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What am I thinking?  Making you all wait 3 whole days for pics of the stash.  1,000 pardons…so no more talking, here it is!  One more thing, this stuff was more than worth the 2 hour wait.

Allow me to introduce you to Zaftig Bugga, colorway, Killer Tree….in a word DELICIOUS!!!  I can’t describe how good this yarn feels in my hands.  And the name, Zaftig according to Webster’s,  “having a full, rounded figure.  Pleasingly plump”  ie. “The actress playing the leading role was a ZAFTIG blonde”. 

The yarn that stole my heart on Saturday was zaftig and earthy!!!

Skinny Bugga, also in colorway Killer Tree, because I think I may have found my perfect shade/shades of brown.

Bugga, colorway Fierce Snake

Mithril (because I had to own yarn called Mithril…Yes, I’m a fan and want to be a Hobbit in my next life), colorway, Woman Under The Willows (can you think of a more perfect name? no I can’t either).  750 yds of lace weight heavenly-ness.  This may hang around for a while until a project (quest) worthy of it comes along.

Yes, more Bugga, because I had to.  Colorway Cockchafer

Kira’s sweater is patiently waiting for sleeves but it may have to wait a bit longer.  Who can resist casting on immediately?

For those who don’t own any of this yarn, if you’re planning to treat yourself to anything fiber related trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Shopping…Sanguine Gryphon.

Before I forget, a huge thank you to all who visited my blog over the last few days.  I’ve never had so many hits in a day (399 on Saturday, 163 on Sunday).

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Even though I’m having a great time these days getting to know all the colors of the rainbow, nothing moves me like my beloved earth tones…

I can’t even remember when I started knitting these but they’re done.  And I just love them…

My god-daughter is in town for a visit (hence the slow down in posts) and was delighted to model them for me.

I’m not a huge fan of stripes but…you gotta love all these layers of cream and chocolate…

She is quite the poser isn’t she…

I couldn’t have planned that opposite pooling if I tried.

Pattern: Plain “Vanilla” Socks

Source: My pattern

Yarn: Paca Peds Heels and Toes, colorway Pacaccino, 1 skein, 450 yards

I have to write this pattern down one day.  It’s the perfect compromise between a short sock and a knee hi.

Now onto my little house guest…

When we first talked about her coming for a visit this summer the first thing she asked was that I teach her to knit.  She’s been with us since Sunday, her first lesson was Monday and in less than four days she has started 3 projects.  She’s hooked…and I love it!!

Here she is hard at work on a hat…and using the ball of yarn as a foot rest.   She says it stops it from rolling.   I can’t explain how cute this girl really is nor how much I adore her.

I haven’t forgotten my hexipuffs…they are still rolling off the needles.   No sewing or quilting lately but all in good time.

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