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Worth It

Stop whatever you’re doing, go to your kitchen right now and make Cream Cheese Rippled Banana Bread (BLT post #6 & 7).

It’s too good….my mouth is literally overflowing with happiness, while my poor rear end is raging to stay contained….

This battle of wills is so worth it….

Also worth it…being honest with my friend, myself and putting my feelings aside.  Thank you SP! And thank you to all who shared their feelings/stories.  Keep sharing Kim…I love it!!!!! It’s never too much.

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I have to admit that I’m not really feeling to chatty this week.  Super busy the last few days potty training.  It’s going great but super exhausting!!!   Why is parenthood so darn hard some times.  Anyway…enough on the pitty pot…


For all you bloggers out there…I didn’t even know that I was looking for this article until I saw it on Pinterest.  Definitely something to think about….



If that doesn’t get my little one to eat more fruit I don’t know what will.  I found this picture on Pinterest (of course but there was no link to a site besides Tumblr.  So just for the record the picture is not mine but it has inspired me).


Kira’s room just got a whole lot prettier!!!  Crib and Toddler Bed Sheets Tutorial…I can’t wait to try these.

If anyone tries any of the tutorials or recipes I’ve been listing I’d love to hear from you. 

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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BLT #4


There is more sewing and quilting inspiration and instruction on this blog than I will ever be able to cover.  A great addition to my growing collection.

Sew Fantastic

And ya gotta love the name.


Two weeks ago my BFF May May,  found The Orange Creamsicle Cookie that I  posted.  Then commented that she’d also found a recipe for an Orange Cramsicle Smootie and asked if the two together would be too much.  I love her to death!! And of course my answer was a resounding No Way!!  The more the merrier.  So thanks to May May we are still rolling orange-y goodness.

The recipe creator calls it the Orange Push-up Smoothie…a rose by any other name….


Here’s one more reason why I’m headed in the clothes making direction.  Who wouldn’t want to learn to make one of these.  I would have another baby just to put this little dress on her (yes, I want another baby and I want a girl).  CUTE!!!!

I mean, I can’t even stand how adorable this is and the tutorial looks so invitingly easy….A good next step for me after pants.

Infant Peasant Dress

Have a great weekend eveyone!

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“Can we make some cupcakes please?” ABSOLUTELY!! My girl and I making cupcakes….And having a marvelous time!

Of course the recipe is another Pinterest find!!  I’m serious, all the claims on this one are right on!! It was easy, YUMMY, and an awesomely sneaky way to get the veggies in.  Pumpkin Muffins!!!

Ready Mummy…She takes it very seriously.

See the intense concentration?

Ready for the oven.

Almost forgot the most important part….LICKING!!!

And it’s the first time I could let her lick anything with no fear of poisoning her from the raw eggs.

That is officially my favorite picture of us.

Out of the oven in 20 minutes…They are so good.  If you’re not covered in snow like we are today get thyself to the market and start baking.  Thanks to my overly prepared hubby we had everything on hand. 

Now back out to enjoy the snow!!!

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BLT #3 PM Edition….

Sorry it’s a bit late.  How does Friday come around so fast?  I blink and it’s here again.  That’s not a complaint since I”m always happy to do these posts.  So here goes….


This blog fueled my rapidly growing interest in sewing clothes.  I know that is the next and logical step on my journey.  It also had some awesome ideas on blogging and making it all look “pretty” (yet another interest).




All I can say about this is, I CAN’T WAIT FOR SUNDAY MORNING.  Slow Cooker Vanilla Bean & Almond French Toast…can it get any better?  I can smell it already….

Thanks to The Naptime Chef for this amazing recipe.

(picture by The Naptime Chef)


When I saw this quilt on Pinterest I fell in love with it (as I do all things I find on Pinterest) and added it to my long list. 

 I know I’ll get to it eventually.  Then, by chance, as I was browsing around for this week’s tutorial I found this Mini Bookshelf Quilt Tutorial…What luck!

This I can do and sooner rather than later.  Anyone up for a little mini quilt or a big quilt for that matter? 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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It’s the first Friday of the  new year yall and you know what that means…  It’s time for a BLT!!!!

I’m so excited to get back to regular editions of my little series.  I kind of took an unofficial break from it during the holiday season but the holidays are now over and I’m can’t wait to get started.  So enough “chat”…

BLOG:  I discovered the Sewing Novice via Twitter.  I started following her based her name and profile (very scientific) but hadn’t visited her blog until I pinned the Fabric Boxes (my last post).  It’s become a regular haunt for me.  Her blog is clean, fresh and gets right to the point.  It’s full of one excellent tutorial after the other with the perfect balance of craft and personal.    And for you sewing novices out there (like me) it’s an awesome resource.  Clear, concise and best of all easy to follow instructions. 



LOVE IT:  One of my personal resolutions this year is to eat better.  I’m not dieting but I do need to expand my palate a bit.  I also want to eat less processed food.  So we are starting with a simple and sweet thing first.  Kira was recently introduced to hot chocolate.  Now if you know my daughter that means that she also knows that something is missing.  “Where marshmallows mummy?”  So being the dedicated mum that I try very hard to be I dug around and found what sounds like the perfect recipe for homemade marshmallows.  Now this is going to “kill” two birds with one stone.  Kira loves to be in the kitchen “cooking” and “baking” so it’s something we can make together (a great rainy day project, child is engaged and learning) and one less processed food on the list.  And they look so darn good!!!

I found the recipe at Smitten Kitchen.  If you haven’t already checked out this site…please do.  It’s awesome and beautiful!!

(picture by Smitten Kitchen….yum!!)



As I was looking for a great tutorial for this post I was lurking around Pinterest (I want to quit it but I just can’t) and found this.

The Top 100 Tutorials of 2011

I can’t even tell you how excited I was to find it.  And I have to thank Ellen, The Long Thread,  for all the work that went into putting that list together.  Amazing!  Organized and all in one place.  Go have a look…you should be able to find something to keep you busy.  My to-do list just tripled!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!  Go do, make, create something that makes your heart happy.

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Haven’t Forgotten

I just wanted to put it out there that I haven’t forgotten about my BLT posts on Friday.  I’m just taking a wee break from them during the holiday season.  There are so many other fun things to talk about, show and share.  But here’s a little something to hold you over.

2 Minute Chocolate and Salted Caramel Mug Cake

I know…try not to hurt yourself as you rush to the kitchen to make one of these…

Happy Holidays my friends.

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