…

The hand-warmers are the result of my feeble toe-dipping into the design pool.


Here’s the lovely Jackie modeling her hat in her shop.


And these are for Auntie Karen.


That’s my hand not hers.  I wanted to get the pictures up and I wasn’t going to see her till today.


Wear them in good health ladies…

Now back to my coat and maybe some toe-up socks…(gasp!!!)

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…I haven’t been here in years and today, Christmas eve, was such a perfect weather day…




Here’s my sister…ain’t she pretty and would you believe she just bought that coat from one of the vendors…isn’t it gorgeous!!!


 This is one of my purchases…which is not at home on my tree…the picture doesn’t do it justice.


And here are my sister-in-law’s “glittens”…just have to sew on the buttons.  But I have time because I’m not seeing my in-laws till Wednesday evening…



These are for my dad…I still have a few hours…can I make it?… I’m writing this at 11pm on Christmas eve…(WordPress is a bit off on the time that posts go up…my Christmas history post only when up about 20 mins ago but the post date says December 25th…this can be a bit trippy if you’ve had a drink or two…)


Wish me luck…I have this one to finish and the other to knit…THE PRESSURE!!!! (My Dad has been asking for these for two years…I have to get them done…What was I thinking that my Christmas knitting was done…I’m such a lier. (And no, I didn’t choose the color…that’s all Dad.

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