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Halloween was a total success this year!  I’ll let the pictures speak for me!!!


Here’s our Pink Bat Girl in action!!!


Me and my hero!!


Check out daddy in his fisherman costume! But only the top part, scroll down for the rest…


Vampire Mum sans teeth….


I love my fisherman….so much!!!!!


Beware a fisherman and his vampiress!!


A bit dark but there we are.  What a great and happy day!!!

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This may sound surprising to some of you but I’ve never gone apple or pumpkin picking before.  Neither had my mum and sister.  It was so time to change that…

Kira, my mum, sister and I all went not only apple but also pumpkin picking today!!! I can’t even describe how much fun we had and how amazing it was to watch Kira.  She was so happy and excited.  She even made up a “walking in the orchard” song.  The only thing wrong with the day was Chris wasn’t with us.  He had some work to do that couldn’t be put off.  But we took lots of play by-play pictures for him….

Here are a few…

Isn’t she beautiful?

There’s my sista working the apple “grabber”…

That shot may end up on the holiday card this year!!! I love that picture…

I love this one too!!!!

Awesome day, all around.

Now to do some baking.

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It’s Friday yall!!!  Time for a BLT!!! 


In my never-ending search to improve my skills I stumbled over this little gem on Pinterest.  This blog is so inspiring I don’t even know where to begin.  Actually I do.  My friend Kim, asked if I’ve been making any mini quilts, coasters, etc on any of my other sewing machines and the truth is no.  For some reason, every now and then I need someone to point out the obvious.  What a great idea! I can use my machines, learn new quilt blocks, improve my skills and not feel so guilty about having all my beauties just sitting around. 

The thing that caught my eye about Charise Creates are her paper pieced blocks.  I’m in love and have to learn immediately how do it.  Thankfully she offers a wonderful tutorial on her blog and references some great resources.  Hooray!!!!  The timing couldn’t be better. Kira starts nursery school next week and I’m going to have some extra time on my hands.  Win Win!!!

So go visit Charise Creates and be inspired.


Another reason I love September and the fall are apples.  Baked, Pies, Crisps, and now Cake!  Oh yes!!

FRENCH APPLE CAKE by Joans Food Wanderings

French Apple Cake by Joans Food Wanderings


I just realized you’re getting 2 for the price of 1 in this BLT.  This is another great little project I can work on with another machine.  Maybe my newest after she’s cleaned up.    The tutorial looks super easy and more sharpening on the skills.

OVEN HAND MITTS by The Idea Room

Oven Hand Mitts by The Idea Room

These would also make great holiday gifts.  I’m aiming for much simpler and all hand-made this year.  There’s that road to hell….just waiting for me.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 

A side note: I’m in the process of blog house keeping so there will be some “in with the new and fresh” and “out with the stale and boring” (more like no longer necessary).  I’m even thinking of changing the entire look to this (my friend Sara is amazing and her blog is beautiful)  I’d love to know what you think? 

Again, have a great weekend!!!

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Welcome Back

After what has felt like the longest and hottest summer ever, I’m returning to calm and to myself.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while or if you know me personally you know that my heart starts beating a bit faster as September approaches.  Well, HOO RA!! It’s here and so is a return to normalcy, to rhythm, to a turning inward that unlike most people I revel in.

This summer was so full and busy it left very little time for me to “play”.  I posted about my Dad’s book, an ironing board cover and Marin, my Olympics project…that’s it.  My last BLT was July 15th!  You have no idea how frustrated I’ve been.

But in the last couple of weeks as the temperature has cooled a bit (although the heat from yesterday made me feel like I lost brain cells) and my summer house guest has returned to school I’ve begun to play again and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

My amazing aunt Dianne, who lives much to far away in CA. posted this beautiful comment yesterday and I’d made me feel so great.  She posted it to the Marin post.

This shawl is Absolutely Magical. ABLOODYMAZING!!!!!!! How do you do it?? I would love to know that I could make one of these someday. Your blog is so inspiring. You are loved and appreciated.  -DF

My blog stats are very humble and I don’t have tons of readers/followers but the few I have I adore and love to share things with.  So please join me in kicking off September and this fall season with the presentation of a gift.

I started this quilt about 4 months ago when one of my readers mentioned in a comment that she was having a baby.  So we started chatting over email, she said the baby was a boy, mentioned his nursery colors and that she loved quilts but had no patience to make them.  Well that was all I needed to hear.  Here’s Henry’s quilt!!

I made this up as I went along.  Yes, there are a bunch of things I would do different next time but I will listen to the wise words of my mentor and not point out the flaws but show off the successes.

The quilting was done in an echo pattern around the H.

and subsequently over the patchwork on the back…

I alternated the binding between a light and dark fabric just to experiment and I really like how it came out.

The pieces of the H were appliqued to the cream fabric in a soft green.  I wanted it to stand out but not be too bold.

When I saw this fabric I thought PERFECT, it has all the colors from the nursery and is so darn cute!!

It’s the Forest Friends Fat Quarter Bundle  from The Fat Quarter Shop.

The funny part was when I ordered the fabric I was so caught up with finding the right colors that I totally missed that the fabric was flannel…oops!

I have to admit that flannel is not my favorite medium but it makes for one super snuggly quilt.  I really worried too about putting it in the washing machine, fearing it would get fuzzy but nope.  It’s now washed and being packaged.  I don’t think I can get it in the mail today but my little friend will have it next week for sure.

Happy 4 month birthday little man.  And a  great big HI!!  That was a fun surprise! It was not really my intention to put in the “I” but when I turned the quilt there it was…

Not a bad way to start my favorite month and time of the year!!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday weekend.  Enjoy!!!

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BLT #11 Special Addition

I just saw this on Pinterest and HAD TO POST IT!!!


Get your blenders going people!!!!!  Recipe and picture came from here!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

This one is for my sister…She’s going to trip over her own feet getting to the supermarket to buy the ingredients.

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Halloween Recap

Anyone still out there…sorry I’ve been gone so  long…

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.  Here’s our girl doing what she does best…having fun!!

Aside from saying Trick or Treat…all we heard all day was RRRRRRR Matey!!!!!!

Captian Jack Sparrow or Captain Morgan?

The funny part about all this is she was so excited to get the candy but then said it was too sweet and wouldn’t eat it…

What kid doesn’t like candy??? MINE!!!

And if that’s not enough for you…let’s up the cuteness factor just a bit…

Like a classic female, she just couldn’t decide what she wanted to be.  So we, as responsible parents decided for her.  Pirate for outside and Ballerina for inside.

She even plays the “ANIO” herself…Classical is her favorite music right  now.  No matter where we are, if she hears anything classical or that sounds “classical” to her she stops and starts to dance.  In perfect time the music too, I might add.

I just can’t take it!!!! How freaking cute is that outfit???

OK, Quilting/Knitting  next post.  I promise!!

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There are so many reasons why I love this month. 

1.  It’s my birthday month.

2.  It’s National Sewing Month and now that I’m a sewer/sewist (anyone know which term is more correct?) I’m so ready to celebrate.

3.  It’s a return to normalcy…(I’m not a huge fan of the lazy, hot, crazy days of  summer)

4.  Schools supplies!!!!  I’ll stop there.  I mean who doesn’t love notebooks, pencils, pens, post its (I LOVE POST ITS), crayons, etc, etc, etc?  It screams potential and possibility to me.  It’s says time to learn and nothing makes me happier than learning.

On a more personal note…September always brings me something wonderful.  2 years ago we found out I was pregnant with Kira. 6 years ago I was proposed to on my birthday.  And most recently, last September I learned to quilt.  For all who know me and read this blog I’ve been having a field day.  Sewing is something I’d been fascinated by since my childhood (as I talked about in my last post) and now that I’m well on the road to learning this amazing skill, I couldn’t be happier.  Which leads me to a little project I  made in about 2 hours yesterday.  It’s a patchwork wreath.  The pattern/tutorial, which you can find here, called for either a patchwork or a single piece of fabric.  I chose the single piece (though I did have to piece it in some spots).   But now that I’ve made one I can’t wait to try a patchwork version.

It was so quick (which I need in my life these days) and easy and looks great on my front door.  Stitched in Color talked about the fall and all its glorious color.  She said that September said red to her, it does for me too.  I think this little wreath is the perfect welcome for the fall season.

Sewing the  blind seam was a bit of a pill since I was doing it on a curve.  My finger is a bit sore today but worth it.

I attached some matching embroidery floss  and it was ready to go.

As promised the continuation of  BLT with my favorite tutorial this week.   I’m thinking one for each month.  Too much?

Side Note:  I want to thank Knitting Mama for all her help getting my blog back up and running.  Have fun swatching and have a great weekend!

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