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What It’s All About…

Christmas 2011 has come and gone and while I’m sad that it’s over I’m also so happy that it’s over.  No matter how hard I try to plan ahead (and I was doing great this year) there is always that stressful crunch at the end.  Last minute shopping, wrapping gifts until the wee hours, baking yummy treats you know you’re going to hate yourself for eating. 

The best part of Christmas this year was watching our daughter Kira.  This year she got it.  She knew who Santa was and kept a constant vigil for him.  Almost hourly she asked when and how Santa was going to get here.  Then seeing her face when the big day had arrived.  She said “Wow…I can’t believe it…Santa came mummy…”  I don’t know what was better her expression or the exclamation.  Thank God for video. 

The other best part was finally finishing the quilt on Dec 26th at 8:15pm.  I had an extra day and have never been so grateful for time.  I won’t bore you with a hundred pictures of my little one opening gifts.  I’m keeping those for myself.  But I will share the opening of this special gift.

And this one deserves a play by play…

A pillow case for the wrapping.

I’m going to apologize now for the darkness of the pics and I didn’t take half as many “posed shots” of the quilt as I would have liked.  Time just didn’t allow but the look on May ‘s face more than makes up for it.  It can’t always be about the perfect blog shot.  There is a little peek at the backing fabric.

It took me a minute to figure out but after a little adjustment on the camera things were a “little” truer to actual color.

Merry Christmas my friend….

I guess she likes it because she stayed wrapped up in it for a while.   And I think those two will share many an hour all bundled with tea and a good movie (another gift was the dvd The Princess Bride).

I can’t tell you how proud I am of this quilt and even though at a few points I wanted to be done I truly enjoyed every stitch.  May said she felt honored to be the recipient I’m the one who is honored to have her as a friend. 

Love you May May

Here are a few details…

Pattern: Stripilious from Keepsake Quilting

Fabric: 1 Curio (by Moda Fabrics) and 1 white jelly roll

Backing Fabric 3 1/2 yards,   Binding Fabric 1 yard (that was more than enough)

Finished size: 60″ x 72″

Modifications: Tons! The pattern was a quilt as you go but I decided to patchwork the top then sandwich and quilt.   And thanks to the suggestions of my friend Teri I spray basted it and straight line quilted at 1″ in intervals.  I did a machine binding which came out so much better this time.  It’s still not my favorite method but it’s fast and easy and sometimes that just what you need.

Just a word on spray basting.  I know that some disagree with this practice and think pins are the only way but  I think I’m a spray convert.  It’s quick, easy, efficient, stays in place and you can just quilt away without stopping to un-pin every few inches.   I wouldn’t do it on a quilt bigger than the one above though I can see the chance for separation after too much handling. But on this size or smaller, it’s perfect.

All that said…

Christmas this year was magic.   Until next year…

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Happy And Merry

Happy Everything and Merry Always everyone.  May you all have a wonderful, happy, and love filled day.

Here’s a little bit of the decor at casa de ETG…

Any Jeff Dunham fans out there?

Here’s a fun way to display your Christmas/Holiday cards…

I didn’t make this stocking but it was so cute I had to buy it.  Next year I’ll make stockings for everyone but I’ll start in June!!!  Last minute gift making can be heart-attack inducing!

Again, Happy and Merry….

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An Hour…

…with my grandmother is all I want for Christmas.

33 years ago today, my Granny King passed away.  I was 8 years old and had no idea what I had lost. 

I do now and I would give almost anything to just sit with her, smell her, hear her voice, ask how she did it.  How she lived, loved, raised 10 children (when I struggle some days with 1), how she bite her tongue, how she saw but choose to ignore.   That may be too much for an hour…

This sewing machine belonged to her mother, my great grand mother, granny Folwer…

To have these women back just for a little while, to hold them and ask for guidance.

How is it possible to miss, to the point of pain, someone you hardly knew?

Dear Santa,

An hour…please….



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Progress Report

…Quilt top is done!!!  114 pieces of fabric!

Backing fabric has been cut and sewn….Sandwiching to commence…Will keep ya posted.

PS.  I’ve calmed down ALOT since my last post…thank you all for your concern.

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No Pressure

So what do you do when you have a list a mile long and a quilt to finish by Dec. 25th?  Start  another project of course…..

Remember this?  A while back I had an obesssion with knitting pink,variegated, stripped knee hi socks.  Well as you can see that is just awful.  At least to my earthy eyes it is.  I have a new appreciation for color but come on!

So as I was ripping this out I spied some Anzula Squishy in “Wine” in my stash and had to cast on.  I’m not feeling overwhelmed or anything…no I’m fine…I’m sure I can get everything done…there’s plenty of time.  I’m being totally realistic with my goals….

I sound ok right?  I just needed something to take the edge off.  Windschief (cowl) by Stephen West looked perfect.   Completely interesting, functional and not too much concentration required. 

Then that happened.  I can’t even remember that last time I dropped a circular needle.  

Think it’s a sign?  I’m a little scared to imagine of what?

Maybe I’ll go bake….I’m feeling a bit crazy over here.

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There’s Time

…to finish this quilt by Christmas.   I’ll just keep telling myself that and maybe it will be true.  The backing fabric is on the way from the Fat Quarter Shop.  I can do this….

I wish I could post more of it but the recipient is also one of my biggest readers, my best friend May.   But she’s going on vacation next week so maybe I’ll be able to show you a bit more.

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Haven’t Forgotten

I just wanted to put it out there that I haven’t forgotten about my BLT posts on Friday.  I’m just taking a wee break from them during the holiday season.  There are so many other fun things to talk about, show and share.  But here’s a little something to hold you over.

2 Minute Chocolate and Salted Caramel Mug Cake

I know…try not to hurt yourself as you rush to the kitchen to make one of these…

Happy Holidays my friends.

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On The 7th Day…

…we made crazy crayons.  And my girl had a blast!!!!

Can you see the concentration?

“How long it take mummy?”   “About 20 minutes sweetie.”  So guess what, we stood in front of the oven, with me holding her for 20 mins.  I try to be dedicated and say to myself there will be a day when I want, desperately to hold her and she’ll be gone…So hold her while I can, back pain be damned.  Oh and did I mention that I had to answer the above question over and over for 20 mins.  Then the cooling off time… I’m dedicated.  I know I will want this time again.

These were not the best quality crayons to begin with and a lot of oil pooled on the top.

But they worked…

And my girl went to work….

Happiness is…

Do you ever have days you want to live over and over again.  Today was a day like that for me.

I love you…

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This is the most fun I’ve had in ages….

As you can tell, our elf is female (skirt purchased at Target, separate from the kit, which is also purchase-able at Target). Her name is Poppin and Kira is madly in love with her…

The placement of that sign is purely coincidental…

May, I know this is scaring the hell out of you…..just look away honey!!

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Kira’s advent Calendar was complete…

Before I type another word.  Sorry for the absence yall, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Sometimes life takes you down other paths.   But I’m back and Christmas 2011 has officially begun!

Here’s one of the paths I’ve been running on in time to finish for today, December 1st.

Now that Kira is old enough to begin to understand that Santa is coming, I thought it was time to count down properly.  I looked at about 1 million advent calendars on Pinterest but then just made up my own.

Now I know Teri would kick me for saying these things but I feel like I have to.  Is this project perfect…no!  Did I totally wing it and it’s just a bit off…yes!  Did I totally screw up the decorative stitching on the left side at the bottom…OH YEAH!!!  (I almost scraped the whole thing because of that.  I was in tears but kept going.  I tried to rip it out but it was so densely stitched I said forget it).  

But was I also so excited to get this done and see my daughter’s face….OH YES!!! Were all the mistakes worth it?  YEP!!

I hand stitched each stocking.  And thanks to this video was able to perfect the blanket stitch….Thank God for YouTube!!

Each stocking “hem”  was hot glued on (front and back) and then self-stick felt numbers were applied.  Then “velcroed” in place for easy removal each day.

The mistake with the stitching is just to hideous to show you.  We’ll just focus on the pretty part.  One more reason I just love my Bernina.

Now we’re taking a slightly different approach with this calendar.  Instead of  just counting down to Christmas or opening a gift each day…Each day Kira will peak inside the stocking pull out a little note with a  message. 

1.  Go with Mummy and Daddy to get ice cream and buy a topper for our tree.

2.   Buy/donate  a present for a homeless child

3.  Make toffee (to thank all the ladies at Hartsdale Fabrics for all their help and support)

3.  Find Poppin (I’ll explain that one later)

4.  Make crazy crayons

You get the idea.  Yes there will a present or two to open before the big day but I want her to get that it’s about more than gifts.  If I start now I may have a chance to raise my daughter to be just a bit thoughtful and kind.

So how are you kicking off your holiday season?

I don’t know who’s more excited about all this me or Kira?

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