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Baby T

Here’s another addition to the ETG baby wardrobe…almost done.


Just have the second sleeve to finish, sew the seams and weave in the ends.  I’m not sure what to do about the front closure.  Traditional button band, Icord edging with invisible button hole, toggles (that may be a bit too much for a baby sweater)?


So far I’ve used one full skein and about 1/3 of a second of Colinette Jitterbug in Morello Mash.   I love this little sweater and the yarn even more.  So there was much agonizing over using  it for this project since this particular color was so hard to find.   I really wanted to use it for socks.  But two more skeins  just arrived from Kaleidoscope Yarns (kyarns.com).   I did a google search on Tuesday and it was the first time their site popped up.  I called and BINGO!!!  It arrived today.  Woohoo!!

Is there anything more classic and perfect then an Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern.  I’ll  have more details when it’s done.  Soon….

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 Surprise! Here’s another Baby Surprise Jacket finally completed..  Can anyone resist knitting one of these?  And if you haven’t yet…I just have no words for you.   Not only is it a quick knit but it is also beyond beautiful.  There will be plenty of these coming off my needles in the  next few months.



Surprise, Surprise!! The cuteness factor was just taken to another level.  A hood, yes a prefectly structured, functional, cute as hell hood.  And you all know I can’t resist a hood.  The instructions for this one were provided by Sarah.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at Camp this past July and have now had the chance to sample one of her unventions.  Love it!!!!!


Just look at that.  I know I’ve used the word cute twice already but can you blame me.  Too freakin’ cute…ok how about adorable.  Sarah’s instructions are so in keeping with the classic Elizabeth Zimmermann knitting style.  As you’re knitting it you’re not quite sure it will work.  Actually I was thinking this is going to be way too big but I kept the faith….Thank you Sarah and Elizabeth.


I can’t wait to pull that little hood up over my baby’s head…


SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! Yes I said my baby….The Earthtones Girl is going to an Earthtones Mum!  We’re due next May.  I’ll save Chris’s reaction/response for another post.  But suffice it to say the man I’ve known for 12 years has been replaced with one of the most loving, thoughtful, gentle, teary-eyed-all-time-men I’ve every met.  It’s as amazing to watch his transformation as it is my own.  Our own. 

So there you go…finally an explanation for my absence, blog neglect and lack of focus.  All my attenion has been on my little one.   I never thought it was possible to be so in love with someone you’ve never met.  It sounds cliche but who cares.  This is magic…so now that the “cat is out of the bag” I can post much more freely and there will be lots of baby gear in the works.   I already started this one and this one will be close on it’s heels. 


We don’t know what we’re having and we have no plans to find out.  So I will wait and knit and put as much love as I can in every stitch….

Oh and just a word of warning.  If anyone thought I was a big sap before, look out.  I’ve become a walking Hallmark card….mushy, sappiness everywhere…

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Just 2 days to go before the Ravelympics 2008 kicks off and I’ve been swatching away.  After two attempts, I’m still not sure what needle I’m using.  I started on a #2 but the fabric was so dense and tight.  Now I’m up to a 4.  We’ll see.  My goal is 6 sts to an inch.

I’m part of Team Knitting Camp and my project is the New Zealand Pullover by Elizabeth Zimmerman (of course).  All the members of the team are knitting EZ or Meg Swansen projects.  Can you tell we are all still a bit “homesick” for camp.  My event is the Sweater Sprint.  This is going to be so much fun.

Here’s my yarn selection.  Pretty huh?  Shetland 2 Ply Jumper Yarn, color #3.  It’s like oatmeal with some maple syrup stirred in.  I have 13 skeins which should be more than enough. 

Can you picture a better color for me?  No, it’s not brown but it’s still earthy.

Yesterday I had a major wake up call of sorts.  I was reading over the Ravelympics boards and noticed the Time Zone Converter.  That right folks, we’re suppose to cast on during the opening ceremonies which begin at 8pm Beijing time.  What time is that where you live boys and girls?  Here in Nueva York that’s going to be 8 am.  Thank God I don’t live in Hawaii, their start time is 2am…Ouch!  But I’d still be up knittin’.

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If I said I was in a bit of a funk after returning home from camp it would be an understatement.  I had a cold (which I’m now getting over), I was back at work (nothing more to say, work is work), New York was hot (have I mentioned how much I hate the summer),  I had a doctor’s appointment (all is well) and the coat was done…so now what?

Sideways Mystery Mittens.  I saw them while at camp and even though the pair I tried on where small, I was intrigued.  These would be nice distraction. 

Here’s the picture from the book, one in progress, one complete.  I started with only the instructions from the book and had no idea “where I was going” but followed in blind faith.  Then I hit a speed bump and checked out the pattern on Ravelry.  Someone there said the dvd and book instructions differed a bit.  Everything was super clear after watching the dvd.  I suggest using both.

Here’s my version.

Look at that construction, genius!!!  I can’t believe that someone thought these up.   I won’t explain how they are made and give up the mystery but suffice it to say…pure genius.

The stitches were grafted along the side.  I’d never done garter stitch grafting before…very much fun.  Yes, I’m a crazy knitting geek that actually gets excited about grafting stitches.  Stop shaking your heads.

Sewn casting off (demo-ed on the Knitting Glossary DVD)…which is also so fun and interesting to do.  It’s a simple thing but produces such a beautiful edge.  It’s especially used on garter stitch. 

A delicate line of knit stitches running over the top of the mitten.

The only modification I made was not working the increases around the cuff, which are suppose to “bell”, but just continued on the original number of stitches.   I wanted a close fit and got it. 

Pattern:  Sidways Mystery Mittens

Source: Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman (book and dvd)

Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool, Color ? (I can’t even believe I lost the band, but I’m still looking), 240yds.

Amount: about 1/2 skein

Needles: Addi #6

These are the first of many pairs….

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Stick a fork in it, she’s done.  Right before I left for camp I’d been on an emotional roller coaster ride with this thing.  Loving it, then feeling like I totally screwed it up, then loving it again.  But after “show and tell” at camp, it’s definitely love.

I can’t tell you how excited and nervous I was when it was my turn.  One of my fellow campers Therese took the following three pictures.  You can see her entire camp album here.  I’m so grateful to have this pictures.   A 1,000 thank yous Therese.   You may think I’m a silly groupie but when you’re guru is offering counsel and praise…who wouldn’t be. 

One major issue with the coat is the hood. I love hoods but most of my attempts don’t quite work (yet this doesn’t stop me from attempting).  This one is no exception.  In a word, it’s too big.   I thought about tucking it in and tacking it down which I did so you would get a better “effect” of what the hood was intended to look like.  Meg said I should steek it and weave the ends together.  Cricket will do as she is told.


Can you stand it? That’s Meg Swansen examining my coat…holy crap.

How am I still standing?

It a big person who can post such an unflattering/raw picture of herself.  But it so perfectly captures how I was feeling…excited, nervous, honored, proud, humbled and just a bit freaked out.

Love the front.   I thought the sleeves were too long but actually I like them that length.  I always like my sleeves long.

When it’s laying flat against my back and the two cable “lines”  line up.  It takes my breath away…

This was one of my favorite parts to knit the epaulet/shoulder saddle.  I highly recommend learning to knit back backwards, it saved me so much time and energy.  Turning it at the end of each row of 6 stitches would have been ridiculous.

Here’s another feature I love.  The all purpose “duct tape of knitting” (to quote Meg), the Icord “shoulder holder”.  It was amazing how much of a difference this feature made.  It not only rounded out the shoulders but it strengthened the entire coat.  Like putting in a support beam in a house.  It ran from one shoulder to the other on the inside of the coat so the sleeves wouldn’t drag from the weight.

Almost forget a closeup of the buttons/band.  This picture was taken post-camp, thanks for modeling Carolyn (and for taking the coat off and giving it back).


Definitely love…..

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…of Camp (35 years), of Schoolhouse Press (50 years), of knitting and of friends.  I don’t know what I did more this weekend, enjoy all that I was learning or the company of such wonderful women.

Kim and Jessica deep in discussion (agreeing and disagreeing) over the perfect colors.  

When Meg speaks, it’s needless to say we are all rivoted.  Even though many topics this year where on the outline last year I’m still amazed by how much I Iearned.   You can study knitting all your life and never cover it all.

There’s Joyce Williams (wearing green) also holding court. 

And the ever smiling Amy Detjen.

There’s my coat all ready for show and tell, which I have to say was a great moment.  One of the other campers got some amazing pictures of Meg making suggestions to alter the hood (we’ll talk about the coat later, suffice it to say I was speechless).  As soon as I get copies they’ll go up.  

There’s Kim and I all “kimped” up and no where to go.  This was one of many moments that had us in stitches (no pun intended) this weekend.  It was great, I can’t remember the last time I laughed this much…

Jessica, Me and Kim…thanks so much for everything.

See you next year.

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Today is the last full day of camp.  We have class in the morning, break for lunch, show and tell in the afternoon, hang out and knit until dinner, then more knitting in the evening.  Last night we were up until 1am…and I honestly wasn’t that tired (but then my head hit the pillow…)   That may sound like dullsville to some but to me it is a precious piece of heaven that I’m hoping to hold onto to the very last minute.

Before arriving here I had big plans to post everyday showing tons of pictures and giving moment by moment details.  But after the first day I realized that if I did that I wouldn’t be “here” and I wanted to be here (so badly).  I can’t wait to show you what we’ve all been up to and how awesome this weekend has been.  My brain is definitely bigger than it was on Wednesday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll be back soon.

Happy Knitting,


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