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Edward and Bella?

So here’s the other thief of my time that I didn’t even see coming. 


When May and I were planning our girls weekend we picked two movies (not that we ever finish watching anything since we always fall asleep).  Per her suggestion we rented Nights in Rodanthe and Twilight(I know what you’re thinking but we thought why not, just for fun).  Next thing I knew I couldn’t wait to get home after dropping May off at the airport on Monday to start reading the books.  We actually enjoyed the movie.  It was so bad it was good.  And I haven’t read a book, actually turned the pages of a book in about 3 years.  I listen to books all the time but I don’t “read” them.  I’ve already finished the first one, Twilight and I’ve started the second, New Moon.  Somebody stop me please.  This is not literature it’s fluff but such good fluff.  A part of me is actually feeling guilty too since I’m a devout Anne Rice fan.  I mean, does it get any better than Lestat.  No, not really.  These Twilight books are like a train wreck I just can’t take my eyes off of. 

Another friend just happened to give me the books (weeks ago) on a whim, suggesting them as a good, mindless summer read.  How convenient…..before the movie I had no intention of even touching them.

Forgive me Anne.

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There has been knitting, it just happened before and after the trip.  Here’s a run down.

Another Baby Surprise Jacket, because….

Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8, Yellow is #575,  the other color is a rich, reddish brown #1313 (this picture doesn’t do either color justice.  Better pix to come)

Just a side note, Karabella must have changed mills.  Has any one noticed how much more loosely spun it is?  Not sure I’m liking it and I’m actually a bit annoyed.  This is one of my favorite yarns.  I’ll let you know.  


A sweater for me, it’s about time, the Drops Jacket, of which there are tons of samples on Ravelry. 

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted in Cranberry.  YUM!!


And this showed up in my mail box the day before we left for FL.  I had about 2 mins to flip through it.  OMG!!  I can’t wait to jump in and it totally motivated me to finish the cowl…Crap I’ve been working on that project just a little too long.


Gotta go knit…I’ve missed it.

Can you believe Hubby is kicking me off the computer so he can play Fallout 3. And this after complaining that I haven’t updated in an age….He probably won’t read this for days since he’s glued to his Pip Boy

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Lots of things were going on tonight.  Not only was I out on a school night, it was to attend a knitting event, with one of my favorite authors/knitters, and I met some awesome people.  Does it get any better?

So as promised to Amy and Carolyn, who couldn’t attend, but for whom I have personalized/autographed books.  The play by play…

Sock shot on the subway…if you can believe it, I got here by 5:10…Hey Steph, here I come. 


Have you been to the Borders in Columbus Circle?…HUGE!!!!


The crowd grows…


and grows…suddenly it doesn’t seem so huge.  There is still an hour to go…


The required sock shot…from her end and ours.


Not only is she a talented writer and knitter but an inspiration as well.  I think everyone in attendance tonight would agree, she really made us feel proud to be ourselves and to be knitters.


The signing begins and it ran with military percision.  We were all so impressed with the organization and courtesy of the Borders staff… cause this could have gotten ugly real fast…


And there are two lovely ladies I met while patiently waiting my turn (cause we knitters know about patience).

This is Kusi, who works at Downtown Yarns…(great store). 


And this is Victoria, knitting “Boyfriend Socks“.  We made a deal tonight, a knitter’s pack.  I’ll wear my socks and she’ll post more frequently on her blog.  Which I will visit to check up.  We high-fived and everything so I’m stuck, we both are.  I got more than one look at the mention that I don’t wear the socks that I knit.  We’ve been here before but this time I caved.  Carolyn you win.  I’m sold this time.  I am wool-worthy. I believe, I believe, it’s silly but I believe (can you guess who said that?)


Another required shot…the blogger/knitter with the author/blogger/knitter.  Stephanie is holding my sock and I her’s, of course.


And the waiting continued.  These are the unfortunate souls who arrived late and had to stand.  They were punished (I think) twice by having to wait until all the seated attendees got their books signed first. 


That’s where I met up with Lysa.  Sorry it’s so darn close but my arms just couldn’t got back any further.


That’s all folks!! (I know you know who said that)

Yes, I was wearing my socks tonight…(Lorna’s Laces, Gold Hill, Phineas)


I know it’s very late but I’m still going to read a bit more.


This sums up my feelings about the book, the evening, my knitting…

I need to sleep near the things that I love, the things that move me.


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These pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago, just after the last big snowstorm we had.    I thought today was a good day to share them since they reflect so perfectly what I crave most…




I just loaded this to my Ipod (I actually got it from the library.  I’m only willing to spend that much money on yarn but it’s great to know so much is available), the aran coat sleeves are on needles and it’s gonna rain all day tomorrow,  “I believe this is heaven to no one else but me” – Sarah Maclaughlin  Chris and I love her music…(I’ll show you how much one day).

Have a great and peaceful weekend everyone…

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I hope all of you had a wonderful, peaceful and happy Christmas.  This year it was and is all about family and time with each other, so we didn’t go nuts with gifts.  As you may have read before, we were all keeping things simple and planning a family outting/get together. That takes place this coming Sunday and I can’t wait to show you what we’re up to…I’m so excited. 

In the mean time, Santa did leave a few things for me since I’ve been such good girl this year…

Am I loved or what!!!  No your eyes do not deceive you and yes you are looking at the new EZ DVD…The critics give this one 2 thumbs up…great family entertainment!!  EZ’s digressions are charming and such a wonder.  I’ve read them in the book but here she is doing the reading and to hear her voice and her laughter is a delight…I just can’t get enough. 


I have a project picked from this already but I’m also in love with this…right now I’m trying to decide which to do first (then I’ll tell you).  I have the yarn for both…now if you take a moment and think about it, if this is my biggest worry/decision right now…I must be doing something right.

Now here’s another gift…dare I say THE gift…my darling husband is at it again…He actually gave me these a few weeks ago (an early gift) but I wanted to wait to share them with you.  I’m beyond excited….and the wheels are turning. FAST!!  Thank you Sweetie.  You never cease to surprise and amaze me.  Have I told you lately that I love you?…ilyb…


I acquired this copy back in July, right after camp, but Chris was able to find a full set and there they are!!! I really can’t explain how amazing these books are.  And even though every word is in German they are still more than useable due to the charts. Endless charts…of  the most diverse lace, cable and knit/purl stitch patterns I’ve every seen.


I have the next 9 days off from work…can you say knitting nirvana boys and girls….

The rest of my gifts were perfect and so thoughtfully and loving chosen.  Thank you family…I love you.

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How Does He Love Me…

…let me count the ways…

For most of my life I never thought I would get married.  Don’t ask me where that idea/belief came from but it was honestly how I felt in my heart.  You know how you can picture yourself doing things, well, walking up the aisle was just not one of them for me.   Even after I met Chris I just didn’t think it would happen.  I knew I would be with him, that I would spent my life with him but I never “saw” a wedding, white dress, flowers, church, etc.  I asked myself the whole list of questions, “should I wait for him”, “will this be worth it”, ” am I missing out on something better by staying”, “why am I doing this to myself, this isn’t fair to me”, etc.  You ladies know the list.  then bang… the question was popped, the ring was in place, the dress fitted, and there was the aisle…

Now the best part is… our married days are so much better then our dating days.  Not that they weren’t great, cause something obviously kept me here, but this married life is so much sweeter.  One thing that has remained consistent is my honey’s amazing ability to not only listen but remember what I say.  He more than supports my addiction and actually encourages it.  He also knows the names of all my heros…as you can see below…my cup runneth over.  

This one to cheer me up…(see the brain off leash post) 


This one because he heard me coveting a friend’s copy…


This one, my first birthday after our wedding…


And this one right after knitting camp


Thank you baby….much love…

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I’m a Pot Head….

…Harry Potter head that is. Just to give you an update, I finished book 4, last night and I feel like I’m on pins and needles. This morning in my car on my way to work I started book 5 and just can’t seem to stop myself from listening to these books. I feel I’ve made this amazing discovery and want to tell everyone about it but…oh yeah… I’m the late one, you all already know.  What took me so darn long to catch on…I could kick myself.

Now is it only me or has anyone else who’s listened to these books on CD noticed that Jim Dale is suddenly pronouncing names differently? We went from Voldemor to Vodemort, emphasis on the T suddenly, and Hermani is not Hermahani (I’m spelling them phonetically on purpose)… What’s up with that?  It’s not a big deal and I’m sure I’ll get used to it but it definitely breaks the flow.

What has me a bit freaked out is what am I going to do with myself when this is over? My plan was to knit a project per book, enjoy the ride so to speak but I’m going through them so quickly. And they just keep getting better and better…now I understand much more why everyone went so nuts about the last book. I can’t wait….I mean I almost want to stop myself from going so fast but then I’m dying to find out what’s going to happen.  There’s another reason for understanding all the midnight reading parties.  Maybe if I’d read them as they were published but going through them one after the other like this…it’s like a drug…

Gotta get back to “the order”…I’ll keep you all posted.

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