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On The 7th Day…

…we made crazy crayons.  And my girl had a blast!!!!

Can you see the concentration?

“How long it take mummy?”   “About 20 minutes sweetie.”  So guess what, we stood in front of the oven, with me holding her for 20 mins.  I try to be dedicated and say to myself there will be a day when I want, desperately to hold her and she’ll be gone…So hold her while I can, back pain be damned.  Oh and did I mention that I had to answer the above question over and over for 20 mins.  Then the cooling off time… I’m dedicated.  I know I will want this time again.

These were not the best quality crayons to begin with and a lot of oil pooled on the top.

But they worked…

And my girl went to work….

Happiness is…

Do you ever have days you want to live over and over again.  Today was a day like that for me.

I love you…

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This is the most fun I’ve had in ages….

As you can tell, our elf is female (skirt purchased at Target, separate from the kit, which is also purchase-able at Target). Her name is Poppin and Kira is madly in love with her…

The placement of that sign is purely coincidental…

May, I know this is scaring the hell out of you…..just look away honey!!

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Kira’s advent Calendar was complete…

Before I type another word.  Sorry for the absence yall, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Sometimes life takes you down other paths.   But I’m back and Christmas 2011 has officially begun!

Here’s one of the paths I’ve been running on in time to finish for today, December 1st.

Now that Kira is old enough to begin to understand that Santa is coming, I thought it was time to count down properly.  I looked at about 1 million advent calendars on Pinterest but then just made up my own.

Now I know Teri would kick me for saying these things but I feel like I have to.  Is this project perfect…no!  Did I totally wing it and it’s just a bit off…yes!  Did I totally screw up the decorative stitching on the left side at the bottom…OH YEAH!!!  (I almost scraped the whole thing because of that.  I was in tears but kept going.  I tried to rip it out but it was so densely stitched I said forget it).  

But was I also so excited to get this done and see my daughter’s face….OH YES!!! Were all the mistakes worth it?  YEP!!

I hand stitched each stocking.  And thanks to this video was able to perfect the blanket stitch….Thank God for YouTube!!

Each stocking “hem”  was hot glued on (front and back) and then self-stick felt numbers were applied.  Then “velcroed” in place for easy removal each day.

The mistake with the stitching is just to hideous to show you.  We’ll just focus on the pretty part.  One more reason I just love my Bernina.

Now we’re taking a slightly different approach with this calendar.  Instead of  just counting down to Christmas or opening a gift each day…Each day Kira will peak inside the stocking pull out a little note with a  message. 

1.  Go with Mummy and Daddy to get ice cream and buy a topper for our tree.

2.   Buy/donate  a present for a homeless child

3.  Make toffee (to thank all the ladies at Hartsdale Fabrics for all their help and support)

3.  Find Poppin (I’ll explain that one later)

4.  Make crazy crayons

You get the idea.  Yes there will a present or two to open before the big day but I want her to get that it’s about more than gifts.  If I start now I may have a chance to raise my daughter to be just a bit thoughtful and kind.

So how are you kicking off your holiday season?

I don’t know who’s more excited about all this me or Kira?

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