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Leading By Example

If you’ve been reading my Twitter feed on the right, you know that my family is taking a journey through the wonderful world of potty training.  We’ll talk about that a bit more later.  Even though my hands are full I still pushed and pulled  a few moments out of 2 days to sew.

My project?  A toddler bed sheet!!  Last week’s BLT tutorial was just too inviting.  And with a 20% off coupon to Joann’s I had to give it a try.  Saturday went shopping.  Sunday measured and cut.  Monday added the border and Tuesday finished it up.  And guess what ? It fits the bed perfectly and was so easy!  I love easy…who doesn’t?

Now I say easy but it did leave a bit to be desired.  Most 100% cotton fabric, seersucker or knit fabrics are 44″ (give or take) and when you finish squaring it up (which means cutting off the selvedge) you are left with approximately 43″.  So per the instructions, cut a rectangle that is 45″ x 67…Problem!  So I added a 1″ border to each side to make up the difference.  It worked.  I’m so happy with it!!!  And of course can’t wait to make more.  

You can see a hint of the pink border.  LOVE IT!!!  And so does Kira!!!

It fits perfectly.  My one worry for some reason was that it wouldn’t be deep enough but it was more than.   Enough actually that I can pull the elastic back out, make a larger casing in order to  make the casing edge “cleaner”.

I had another picture to show you (the other/open end of the bed) but for some reason it disappeared but you get the idea.

I was so excited to “test drive”it  that I pulled the current sheet off the bed and put on the new one.  Kira took one look, grabbed a pillow, the pulled off sheet and as you can see was quite happy. 

A Side Note:  We still have the bunting on her converted toddler bed even though all the literature says to remove it.  But she tosses and turns and loves the “corners” so much we left it in place to avoid a bumped head or other body part during the night.

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…that I’m suppose to be knitting Kira’s sweater but I just can’t resist a cute & quick sewing project.

Since Kira was born I’ve wanted to sew an alphabet for her.  It’s one thing to see letters in books, on TV and play with them for a few minutes in the tub at bath time.  It’s another, altogether to hold them in your little hands, feel them, see them, move them around.

I’ve seen several tutorials on-line, here and here and here but I just didn’t have the skills or the sewing machine to do them.  Then I saw this on Pinterest and decided to try again.  SUCCESS!!! 

I had to put my needles down and whip up at least one of these.  A test run…

Kira was playing near me when I was sewing it.  I showed it to her and she said…”How make it? How make it Mummy?  Beauful! My “a” (she makes the sound for “A”).  Can I keep it?  

If that is not inspiration to sew the whole alphabet then what is?   I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL!!!! 

My only glitch is cutting out the “enclosed” spaces …any thoughts? Suggestions?

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Look what I just brought home…the birthday present from my hubby.

My local fabric store was selling their class room models to make room for the 500 Series.  Lucky me.  I was more nervous about bringing it home than I was bringing Kira home from the hospital. 

I’ve also never been more grateful to my husband for “getting me”…He really gets me and is the most supportive husband, friend, father on the planet.  Thank you my love….

Look what also arrived…(thanks to my May May who gave me a very generous gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop.

Left: Butterscotch & Roses Jelly Roll Fig Tree Quilts for Moda Fabrics

Right: Curio Jelly Roll BasicGrey for Moda Fabrics

Left: Cape Ann Charm Pack Oliver & S for Moda Fabrics

Right: Little Apples Charm Pack Aneela Hoey for For Moda Fabrics

I think I’m going to need another one of each for the patterns I have in mind.

Come on…do I deserve all this…?

I HAVE A BERNINA YALL!!!!!!  I’m excited and so humble all at the same time.

I’d say the month is off to a pretty good start…

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While I posted on Friday that I need to get my butt in gear and get ready for Rhinebeck.   My sewing machine is beckoning…like the whale to Ahab…

They say as you age the best thing to do to keep the mind sharp is to learn something new.  So how about a new project to keep old age at bay.  Today is my 41st birthday and while I had absolutely no problem welcoming 40 (as you remember last year I posted for days about it) for some reason I’m in a tail spin about 41.  9 freaking years away from 50…dear God….

Seriously I’ve been in such a funk…but I think this will pull me right out of it.   An applecore quilt!!! The first time I saw one of these I fell in love and even started one by hand (that didn’t last long).  I had made the template myself and it worked but not well.

The charm pack is Strawberry Fields by Moda which I ordered from the Fat Quarter Shop.   As you can see I sort of botched them a bit while I was experimenting for another project and wasn’t sure what to do with them.  But this project is perfect. 

I ordered the template from Missouri Start Quilt Co. (I’m doing the online course Quilting Quickly I & II on Craftsy).  One of the lessons in Part II is an applecore quilt.  Perfect.  There are two templates, on for a charm pack and one for a layer cake, again perfect.

Not a bad way to spend my birthday.  Breakfast with family, chatting with friends and other family on the phone and online, playing with my girl, starting a new quilting project and I may sneak out tonight to see a movie…ALONE(one of favorite things ever and a rare treat these days)!!  If you’re wondering about my darling Hubby.  His gift is on the way…the man loves and spoils me to death.  I truly don’t deserve him.

Happy Birthday to Me!!

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This post should have gone up 2 weeks ago…sorry for the delay…I think we’re back on track now.  So moving on…

It’s Friday….and time for…

BLOG:  I was on Twitter the other day and came across this little gem.  It’s my new favorite.  Made me wish for a blogging buddy…Hey May May are you reading this??? HINT HINT..


LOVE IT:  If you’re looking for something to do with the kiddies  check out this blog.  I know I’m writing up two blogs this week but this one deserves a mention.  My 2 year old and  I tried the Squishy Bag and loved it.    I think she had more fun putting it together than actually playing with it.

TUTORIAL:  I have an awesome tutorial for you this week but I’ll feature it in a post laster today…I made one and have to prepare the pictures…stay tuned.

I hope you’re as inspired by these projects as I have been.  Have a great holiday weekend everyone.

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Here’s my latest, completed sewing project.    I don’t know what I love more the fabric or the project itself.

A bit corny but who cares.  It’s a sewing machine cozy…it’s also the name of the pattern.  It was so easy and quick.   I made a few modifications as were suggested in the comments section of the post about this project. 

It’s so bright and colorful and very “tongue in cheek”…love it!

Yes, that’s my new sewing cabinet (squeeeeel!!)  but we’ll talk about that later.

I cut out some of the images from the fabric, that I found particularly fun, and blanket stitched them in place.  A lovely feature on my machine.  Again it’s so silly but I couldn’t resist that phrase…I have found it easy….

This was my first time using the blanket stitch.  It’s not as clean-looking as I would like but part of the fun is learning how to use it and all the other features/stitches.

Corners came out pretty good but I still have so much to learn…

2 1/2″ double fold binding…

I’d say a project well done and lots learned…

Project: Sewing Machine Cozy

Source:  http://www.spoolsewing.com/blog/

Fabric: “home sewing is easy” The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection (c) 2008…which I purchased here.

Modifications: I lined all the pieces with  Fusible Fleece to give it a little “body” (as per a comment suggestion).  I also custom fit it my machine.  The original measurements were a bit to big.

Every well loved and heavily used sewing machine deserves one of these!!  I may have to make another one just for fun…

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I Won!

I’m the 10,000th sale at Sarah Jane’s  Etsy shop!!! How exciting!! And I just posted about her fabric yesterday, what are the chances?

I ordered this.  I’m thinking of a quilt for Kira, of course.  Wouldn’t that be gorgeous?

Thanks Sarah and congratulations!!!

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