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There has been knitting, it just happened before and after the trip.  Here’s a run down.

Another Baby Surprise Jacket, because….

Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8, Yellow is #575,  the other color is a rich, reddish brown #1313 (this picture doesn’t do either color justice.  Better pix to come)

Just a side note, Karabella must have changed mills.  Has any one noticed how much more loosely spun it is?  Not sure I’m liking it and I’m actually a bit annoyed.  This is one of my favorite yarns.  I’ll let you know.  


A sweater for me, it’s about time, the Drops Jacket, of which there are tons of samples on Ravelry. 

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted in Cranberry.  YUM!!


And this showed up in my mail box the day before we left for FL.  I had about 2 mins to flip through it.  OMG!!  I can’t wait to jump in and it totally motivated me to finish the cowl…Crap I’ve been working on that project just a little too long.


Gotta go knit…I’ve missed it.

Can you believe Hubby is kicking me off the computer so he can play Fallout 3. And this after complaining that I haven’t updated in an age….He probably won’t read this for days since he’s glued to his Pip Boy

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First off, thanks so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes.  It was a fabulous day!!

I’m very happy to say that our cousin in Texas is alive and well and her house is still standing.   She and we have no idea how that is possible but it is.  There is damage of course but it’s there. 

My SIL is doing very well and seems to have made relative peace with her decision about her wedding.  I think when a person knows in their heart that their making the right choice even if it is a hard one there is relief.  And she is definitely relieved.  Sad but relieved. 

And guess what… the Yorkies have been adopted.  I got an email from their foster mom a few mornings ago and she was getting ready to drop them off at their new home.

Last but not least…Fall is here yall!!!  And a very happy one to everyone.  This is my absolute favorite time of the year as you will see over the next couple of months with lots of foliage shots.  I’m apologizing in advance.  Now I say we welcome it with a little knitting, which I feel I’ve been neglecting lately.   Here’s my Tapestry Cowl, so far.  Just a little something to look at.


I can’t stress enough how awesome this project is.  Double Knitting is not a fast technique but the results are so worth the effort. 

Isn’t that cast on the purtiest thing you’ve ever seen…

The temperature is dropping…time to get this one done and around my neck.

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Have you seen this yet?  As soon as a couple more of my WIPs are complete this baby is going on needles. 

tapestry cowl (by mintyfreshflavor)

A perfect practice project for Double Knitting. The instructions are super clear and it even has videos to demo the technique.  The pattern is here and inspirational blog is here.  I’m ready for another challenge.

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