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Moving Up and On

It really stops me in my tracks when I think that an entire school year has gone by and my Kira has completed it with flying colors.

Yes, there are projects I want to work on, quilts I want to finish, socks to knit but the last few days have been about my daughter.  Celebrating her achievements, thanking her teachers and setting up play dates with new friends.  Here’s the recap of today, the last day of her first year of school.

It started with making gifts.  Teacher gifts first!

Big, roomy, very useful beach tote bag that I monogrammed myself.  Eat your heart out LL Bean!  Plus a nice American Express gift card that was generous enough for them to shop at LL Bean if they want to!!!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 004

Stuffed and ready to go!!!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 010

Gifts for her classmates!!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 006

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 007

Yes, I found the idea on Pinterest! I swear I wouldn’t know how to get out of bed in the morning it not for that site!

Come on tell me these aren’t adorable!!!!!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 008

But the best gift of the day was made by my husband!!! I’m in awe of his talent with wood!! I just wish he had more time for it!! He’s amazing!!!

The tote bags were from the class! Kira gave each of her teachers an apple…

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 009

A 9.5″ x 7.5″x 1″ wooden puzzle piece apple!!!  I really have no words for how great these turned out!!!

It was a wonderful accident but we ended up mirroring the apples for each teacher, since one side came out a bit better than the other.  I love the effect!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 012

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 013

The hardest part was writing the names on.   I had one shot to get it right!! Even with shaking hands I got it done!!!  No pressure or anything!

And here’s the girl!!! The entire class did a short concert.  Stage fright…not in the least!  They sang 6 songs and were beyond adorable.

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 025

Then it was time for cake!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 038

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 039

Lots of pictures and videos were taken to remember the day!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 060

Kira and her best friend Ellie!

Asbury Nursery Last Day 2013 062

Mummy and daddy love you more than you know.  Well done love!

1 down and 18 more years to go!  We’ll be there every step you take!!

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As promised here is a look at some of the homemade goodies of this year’s holiday season.

Now that the quilt has been gifted I can finally share it with you…

This was made for my sister and brother-in-law.  It was a combo gift.  It celebrates, their 10th wedding anniversary, her 40th birthday and Christmas (of course).  The funny part about it is, the patchwork has exactly 40 pieces of fabric.  A fact I didn’t even realize until I was binding it. I chose green as it is their favorite color and also a little nod to my brother-in-law’s Irish heritage.

Quilt on Couch

Another view…


When you give a gift and it gets a reception like that…it is more than worth every minute of time spent.

Vern w Quilt

This gift has not had a moment’s peace since Christmas day.  My girl’s doll house is much-loved and also more than worth the time.


Would you like a tour of the house?  Follow me…






The first thing she said to me after a few moments of taking it all in was…”mummy, I love the curtains…” That’s my girl!!!

When asked why I sew, quilt, knit, etc. I usually say because I can.  But this year that changed.  I do all of it out of love, for the people who receive my wears and for the pure enjoyment of creating.

I couldn’t write this post without including daddy’s contribution to our handmade Christmas.  Aside from the amazing climbing wall, he also found a moment to make a little corral for Kira’s “pet horses”.  Now the doll house kids can go for a ride whenever they like.


This was sent to me (it arrived Christmas eve) from one of my readers.  I made a quilt for her son early this year and she wanted to contribute to my handmade holiday celebration.  Thank you Daria…and I will continue to be with you on your journey…


I pray 2013 is filled with endless opportunities to create, love and continue to enjoy this blessed life I live!!!

Farewell 2012…

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So Long…Farewell…

Dear 2011,

In all honesty…I’ll miss you. 





To all my Readers, Friends and Family…

I wish you a Happy, Healthy and Creative New Year!

2012…I can’t wait to see what you have to offer.

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Kira’s advent Calendar was complete…

Before I type another word.  Sorry for the absence yall, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Sometimes life takes you down other paths.   But I’m back and Christmas 2011 has officially begun!

Here’s one of the paths I’ve been running on in time to finish for today, December 1st.

Now that Kira is old enough to begin to understand that Santa is coming, I thought it was time to count down properly.  I looked at about 1 million advent calendars on Pinterest but then just made up my own.

Now I know Teri would kick me for saying these things but I feel like I have to.  Is this project perfect…no!  Did I totally wing it and it’s just a bit off…yes!  Did I totally screw up the decorative stitching on the left side at the bottom…OH YEAH!!!  (I almost scraped the whole thing because of that.  I was in tears but kept going.  I tried to rip it out but it was so densely stitched I said forget it).  

But was I also so excited to get this done and see my daughter’s face….OH YES!!! Were all the mistakes worth it?  YEP!!

I hand stitched each stocking.  And thanks to this video was able to perfect the blanket stitch….Thank God for YouTube!!

Each stocking “hem”  was hot glued on (front and back) and then self-stick felt numbers were applied.  Then “velcroed” in place for easy removal each day.

The mistake with the stitching is just to hideous to show you.  We’ll just focus on the pretty part.  One more reason I just love my Bernina.

Now we’re taking a slightly different approach with this calendar.  Instead of  just counting down to Christmas or opening a gift each day…Each day Kira will peak inside the stocking pull out a little note with a  message. 

1.  Go with Mummy and Daddy to get ice cream and buy a topper for our tree.

2.   Buy/donate  a present for a homeless child

3.  Make toffee (to thank all the ladies at Hartsdale Fabrics for all their help and support)

3.  Find Poppin (I’ll explain that one later)

4.  Make crazy crayons

You get the idea.  Yes there will a present or two to open before the big day but I want her to get that it’s about more than gifts.  If I start now I may have a chance to raise my daughter to be just a bit thoughtful and kind.

So how are you kicking off your holiday season?

I don’t know who’s more excited about all this me or Kira?

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Happy New Year

 January 1st.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know how much celebrating the new year means to me.  Last night my sister, brother-in-law, husband and I brought in 2011 together.  Happily, quietly, with full bellies and slightly “buzzed” heads.  It was great.  Even though the Ice Wine was flowing I managed to finish up these socks.  I had to re-do my Kitchener in the morning but like a new year, you can start over.

Pattern: Basic Sock from Knitting Rules by Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee

Yarn: Skinny Bugga  Color: Smaller Yellow Ant

This yarn is soooooo yummy.  A touch of cashmere is the perfect new year treat to myself.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and mentally peaceful new year.

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Ole Year’s Day

It’s my favorite day of the year again…the last day, new year’s eve or as we say Ole Year’s Day.   The stressfulness of the holiday season is over and now we can all relax.  I have my usual rituals and customs,  (see this old post) but this year is a bit different.   In past years, my goal has been to “set the tone”,  change the energy and “make good things happen” in  the new year.  This year I just love where I am, where my family is and where our lives are headed.  For the first time in about 15 years I feel no need to change a thing.  I’m just going to wrap myself up in all the love and positive energy around here and enjoy.

I don’t have to say it’s been one of the fullest and best years of my life.  Giving birth to the most beautiful, smart and simply dazzling baby ever.  I’m allowed to say that as a proud mum.  I know some of you are gagging…sorry.  I got to know another side of my husband who, at times, I butted heads with.  But at the end of the day I realize is even more a partner and friend than ever before.  There have been moments when I was so unfair to him, “hogging” Kira to myself, forgetting that I’m a wife, etc. but he never, ever waived in his devotion or spoke his mind in complaint.  I am twice blessed.  And there are my little puppies, who I”m sure have felt a bit neglected but as only a dog can do, they love you unconditionally, a tail-wag always at the ready.

My family…I have no words for, to describe their love and support.  I will simply say thank you Mum, Dad, Vern and May. 

No major plans for tonight.  It’s hard to get a baby sitter on new year’s eve, so we are staying in.  That is always my first choice.  The darling hubby has a lobster dinner planned, that he is cooking.   Even better. Kira’s bedtime is about 6:30pm so we have the whole evening…NICE!!

The one thing I do plan to do a lot of in the new year is knit, of course.  And for some reason all I want to knit are socks.  And I thought to end the year I’d show off the pair I just finished for my sister (only a week late for Christmas).

There are the 3 reps of the EZ’s Fishbone Cable.

Standard slip stitch heel

As I said in the other post about these, they were suppose to be Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Arch Shaped Stockings/Socks but I changed things a bit.   I think I’ll name these Jules Vern Socks (It’s an inside thing).  So there it is.

Pattern: Jules Vern Socks

Source: my own design

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock, Medium Weight in the Beryl colorway

Amount: 1 skein

Needles: #2

At some point I’ll write down what I did….in the meantime.  Enjoy my sista, I love ya!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Love to all and many blessings!!!

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Old Year’s Day

Well we’re back and have been for a couple of days.  What a vacation, what an experience.   We shared Christmas with my entire family and it is a time I will always cherish.  I really don’t have words for how moving it all was.   To put it in the simplest terms….I love my family with all my heart.  All the petty stuff, the anticipated stress, the old family “feuds” were all still there but somehow it just didn’t get in the way.  It’s good to not let things get in your way.  It’s hard sometimes but worth “the letting go”.

Enough of family for the moment.  Because I could go on and on…

Last year I wrote this about how I celebrate the old year and welcome the new.   It is my tried and true formula and for now I”m sticking with it.  Though it has been edited a bit to include the baby.  Wow we are having a baby next year…Oh My God!!!  It continues to amaze me/us.

In terms of knitting, there isn’t much to report  or show.  I’ve finished up one of a pair of socks, the scarves are done except for weaving in ends on the last one (we’re having dinner and Christmas with Chris’ family this Saturday) and I have a baby sweater in the works.  I’ll post pictures in a day or so.

To sum this up, it’s been one of the best years of my life and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.


Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!

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