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As promised here is a look at some of the homemade goodies of this year’s holiday season.

Now that the quilt has been gifted I can finally share it with you…

This was made for my sister and brother-in-law.  It was a combo gift.  It celebrates, their 10th wedding anniversary, her 40th birthday and Christmas (of course).  The funny part about it is, the patchwork has exactly 40 pieces of fabric.  A fact I didn’t even realize until I was binding it. I chose green as it is their favorite color and also a little nod to my brother-in-law’s Irish heritage.

Quilt on Couch

Another view…


When you give a gift and it gets a reception like that…it is more than worth every minute of time spent.

Vern w Quilt

This gift has not had a moment’s peace since Christmas day.  My girl’s doll house is much-loved and also more than worth the time.


Would you like a tour of the house?  Follow me…






The first thing she said to me after a few moments of taking it all in was…”mummy, I love the curtains…” That’s my girl!!!

When asked why I sew, quilt, knit, etc. I usually say because I can.  But this year that changed.  I do all of it out of love, for the people who receive my wears and for the pure enjoyment of creating.

I couldn’t write this post without including daddy’s contribution to our handmade Christmas.  Aside from the amazing climbing wall, he also found a moment to make a little corral for Kira’s “pet horses”.  Now the doll house kids can go for a ride whenever they like.


This was sent to me (it arrived Christmas eve) from one of my readers.  I made a quilt for her son early this year and she wanted to contribute to my handmade holiday celebration.  Thank you Daria…and I will continue to be with you on your journey…


I pray 2013 is filled with endless opportunities to create, love and continue to enjoy this blessed life I live!!!

Farewell 2012…

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Christmas 2012

Sorry things have been a bit quiet around here, we’ve all been enjoying ALOT of quality family time.  I’ve also been in one of my live life or blog about it moods.  Living won!

That said here’s part one of the recap of all fun…

Kira, my sister, and I went to see The Nutcracker, live!! It was Kira’s first time seeing a live performance and she loved it!! She actually cried when it was over.

005 (2)

Santa and his elves stopped by on Christmas eve with an early present.  Guess someone was a VERY good girl!!

012 (2)

Daddy and I went a bit nuts this year…  Here’s our girl on her new climbing wall!  Yes, my husband built a climbing “gym” in our basement!!!  As you can see someone couldn’t even wait to change clothes but had to climb immediately!!

Kira PJs wall

Her other gifts were met with equal joy but the initial reactions were a bit more subtle.  I finally finished her doll house!  There was no rushing to play with it but more a moment of “taking it all in”…

Kira dollhouse close up

After staring at it for a bit, she said to me, “Mummy I love the curtains”…what 3 1/2 year old notices things like that?  Mine!!!!!

I’d have to say that Christmas this year was the perfect blend of traditions and over-the-top fun!!

Santa and Peanut ornaments

Christmas 2012…definitley one of the best for us and I am grateful in more ways than I can explain..

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There was every effort and intention of writing some insightful post regarding yesterday’s date but it just didn’t happen.  But at least I mentioned it… so let’s move on…

So there’s been lots of decorating, sewing, and a bit of baking so far this holiday season and it’s only getting better.  I don’t do a lot of baking like many of my friends.  They bake tons and tons of cookies, cakes, quick breads, etc.  I make candy! Toffee, usually but I just found a recipe for butter mints (an all time favorite of mine) and had to give it a try.

In a word….AMAZING!!  There is no question that this recipe has become my new favorite.

Starts out looking like pie crust….


Add a little color…


Mix, really well and you get this….


with 2 drops of red food coloring…


And 2 drops of green… roll it out.  I could have gone much darker with the color but I like the pastel effect of less.  They look more like what I ate as a child.


and VIOLA!




The only catch…there are very soft and must “cure” for 1 to 2 days at room temperature so this is definitely a plan ahead recipe.  But worth it!! They are so darn good.  My biggest problem is going to me not nibbling as they dry.

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Christmas Fever!!

Sorry for the little lull around here.  We’ve all come down with a serious case of Christmas fever.  I think it was the candy can wreath that really got the snowball rolling.  Here’s what we’ve been up to…

Tree is decorated…

001 (2)

And for the first time I have space for a little Christmas village…I’ve wanted one of these since I was a kid!!

002 (2)

The firehouse is for Daddy!!

003 (2)

I thought it would be nice to give Kira a little peek into Santa’s workshop.  She stares at this for hours asking a million questions.

004 (2)

The gingerbread cookies have been baked…


I was going to share some pictures of the wonderful mess that resulted but decided to spare you.


And gifts are being made.  I can’t show you anymore of this one because every now and then the recipient drops by for a visit.  It’s been a long while but it would just be my luck, so that’s as much of a chance as I’m taking.

010 (2)

Ok back to Christmas-ing.  I can honestly say I’m enjoying myself now and it feels great!

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Merry Minty Christmas

Candy Cane Wreath anyone?  This super sweet bit of holiday decor is now adorning my front door.


The most time-consuming part of this project was tying the ribbons around each set of canes.


It’s a bit gloppy at the glue points but when it’s hanging you don’t really see it.  And I don’t care, I love it!!

Clearly no sewing on this one.  I pulled out the old reliable glue gun.  I don’t think you can really call a handmade Christmas handmade unless you use a glue gun at least once.

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on the last post.  I love hearing from you.

On a house keeping note, if it’s alright with everyone I’m going to start replying to your comments here on the blog instead of via email.  It’s a bit faster for me and this way I don’t forget to reply to anyone.

Ok, back to work on the 2 big projects.  One is a quilt for my sister and brother-in-law and I’m finally going to finish Kira’s dollhouse.  She is so beyond ready for it.  There are going to be some awesome Kodak moments on the big day.

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Handmade by 25th

That was my plan for this holiday season.  Not to mention all the links and tutorials I wanted to share here on the blog.  Then 2 days ago I had a bit of a meltdown thinking about all the projects I need and want to get done by the 25th.  My best friend May said ok Den, stop going on Pinterest and looking for more projects. Stop spending so much time on Facebook, Twitter, email…etc and relax.  Just focus of the most important projects (which are only 2) and don’t worry about the rest.  YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL AND NO ONE EXPECTS YOU TOO!!!  You may desperately want to but it just isn’t going to happen and the stress is so not worth it.

Sound advice.  I put my phone away (which is my constant link to all the above) and look what I made.  Not one of the main projects but a nice quickie for motivation.  It took about an hour from start to finish.  That included the tracing and cutting out of the shapes.


I can’t tell you how happy it made me to make this little bird.   It was interesting to sew too.


The body is made up of 4 pieces of felt, 2 off white on the outside and 2 colored pieces on the inside.  The wings are layered the same way and sewn on last when you are actually sewing through 8 layers of felt.

Felt Bird Ornament 3

This ornament was part of a Felt  Bird Ornament Kit made by Purl Soho.  It’s not cheap but the felt is 100% wool and I can’t even begin to explain the oceans of difference between it and the polyester stuff from Micheals.  Believe I’m still going to Micheals but this is worth for a little tactile treat.

Is there anyone else out there making gifts this holiday season?  I’d love to hear from you!

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