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Hoped you all enjoyed that little sneak peek of the Henry’s quilt.  I’m almost done!! And don’t worry Daria, it’s a pleasure no pressure….

It’s Friday the 13th and I thought about doing something historical about the date but then thought, who cares.  There are so many other things to chat about!!!!…And much more fun.


PURE by Julianna Baggott

Just downloaded it!! Can’t wait. 



In a word…DELISH!!!  Here are my step by step pics…I took these pictures about 2 1/2 weeks ago and have made this 3 times since.

All the above brings you to this!!!!! Heaven!!!


We all need instant gratification in some form or another.  When my projects are piling up and begging to be completed I just start another one that I know I can finish in less than an hour.  Not to mention takes pictures of too, all during Kira’s nap time.  It gives me the perfect “high”! 

May be simple and boring to some but it makes me SO happy.  And makes my sewing room look even more inviting.


Before…functional but super boring.

A lovely Japanese print from City Quilter which I picked up 2 weeks ago.  I have to show you the other fabrics I picked up.  Gorgeous!!! My fabric stash is now in hard competition with my yarn stash.

I followed the instructions to the letter and it works but it’s a bit tight.

Another inch would have given a much better fit.

But I’m still thrilled.  Project done, feeling of accomplishment achieved, ready to tackle the project mound and life too!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

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BLT # 14

Right on time this week…

I saw this blog & store on Facebook and it’s wonderful…it looks like a quaint little English shop where I could see myself spending many an hour (if I lived  near by…have I ever mentioned that I whole heartily believe I was born and raised in England in another life?…oh wait I think I said that in my last BLT…)


That said…check it out

A Day In The Sewing Room


No scones this week! Actually I’m officially off dessert since I got on the scale this morning and literally gasped…that ain’t good! So I’m going light this week.


Summer Salsa by Be A Pot Stirrer

Doesn’t that look yummy and perfect for all this hot weather and much more waist-line friendly…(I’m really not liking my reflection these days…help May May!)  


Since I’ll be munching on that awesome salsa I won’t feel so bad sitting to make this for Kira.


Butterfly Dress by A Day In The Sewing Room

It looks super easy and I can’t wait to give it a go.   I have so many projects in the works right now I don’t even know what to do next….I really need some help….on lots of levels. 

Have a great weekend everyone.

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This comment is from one of my readers and it’s one of the reasons I love blogging.  Thank you Chante!  I get SO excited when I hear from you all about something I’ve posted that’s inspired you.

“I read this post around eight this evening and I downloaded a sample of the first chaos book to my nook immediately after. It’s now eleven thirty and I’ve already downloaded all three books and I’m about four chapters in. I am totally addicted and now I have to recommend this series to all my friends so that I”ll have someone to discuss this with too. Thanks and I really love your BLT posts. I’m so glad you decided to bring them back. Now i’m off to find out what the eff the “quiet” is about.”

-Chante (one of my blog readers) and now lover of the Chaos Walking Triology

Just wait until you find out what the “quiet” is!!! You’re going to love these books.  And I’d love to chat with you about them.  I’ve been dying to talk to someone who’s read them…

Which leads me to this weeks BLT!!


Got another book for you.  I’ve been plowing through audio books lately.  I wish I could just sit, read a book and sip a cup of tea but I think those days are over for a while.  As soon as I sit down I start feeling guilty and thinking about all the things I should be doing (laundry, dishes, and other equally tedious house hold tasks).  But I can do all the afore-mentioned and listen at the same time.  Guilt Free!!!  Win-Win all around.

So now I’m completely riveted to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shafer and Annie Barrows.  It is the polar opposite of the Chaos books and exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for.  My aunt recommended it and when she recommends a book I run to get it.  I don’t know which of us has a bigger appetite for the written word.  And this book is the word at it’s best.  I was laughing from the first chapter.  I’ll keep ya posted as I progress. 


Since this book is set in England (I swear I lived there in another life) and the island of Guernsey I thought it fitting to have some appropriate munchies to accompany me as I listen.  My rear end would love it if I skipped this part but who can resist. 


Traditional English Scones by Bird’s Party Blog

What’s interesting is just after the war (WWII, the time in which the book is set) making these would have been very difficult.  Food coupons, rationing, etc.  And to have the clotted cream…almost impossible.  For those of you who have never had clotted cream (sounds a bit gross, I know) you haven’t lived.  It’s worth being the sole reason one travel’s to England.


I’ve been inspired to create a tutorial after seeing this PERFECT BABY GIFT on Pinterest.  I just fell in love with it, rushed to buy the PDF but it’s sold out.  So I’ll get to work and see what I can come up with.  No idea when that will actually happen but I can dream…you never know….


Genius! A Baby Bath Apron Towel by BLISSFULpatterns

What mom couldn’t have used one of these at some point?  Very smart…

So there ya have it!! Another BLT for a week filled with inspiration!!! Till  next time.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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BLT #12

This was supposed to have been posted last Friday but I was so busy, grooming and prepping for my 20 year college reunion that it just didn’t make it.   But here it is…We’ll just have 2 this week.  Oh and the reunion was awesome…

I still can’t believe I stopped doing this for so long.  Anyway, water under the bridge…here we go.  Happy Friday!!


I don’t have a blog this week but I do have a book! Still a “B” so I’m going with it.  A good change, alternating between blogs and book…sound good?

So my book this week is actually a trilogy, CHOAS WALKING by Patrick Ness.  I can’t stop talking about these books.  They were amazing, riveting and on some strange level almost believable, though sci-fi.  Now I’m an audio book fan so I didn’t “read” these books.  To be honest I can’t imagine reading them.  There is so much going  on at once that I think they may be challenging to read, however listening to them!!!!  Some audio books are good, some are great and some win awards.  These should totally win awards!!!  The narrators are brilliant!! Can someone please listen/read them so I can have someone to talk to about them…


I just saw this recipe this morning.  Guess what I’m having for breakfast!!  I really love quick and easy!!


Even my fussy eater enjoyed them..

They are so good!!



Of course another Pinterest find.  I’m kind of excited about this one.  So simple, easy and highly personalize-able…A great Fathers Day gift from the kids, the grad (words of wisdom) or anyone for any reason.

The instructions are on the Pin itself, here.  The link from there takes you to this Etsy shop.  Try it for yourself or go shopping…choice is yours.

I’m firing up  my oven first.  It will already be on for the muffins.

Hope everyone has (had) a great weekend.

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IT’S BACK!!!   And ya know what…I’m not going to worry about the legal stuff.  I was told once in massage school that even if you don’t completely master all the techniques if your intention is to heal,  you will have served well.  My intention here is purely to share and pass along information.  I hope the  material of anyone I link to  feels the same way.  If they don’t and I “piss someone off” then I will clean up the mess then.



This is an awesome blog and amazing resource.  I visit quite often.  Great place for a beginner sewist…

Sew 4 Home


I was out shopping yesterday when I saw the dutch oven pictured below (but in a gorgeous orange color) on sale.  Sale price $191.00 reduced from $265.  I almost bought it on the spot but that’s still a lot of money….But I so want to make this bread and have it look just like hers…Maybe an early birthday gift.  I had the store hold one for me…actually they offered.  Which is not usually done with sale items.  I’d say that means something…maybe the universe giving me permission. Please someone give me permission!!!   It’s a Le Creuset…those don’t come cheap but I’ve heard they wear like iron (no pun intended) and are worth every penny.

CRUSTY BREAD by SIMPLY SO GOOD (picture by SimplySoGood)

Crusty Bread by Simply So Good


If you have checked out my boards on Pinterest you know I have a serious problem.  But I also have an excellent resource of tutorials for a ton of different things.  My two favorite boards are my quilting tutorials  and sewing tutorials.  I know you have to support the authors out there but there is so much for free it does make it hard, especially when for once you want to buy something other than fabric (I really want that dutch oven)… I can’t wait to give this one a go!  If anyone of you try it let me know.

Moda’s Half Moon Modern Sewing Room: Ironing Board Cover

Who hasn’t gone shopping for a new cover and thought how ugly they are.  Now they don’t have to be.  I’m going to make a mini version for my table top ironing board.  I love that little board and use it almost every day.  So time for a make over….

Moda’s Half Moon Modern Sewing Room: Ironing Board Cover

 Feels good to be back…Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

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I don’t know how many of you read the articles I linked about Pinterest but to say the least I’ve been a bit freaked out!!!!  The following statements are for complete clarification.   

1.  Anything that I have ever “talked” about on this blog has been linked and credited back to the source. 

2.  In no way do I claim anything to be “mine” nor am I making any profit of any kind. 

3.   The sole purpose of my BLT series is to share, inspire (as I have been) and pass along information.

All that said…My conscious is clear (somewhat)…so let’s have some fun shall we! 


Another great quilting resource for beginners, for everyone actually.  Lots of tutorials, links to shopping and tons of patchwork eye candy.  Once again I have to pause and thank bloggers for their generosity in sharing their skills.  I love this blog!

Jaybird Quilts


Since spring is in the air (sort of, it was 29 degrees when I walked the dogs this morning) I thought we would move away from the “heavy”,  chocolate-y, bread-y desserts and try something lighter.  It’s also one of my favorites.

CHEWY LEMON SNOWDROPS by SOPHISTIMOM (a beautiful blog by the way)

Lemon Bars in cookie form!! YUM!!!! Thank you Jaime.

Chewy Lemon Snowdrops by Sophistimom

Chewy Lemon Snowdrops by Sophistimom

TUTORIAL: Check out this amazing quilting tutorial that uses interfacing as a piecing tool for fabric scraps.  It makes so much sense and looks so easy.  Are any of you familiar with Oh Frannson!  You should be… 

Stamp Collection Quilt Block Tutorial 

Sorry I was late this week.  Forgive me May May… Have a great weekend everyone!  Some finished projects next week (I’m so overdue).

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As March Madness begins this month in sports it has also begun here for me.    Once again there is smoke rising from Big B as I’m working on one project after the other.  Interestingly enough all of my projects are geared toward babies and children.  What’s up with that?  If I sew it, it will come?  One can pray…

That said let’s get to some of the things fueling my flame!


In a word this blog is FUN!  If you have little ones about there are plenty of projects here to keep you and them busy.  This post  in particular really got me going…Adorable and one more skill to put in my bag of tricks. 



Lately, I’ve been really trying to watch what I eat.  I wouldnt’ say I’m dieting but I’m being more selective.  I’m also working out again.  It was super hard the first few days but I got myself in a workable routine with Kira and I’m managing a workout every morning.  Kira even “cheers” me on.  I would really like to stay focused.  Therefore if I’m going to have something cavity-inducing it better be worth the “cheat”.

I think this fits the bill!  NUTELLA GOOEY BUTTER CAKE

Nutella Gooey Butter Cake by Plain Chicken

Oh good gracious!!!  I would say totally worth it.  Yes, May May we can make this one when I come to visit…

I have two tutorials for you this week and both are for the kiddies!!  I just couldn’t resist.  Especially since I have both in the works for this weekend. 
When I pinned this 2 days ago it got over 50 repins!  I mixed up a batch yesterday but it has to “cure” for 24 hours.  I’ll let you know how it comes out!
My darling girl has some major food issues but loves to cook with me in the kitchen so I had 2 thoughts.
1.  Make her some of the foods we cook so she can “cook” them all by herself in her toy kitchen then she can pretend to eat them which may lead to the real thing.
2.  She can have something tangible to go with some of her books that have food items in them.
Seems like a “win win” to me.
These tutorials are also from U-Create Crafts.  Told you this blog was fun.
Have a great weekend everyone!  Can wait to hear about what you created this weekend!

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