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Not for words but for needles!  If any of you are familiar with my Pinterest boards you know I have one dedicated entirely to needle books and sewing kits.  I love them! And they are definitely in keeping with my goal of making small projects that you get to practice new skills and techniques on.  For this little book it was more practice hand stitching.


…embroidery and hand quilting.  I’m so happy with how it turned out!!!  The pattern and tutorial are by Amy of Nana Company and the embroidery pattern is by LiliPopo.  I’m a die-hard fan of both and to have a project where I can bring these two ladies together (in a sense) was great!!!



Whenever someone comes into my sewing room and sees all the “stuff” I have they ask the inevitable question.  Do you really need all this stuff?  Some have used more colorful words to describe my stash.  My response is absolutely!  When ever I’m out, I looking for bits of this and scraps of that because you never know when you’re going to want some of it for a project.  Especially if you’re sewing at 10pm and all the stores are closed.  It’s the same as keeping a well stocked pantry!!! I’m always prepared!!


Here’s the inside fabric by Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet.  I have to show you her hexagon templates, they’re awesome!!



And as a small tribute to the Wild Olive Summer Stitch club…here’s another little needle book!


Also on my board! Cute, cute, cute!!!! It’s the same size as the hexis we’re sewing for the club (1 1/2 inches)!!! The fabric is from The Simple Life collection from Riley Blake (designed by Tasha Noel).  I found some here on Etsy!  A little fussy cutting and voila!!


Here’s the back!!!  Again one more reason to have a large fabric and supply stash! I’ve had this red gingham for years…


My trusty John James needle at the ready.

A few more “…small things with great love”…

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We have all recovered from last week and getting Kira and her class ready for the end of school.  Summer vacation has officially arrived for us.  While I’m excited for the time off, it also means I’m going to be “ON” for the entire summer.  It’s just my girl and me,  and I’ve got lots of stuff planned for us.  You’ll be seeing the fruit of our labor quite soon.  In the mean time, my own summer fun has begun.

The Wild Olive Summer Stitch Club 2013 has kicked off and oh how excited I am.  Here are a few of my hexagons!!!  I loved this fabric line, then I didn’t, now I do again!!!  Choosing the fabric is really the hardest part for me.


And here’s the club’s first embroidery pattern! I did it last night while watching Game Of Thrones (that’s a topic for another post, actually not for this blog at all).


I decided not to use a hoop and was surprised how easy it still was to stitch!  Didn’t want to deal with overly wrinkling it.  I’ve also decided to use a natural color linen instead of white.  It just looks like a better fit with this fabric line.  Opinions welcome…


I’m totally smitten with this project!!! And the pattern that arrived this morning is even cuter than this one.  I’ll get to work on that one tomorrow night.

Today is my 7th wedding anniversary and tonight it’s all about me and my hubby!!! Stitching and hexis can wait!!!

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My mother in law is the queen of gift giving.  No one can top her when it comes to finding the perfect gift, combination of gifts or making the gift giving season last and last.  Christmas is her favorite!  She gives Kira presents for every Sunday in Advent.  And I’m talking about a big gift bag/box of perfectly coordinated items, usually a book, toy, outfit, game/puzzle and always an ornament for the tree.  It’s amazing and overwhelming all at the same time.  Kira loves it and basically sits by the door every Sunday morning for the entire month of December.  She also go all the way for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Birthday (in May), 4th of July…see where this is going.

The entire family agreed 2 years ago that since we are family there is no need for thank you notes.  Now up to that point, we had all been super diligent about sending them to each other.  So last year no notes and the truth is it felt totally wrong.  So this year I thought of a great alternative.

The new Thank You note…..


A thank you mug rug!!  No one is as dedicated to their morning coffee as she is, so now her coffee mug has a place to rest.  She is reminded of her grandchild and gratitude has been expressed.

A bit more time-consuming than a simple card/note but how happy am I to have yet another reason to quilt.  Now I don’t think I’ll  be making one for every holiday but definitely for the big ones!! This one is for Christmas/Easter.  The next one will be saying thanks after Kira’s birthday.


This has all my favorite elements, a bit of embroidery.  I got to practice my French knots.


Applique…which I’m getting better at…


And the actual quilting of course.  My mind has been racing with all the applique projects and applications out there.  Let’s face it, my mind has been racing with tons of projects period!


I love the back of this mug rug the most.  I’ll talk about the process of arriving to this point in another post.


All wrapped and ready to go.  Kira delivered it to the Gma on Sunday to rave reviews!!  Mission accomplished!!

I might borrow it back to add a date.  I always forget to add a label.

The wording for the mug rug was found on Pinterest then I added a personal touch.


Now to make them for the rest of the family. Oh what a heavy burden, all these thank you notes to “write”…hee hee!!!!

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Tiny Stitches

I guess it was only a matter of time before I stuck my toes into another crafting pool.  This little lady kept me company over the weekend.


Isn’t she adorable?  There is something so incredibly satisfying about pulling a needle and thread back and forth, over and over, as you watch a picture emerge.

Embroidery is something I’ve wanted to try for years but the hurdle for me was getting the image onto the fabric.  I was stumped and most of the instructions I’d read were vague and potentially “messy”, meaning it would make too heavy a line that could show through or bleed or rub/smudge…YUK.

Then one day I made the most delightful discovery on (guess what) Pinterest.

Lili Popo

This lovely woman’s blog, work, designs opened a whole new world to me.  Before I continue, did I mention that a lot of the embroidery images out there were, to be blunt, boring. Puppies, kittens and Santa Claus…

But after an afternoon playing and running through rabbit holes on-line I found embroidery can be fun, whimsical and even naughty (if that’s your cup of tea).

One of my biggest issues with craft blogs is a lot of time you mainly see the finished project.  I want the process.  Tell me how you got there, what tools you used and why.  That is what Lili Popo does and I’ve learned tons!!

As per her instructions, this has been my/the process.


Tape the image to be transferred to a light box. She also recommends using a window as your light source.  Lay the fabric over the paper.


Grab a Pigma Mircon pen (You can also find these at Staples.  This is the exact  set I bought).  These pens come in packs with different colors, have super ultra fine points and can be “removed” when heat is applied. For this purpose that is great but if you’re using them on everyday documents be careful.  I’ve read that people have experienced fading just from leaving papers in a hot car.


Then trace.  I traced the design very lightly onto a piece of cotton fabric.  I actually used a 10×10″ piece from a solid white layer cake (a pack of 40-42 pre-cut 10″ squares of cotton fabric used for quilting).  I have a plan…tell ya later.

And that’s it.  Start stitching.  I also have something to say about embroidery hoops and frames but I’ll save that for another post.

There are 2 more little ladies in this collection.  I can’t wait to have them all stitched…

Another wonderful form of therapy.  What on earth do people do who don’t craft in some form or other?

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Sew Me

As I said in my last post, I sat with my new mug rug, a big cup of tea and got to work on some more projects.  I’m on such a role with getting things done.

For those of you following me on Facebook you may have noticed the sewing machine in my cover photo.  My friend Sara, who does estate sales came across a toy model and held it for me.  When she asked if I were interested, I said I’d be right over.  I saw it and fell in love!!! It’s adorable but it’s old and needed a little protection…

I love the way this sewing machine cover came out and may have to make a matching one for Big B.

My favorite part was doing the embroidery.  Another little skill I’m trying to sharpen and really enjoy doing.  Pulling needle and thread is so soothing to me, like knitting stockinette stitch.

There more I do it the more I enjoy it.  Another good thing about it is its super portable.  (I’ll show you my little travel kit later)

Here’s a little side pocket, just because….

But enough on the cover, here’s my new “toy”…Isn’t it sweet?

I love the details on this machine.

It came bolted into this box and while it’s secure it’s so not pretty…

Can you see the writing on the top?  I tried to get a good picture…but…

To Virginia, Christmas 1918 from Mother and Father

I don’t think that was actually written by Virginia’s mom or dad but I love the idea of it.

Now it’s mine and will be well cared for…

I have to digress for just a moment.  Last night I thanked my husband for the 1,000th time for giving me the time and freedom to explore my interests.  He said with complete sincerity, if I’m happy then he’s happy…

Thank you for seeing and understanding ME!!

He is truly selfless and generous and I adore him.

PS. In case you lost count I’m up to 9 machines…(please don’t judge…lol)

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I Won!

I’m the 10,000th sale at Sarah Jane’s  Etsy shop!!! How exciting!! And I just posted about her fabric yesterday, what are the chances?

I ordered this.  I’m thinking of a quilt for Kira, of course.  Wouldn’t that be gorgeous?

Thanks Sarah and congratulations!!!

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