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May you have as blessed a day and season as we are having. 

Happy and Merry Everyone!!

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Have Snow, Will Knit

New York is blanketed right now, my car is parked in a great spot, the fridge is full of food and I’ve got tons of knitting to do by next  Friday….Can you say hurray!!!!  Kira is sleeping through the night and napping beautifully…I’m in heaven. 

This is the first of a pair of socks for my sister for Christmas (I’m still hoping to get the pants done for Kira….hoping).  It’s Socks That Rock in the Beryl colorway, medium weight.  I love the colorways of this yarn but it is soooooo thick.  I’m really not a fan of this weight for socks but I promised so I will knit on with love in my heart.  She bought this 2 years ago at the Sheep and Wool festival.  I promised her socks then…see where I’m going with this.  I will knit on with love in my heart.

I was going to make Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Arch Shaped socks.  I’ve being dying to cast them on after seeing this pair but this yarn is just getting on my nerves so I changed my mind midway and now I’m winging it…My sister will never know what they were going to be.  And I know she is going to love what they become.  So no worries…right?

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First Snow!!!!

Yes, it’s cold but it was a moment we had to capture!!

My nose is cold mummy…

Ok, why am I sinking?

What is this stuff?

There so much of it…

Do I like this?

I think I like it…..:)!!

This is so much fun! For both of us…

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