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Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful day with those you love.  My day has honestly been pretty close to perfect!!  I awoke to breakfast in bed made by my darlings, hubby and baby girl.  Then as if God himself sent me a personal gift, Kira put herself down for a 2 1/2 hour nap.  During that precious time I finally got to finish a quilt!  And tonight, hubby is making my favorite for dinner, stuffed calamari!!!  HEAVEN!!  There is also one more thing that made today so special…

If any of you have been following my Facebook page you’ve seen the rainbow quilt I’ve been working on.  It has been a joy since the first stitch and I love everything about it!!


It is bright, colorful and so full of life.  Very different from all the other quilts I’ve made.


Just look at…I can’t stop!!

Here’s the back, which my dear friend Teri picked out for me.  I wanted something yellow to represent the sun and this jumped out at her.  It’s perfect!!


Close up…


A sun burst batik, could it be better…I’m thinking no!!!


The binding fabric was also chosen for me and is the exact color of many a sunset in our back yard.

In order to really show off the fabrics I decided on simple line quilting (in the ditch).


This quilt perfectly expresses all the joy, happiness and excitement I’m feeling these days.  And I can’t wait to give it to the owner but I’m going to have to wait about 4 1/2 more months…


Yes, that’s me and yes that’s Kira kissing my belly which is currently filled with her baby brother/sister.


The rainbow quilt wrapped around my almost 2 children!!  Happy Mother’s Day to me!!!

I’ve waited and waited to share this news and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you today.

Maybe now that the cat is out of the bag I can get back to posting.  All I’ve been working on is baby stuff.

Again Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

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Halloween was a total success this year!  I’ll let the pictures speak for me!!!


Here’s our Pink Bat Girl in action!!!


Me and my hero!!


Check out daddy in his fisherman costume! But only the top part, scroll down for the rest…


Vampire Mum sans teeth….


I love my fisherman….so much!!!!!


Beware a fisherman and his vampiress!!


A bit dark but there we are.  What a great and happy day!!!

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Moving Up and On

It really stops me in my tracks when I think that an entire school year has gone by and my Kira has completed it with flying colors.

Yes, there are projects I want to work on, quilts I want to finish, socks to knit but the last few days have been about my daughter.  Celebrating her achievements, thanking her teachers and setting up play dates with new friends.  Here’s the recap of today, the last day of her first year of school.

It started with making gifts.  Teacher gifts first!

Big, roomy, very useful beach tote bag that I monogrammed myself.  Eat your heart out LL Bean!  Plus a nice American Express gift card that was generous enough for them to shop at LL Bean if they want to!!!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 004

Stuffed and ready to go!!!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 010

Gifts for her classmates!!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 006

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 007

Yes, I found the idea on Pinterest! I swear I wouldn’t know how to get out of bed in the morning it not for that site!

Come on tell me these aren’t adorable!!!!!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 008

But the best gift of the day was made by my husband!!! I’m in awe of his talent with wood!! I just wish he had more time for it!! He’s amazing!!!

The tote bags were from the class! Kira gave each of her teachers an apple…

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 009

A 9.5″ x 7.5″x 1″ wooden puzzle piece apple!!!  I really have no words for how great these turned out!!!

It was a wonderful accident but we ended up mirroring the apples for each teacher, since one side came out a bit better than the other.  I love the effect!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 012

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 013

The hardest part was writing the names on.   I had one shot to get it right!! Even with shaking hands I got it done!!!  No pressure or anything!

And here’s the girl!!! The entire class did a short concert.  Stage fright…not in the least!  They sang 6 songs and were beyond adorable.

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 025

Then it was time for cake!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 038

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 039

Lots of pictures and videos were taken to remember the day!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 060

Kira and her best friend Ellie!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 062

Mummy and daddy love you more than you know.  Well done love!

1 down and 18 more years to go!  We’ll be there every step you take!!

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Setting Myself Free

The fact that I still have any readers/visitors on this blog is a surprise to me.  While I do continue to write posts and show finished projects there is no “flow”.  For a long time there was a rhythm and rhyme to things around here.  I posted finished projects, works in progress, my weekly posts about internet discoveries but most of all I posted about my family, friends and general love of life.  There’s hasn’t been much of the latter lately.  Not since Christmas have I posted my love of family with my love of knitting, sewing, quilting etc.

The main reason for this lapse is very personal but I feel the need to talk about it (if only briefly) so I can move on.  In a way, so a weight can be lifted off me.  To put it simply, Chris and I have been trying to have another child and have been unsuccessful.  At the beginning of this year we reached our goal, joy of joys! But it was not ment to be and we were quite honestly devastated!   We have been on this journey since November and it has taken its toll.  At the end of the day I just want to snuggle with Chris and Kira and updating my blog just doesn’t see important.

We’ve finally made the decision to “take a break”, plan out a wonderful summer vacation and enjoy ourselves for a while.  This post is the key for me to personally and “craftily” start enjoying myself again.  Wow…this feels so good to finally say out loud.

The other thing I’ve wanted to say (changing the subject all together) is I’m bored with my blog.  While I still want to continue writing and posting I’m tired of the “look” of things.   A big thing we’ve tackled lately (beside trying to be biologically extraneous) is our home.  We’ve made some wonderful changes, added pictures on the walls, bought new furniture, moved furniture around, tons of spring cleaning/purging.  It’s been great.  The house feels bigger and lighter and new again!  I think it’s time for that around here too.  My 6th blogoversary is June 1st and the timing couldn’t be better for a makeover.

So after all that said…in the next few days and weeks I hoping to be HERE more, make a change or two in the scenery and getting back in the “saddle”.  Thank you very much to all of you who still visit and comment and show the love!!  It means more than you know.

Now I can’t ask you to read all that “stuff” up there and not share a picture or two.  On May 6th my baby girl turned 4 years old.  I’ve been showering her with even more love and attention than usual and I’m honestly speechless at how much she is changing…right before my eyes!



2 years old


3 years old

Iphone pictures 524

and now 4 years old.  It is the truest truth out there.  Time flys…whether you want it to or not.

Kira Ridge Hill May 22 2013

We are so proud of our BIG girl! It was a wonderful birthday!

Kira's 4th Birthday 016

We also celebrated mother’s day with a walk on the pier in Piermont, NY.  It was perfect.  Kira got to ride her new scooter.  Here she is all dressed in her gear.


And I got to knit for a while down by the river.

Sock and River Pic Mothers day 2013

Things are starting to feel good again…feel “normal”.

Dare I say I’m happy…

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This may sound surprising to some of you but I’ve never gone apple or pumpkin picking before.  Neither had my mum and sister.  It was so time to change that…

Kira, my mum, sister and I all went not only apple but also pumpkin picking today!!! I can’t even describe how much fun we had and how amazing it was to watch Kira.  She was so happy and excited.  She even made up a “walking in the orchard” song.  The only thing wrong with the day was Chris wasn’t with us.  He had some work to do that couldn’t be put off.  But we took lots of play by-play pictures for him….

Here are a few…

Isn’t she beautiful?

There’s my sista working the apple “grabber”…

That shot may end up on the holiday card this year!!! I love that picture…

I love this one too!!!!

Awesome day, all around.

Now to do some baking.

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One of Many Firsts

Kira started AquaTots today.  I can’ t even tell you how nervous, excited, freaked out, proud I was of my girl.  Chris and I searched high  and low for a swimming program for toddlers/kids and boy did we find a great one.  We would have liked to have gotten her in the water at a younger age  but she’s in now and loving it!!!

Here’s the condensed play by-play…

We were about 2 min late getting into the water because little miss needed a potty run at the last-minute.  But once the job was done I walked her over to the pool, the instructor smiled, asked her name and I watched my girl become a bit more independent….

I’m now up in viewing deck, nowhere near her and she’s not even looking for me.  Jim, her instructor was amazing!!  Daddy and Titi (my sister) are behind the cameras.  Yes Kira was the only child there with an entourage!!

Look at that face…(sorry for the blurred images but daddy’s hands were a bit nervous too).  This is after her first lap across the pool!!!

My sister was calling her Kira Phellps by the end of the session…

This was the first time my child has been under the supervision of another adult in her (and my) life.   She was amazing!!!!

I feel like we’ve started on a new journey and I’m so excited and blessed and privileged to be along for the ride.

Next week…first day of nursery school!!!!!!  I don’t know if my heart can take all this excitement!!!!!

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Given With Love

I should have posted this since Monday but time is what it is…fleeting. 

Sunday morning we all arrived at the Cheesecake Factory, Dad’s request.  *Note…They have an awesome breakfast/brunch menu!

Everyone was dressed in their best.  Dad was the star…food was a close second and then it was time.

That morning I realized I had no age/gender appropriate wrapping paper.  Everything was pink and/or covered in ballerinas and rainbows.  So I reached for the next best thing…

Dad loves the color blue…so there ya have it.  Grabbed the fabric from my stash, the perfect length of ribbon (amazing coincidence that it was all that was left on the spool), wrapped, tucked, and ribboned…

At first he wasn’t sure what it was but then as the realization dawned, in classic dad fashion…”good heavens”.  I actually taped him going through it, ahhing and looking in wonder at the pictures…”where on earth did you find that one”…”Hey, that’s Conrad”…”that was taken when we lived at 125th street”…”I remember that one”!

The moment was magic for him and everyone watching him…

Happy 80th Birthday Daddy!!

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Mission Accomplished!!!

40 pages…can you believe that this book for my dad has grown to 40 pages. 

The love for and complete understanding of who my dad is has been overwhelming.  Every single person who has contributed to this, in a word, “gets him”.  And every single aspect of his life, character, hobbies, passions, “quirks” has been covered by someone.  I’m totally speechless!!

I’m so proud this man is my father…

The book…

I decided to include a letter from God.  Now I know that sounds corny, a bit weird or just plain inappropriate.  Almost like I’m making for  but that was so not intention.  My dad rarely attends church, except for the usual life events, but he is one of the most spiritual and God-fearing/loving people I know.  He has even been studying hebrew so, in his words, he can address his maker in his own language.  I thought a letter from his maker would bring a smile…If you highlight the pages you may be able to read it.  Humbly speaking, it’s not bad…

There’s a bit of hebrew at the end to test him…

Here’s another sampling of the pictures…..

These 2 sets precede letters from my sister and I.

Kira wrote grandpa a letter too….

I think I can say  this is one his favorite moments in life, holding his first grandchild.

Dad’s dad, mom and sister…

Aren’t these pictures amazing!!

I wish I could just give that sweet boy a hug…

More page pictures…

Last page….

I promise to capture every moment of today.  We are meeting at 10:30 this morning for brunch to celebrate.

I’ll post the birthday recap tomorrow….

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!!!

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Dear To My Heart

Thank God I found that recipe for the No Bake Energy Bites because I really need them right now.  I’ve put all my projects to the side to work on a new one.  This one is special in so many ways I don’t even know how to describe it.  July 23rd is my father 80th birthday and I’ve found a rather unique way to celebrate it.  I saw the idea on Pinterest (where else) and thought that’s it! I want to celebrate my father’s 80 years by way of the written word.  Now the original idea had 60 years worth of memories.  Meaning 60 separate letters from family, friends, et.  Now that’s great but…80 years worth would take my dad another 80 years to go through so I edited the plan a bit…

I contacted all of our family and friends and asked everyone to write him a letter.  The letter can contain anything they wish to say/share with him.  A memory, a shared experience or a simple happy birthday message.  Unlike the original Pinterest idea I’m putting all these letters into a scrap-book along with old pictures of the letter’s  author.

I can’t tell you what an experience this has been for me.  To read about all the love and touching thoughts, reflections and damn funny stories, I’m overwhelmed.  I’ve promised to give my overseas family a little sneak peek…

Here’s the scrap-book. Simple, black, masculine, classic…..

A sample page…..my mum’s letter, a card she wanted to include and of course pictures….very old ones…

I mean these pictures are super old…..

Mum found a big box of old, very disorganized (which lent to the charm and sentiment) photos and I’ve had to remind myself to get back to work as I flip through one after the other….Lost in memories….

AMAZING!! I love the one with dad and Julieanne….Not to mention dad and Jason…

And I know you Kings see Granny at the bottom….

No one is getting their hands on that one.  My family contains the most notorious pictures thieves of all time.

It’s fuzzy and grainy but it’s her…if I didn’t already have it I’d fight for this one!!!

Ok, hold onto your hats….here come some good ones!!!!

Hey Clint…that’s you cuz!!!!

Now that you all are probably laughing and Ca ‘dearing like crazy….

Stay tuned.  I”ll post further progress in another day or 2.

Love you all…I can’t wait for Dad to see this…

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Our Very Happy Easter

Sorry this post is late but we are all still catching up on rest after a very wonderful weekend!!!

It all started on Friday morning with Brunch with my mum and sister,  then a wonderful dinner with May and her family in the evening.  Thank you so much for stopping by my friend.  Twice in two weeks…I love it!!!! Can’t wait to see you again…

Then continued on Saturday with painting eggs for the Easter egg hunt. 

As always my girl was very serious about the task at hand.

This is very hard work mummy!!

Eggs are ready and neatly stacked.  Daddy made this in about 10 mins because I tossed the egg crate in my overzealous-ness to keep things neat.

Easter Morning!!

and with Titi

And then on the hunt…

my little beauty!!

…and chasing the Easter Bunny

It was an amazing day!!!!!

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