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When things start getting very busy for everyone!! Halloween is just around the corner, then Thanksgiving and we can’t forget the big favorite…Christmas! Or should I say the Holiday Season.  But no matter what you are celebrating the bottom line is, its gift giving time.

For the normal person there is the usual, shopping malls, speciality shops, Amazon, etc.  For crafters such as myself this is the time of year when we begin to inflict major amounts of pressure on ourselves.  For us the mind-set is “I’m making all my gifts this year” and then we spend the next two months in hell trying to achieve the impossible.  But I may have found a super fast and super useful answer to my unending need to over achieve!

I found this on Pinterest (I know…) and it’s what I didn’t know I’ve always wanted.  This is also the season for making soups, stews and warm, yummy desserts but there is a problem, burned fingers and hands when you try to remove your heated goodies from the microwave!! Not any more!


No your eyes are not deceiving you…I’ve made a microwavable bowl holder!  No more burned hands or laps (as some of us like to eat in front of the TV).


Put your eatables in the bowl, put the bowl in the “cozy” and pop it in!!  It is completely safe since all the materials are 100% cotton.  As you can see I took these pictures this morning…healthy oatmeal for me!


It is the perfect “height” on the sides of the bowl (this one measures 10″ from one side to the other.  When you read the pattern that will make more sense).

There is so much room to have fun with your fabric choices and quilting patterns with this project!


This print is so subtle and so pretty!!  Nice simple quilting.  You can also just sew straight lines.



And this apple fabric is just irresistible!!!!

So have you guessed yet what everyone is getting for the holidays.   I may even have time to make a few to sell (I always dream big but then….we’ll see).

I used this pattern/tutorial specifically but referred to this one as well.  Both tutorials are great and the instructions are super easy to follow.

So now that I have one less thing to worry about (deciding what to make for everyone), I can focus on a more pressing crafting matter.

For all those living in the tri-state (NY, NJ, CT) area don’t forget The big New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY this weekend!!!

I just have to finish these mittens and I’ll be good to go.  I can do it in 2 days right?  These aren’t complicate at all….(help…)


And one more thing before I’m off to knit furiously.  Earthtones Girl has reached 100 Likes on Facebook!!! I’m so excited and once the fun of this weekend is done I’ll be having another giveaway so stay tuned!!!   I’ll also be posting progress pictures of the mittens on my page so come over and visit…and maybe “like”!!

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Sew Me

As I said in my last post, I sat with my new mug rug, a big cup of tea and got to work on some more projects.  I’m on such a role with getting things done.

For those of you following me on Facebook you may have noticed the sewing machine in my cover photo.  My friend Sara, who does estate sales came across a toy model and held it for me.  When she asked if I were interested, I said I’d be right over.  I saw it and fell in love!!! It’s adorable but it’s old and needed a little protection…

I love the way this sewing machine cover came out and may have to make a matching one for Big B.

My favorite part was doing the embroidery.  Another little skill I’m trying to sharpen and really enjoy doing.  Pulling needle and thread is so soothing to me, like knitting stockinette stitch.

There more I do it the more I enjoy it.  Another good thing about it is its super portable.  (I’ll show you my little travel kit later)

Here’s a little side pocket, just because….

But enough on the cover, here’s my new “toy”…Isn’t it sweet?

I love the details on this machine.

It came bolted into this box and while it’s secure it’s so not pretty…

Can you see the writing on the top?  I tried to get a good picture…but…

To Virginia, Christmas 1918 from Mother and Father

I don’t think that was actually written by Virginia’s mom or dad but I love the idea of it.

Now it’s mine and will be well cared for…

I have to digress for just a moment.  Last night I thanked my husband for the 1,000th time for giving me the time and freedom to explore my interests.  He said with complete sincerity, if I’m happy then he’s happy…

Thank you for seeing and understanding ME!!

He is truly selfless and generous and I adore him.

PS. In case you lost count I’m up to 9 machines…(please don’t judge…lol)

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Earthtones Girl now has its own Facebook page and I’m so excited!!  I debated for so long about setting one up then finally said why not…

Now I have another venue to share my creative meanderings about knitting, quilting and sewing.  Please go visit and tell me what you think, what you’d like to see and feel free to share!

Hope you LIKE it!!!



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