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…my sewing project cup runneth over.

Puppy Dog Tails is pinned and ready to go. Just have to decide on the quilting design.  I’m thinking this or this.

If you have room in your home I highly recommend this.  Hubby borrowed/bought me 2 six-foot outdoor tables for pinning my quilts.  I had been doing this on the living room floor, the hard wood floor. 

While my darling husband is endlessly supportive of my hobby he would not be too pleased with deep scratches/gouges on the hard wood.  It’s a win win all around.  Floor stay pretty, quilts get pinned (and without sore knees and back aches), and we have tables for outdoor parties.

Here’s a block from my next quilt…I’m so in love with this project already.  Anyone following my Quilts & Patchwork pin board will know this pattern is a favorite of mine.    It is for someone who I owe an apology.

A friend of mine recently told me, via email, that  she was pregnant.  For purely selfish reasons, namely I’m trying for another baby too and have been unsuccessful, I didn’t reply to her message.  Some friend I am…  I got a bit caught up in myself while I should have been rejoicing with her.  Forgive me SP.  I hope you’re reading this. There is never an excuse for not celebrating someone’s joy just so you can sit on the pity pot alone.  I’ll stop here…

This is my other venture….a pair of pants for me!!!  I took a class two Mondays ago to make a pair of pants and jacket. 

While the patterns themselves are basic I’m hoping the knowledge gained will help me with these clothes for my girl.

Can you just picture my little one is these outfits?  I can’t wait!!!

Ok, gotta go sew!

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BLT #4


There is more sewing and quilting inspiration and instruction on this blog than I will ever be able to cover.  A great addition to my growing collection.

Sew Fantastic

And ya gotta love the name.


Two weeks ago my BFF May May,  found The Orange Creamsicle Cookie that I  posted.  Then commented that she’d also found a recipe for an Orange Cramsicle Smootie and asked if the two together would be too much.  I love her to death!! And of course my answer was a resounding No Way!!  The more the merrier.  So thanks to May May we are still rolling orange-y goodness.

The recipe creator calls it the Orange Push-up Smoothie…a rose by any other name….


Here’s one more reason why I’m headed in the clothes making direction.  Who wouldn’t want to learn to make one of these.  I would have another baby just to put this little dress on her (yes, I want another baby and I want a girl).  CUTE!!!!

I mean, I can’t even stand how adorable this is and the tutorial looks so invitingly easy….A good next step for me after pants.

Infant Peasant Dress

Have a great weekend eveyone!

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Remember the scene from the movie Castaway when Tom Hanks character finally makes fire and he’s standing in front of a huge bon fire and says I…HAVE MADE FIRE…then starts singing “Light My Fire” by The Doors.  That’s how I felt this weekend when I made my first garment…a pair of pants for Kira.  It was almost, but not quite, as good as when I made my first knitted item, a hat (that I still wear).

Of course there are mistakes but who cares…I’m learning.  (I can hear you speaking to me Teri)

Here are some action shots.  As you moms out there know it is almost impossible to get a toddler to stay still much less model but my girl was a true sport.

Especially when she has a bag to fill/play with.

I added elastic around the ankles since the pants were long.   I think it makes them even cuter and more comfy.

This child is obsessed with my sewing machine.  “How works mummy”…”Turn on for me”…

I love my girl…look at that face…

Oh right I’m talking about pants…

Only my mum and my sister are going to get this picture and her pose.  Like mother like daughter.   A little background for you.  Absolutely every time I try on clothes I end up putting my foot out just like that.  I don’t know why but I do.  It’s drives my mum and sis nuts.  It’s one of those silly family things we have to pick on each other for.  When I saw Kira do it I almost fell over….she is more me and I am myself.

In general I think they fit well.  There are things I would do different but not bad for a first start and with no pattern.  I did use this tutorial though which was incredibly helpful.

The fabric came from Joann’s by the way.  Yummy, comfy flannel…I have to make a pair of these for myself.

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