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Change Is Good

To celebrate the 6th anniversary of Earthtones Girl I’ve been doing a bit of late spring cleaning and general house keeping.  But let’s start with a definition.

committment, according to Webster’s means:

c   : the state or an instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled <a commitment to a cause>

I’m not saying never but rarely have I felt obligated or emotionally impelled to maintain this blog but I am committed to it.   It has honestly been a pleasure, a joy and downright fun!!  First and foremost this forum has given me a place to be express myself and my love of creating.  I’m so grateful for that and all the people who’ve shared time with me over the past six  years.  The actual anniversary was 12 days ago (I’m a little late but that doesn’t matter).

As you may have noticed I’ve been a bit busy around here.  For more than year now I’ve wanted to change the overall look of my blog but I decided to listen to the wise advice of a friend and reader who quoted the old stand by…”If it ain’t broke…” So I’m sticking with my current format but with some changes.  Here’s the run down,

1.  New Header

It was time for something a bit brighter but still showcased both my passions.

2.  The KNITS and QUILTS pages have been updated…finally.

3.  All the pictures on the blog are now bigger!!!  Bigger pics, more eye candy!

4.  A new page has been added, MUG RUGS, etc…

Not quite quilts but I still wanted find a place to “show” them.

5.  Blog roll/Links has been edited

Some oldies have been removed and some new favs have been added.  Stay tuned there’s may more to come.

6.  And my favorite new feature…PIN OF THE DAY

I’m so excited about this one. It’s a quicker way for me to get my favorite pins, new discoveries, tutorials, recipes, etc to you instead of my once weekly BLT posts.   It’ also a way for me to keep those of you not on Facebook up to date with things I post there but not in detail here.

Regarding today’s POTD, I’m actually making one for a friend.  I wanted a cute way to give a gift card and I FOUND IT!!!



It’s also good practice for hand sewing, which I’ve wanted to work on for a long time.

These changes, few though they may be, have re-energized me!  There are so many wonderful things I’ve yet to share with you!!  I hope you continue “journeying” me as I plan to do with all of you.

Happy Blogoversary!!

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Earthtones Girl now has its own Facebook page and I’m so excited!!  I debated for so long about setting one up then finally said why not…

Now I have another venue to share my creative meanderings about knitting, quilting and sewing.  Please go visit and tell me what you think, what you’d like to see and feel free to share!

Hope you LIKE it!!!



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…or rather you don’t need a “serious” reason to do something.  It can be done just because it’s fun.  June 1st marked five years that I’ve been blogging and you know what…it’s still fun!!

I started this blog in June 2007 right before heading off the knitting camp for the second time.  It was so exciting to finally have a space in the world (if only virtual) to share my passion with others.  I’d wanted a blog for so long but wasn’t sure how to even go about setting one up.   One day at the yarn shop where I was working at the time,  a woman (an amazing woman) walked in.  The usual conversation started, “what are you interested in making?”, “where’s the sock yarn?”, the usual, but then I happened to mention knitting camp and the light went on.  It was my second time, she’d always wanted to go…we couldn’t shut up.  We decided to meet after work to talk more and the subject of blogging came up.  She was a computer tech and offered to help me.  The rest is history (as they say).  A couple of weeks later Earthtones Girl was born.

My blog has gone though some changes over the years but at its heart it has always been a place for me to share the things I love.  Knitting, sewing/quilting, cooking, baking, and especially my family.

Thanks to all of you out there who have shared this experience with me over the years.  I hope you continue to visit.

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The last thing I remember was walking over to my laptop to write up a new post and something hard hit me in the head.  As I was coming to, several warm and love filled faces were hovering above me asking me where the triple A batteries were, “mummy can I have more ice”,  Can you help me hem a pair of pants, did you pick up my uniform from the cleaners?

As I tried to sit up, the dull ache of awareness told me it was my old buddy that hit me…”old buddy?” Yeah, LIFE, you idiot!!!

I can’t even tell you how swamped I’ve been lately and honestly just not feeling like myself.  I won’t bore you with all the details but I will say that you HAVE to make time for the things you love to do no matter how much life’s responsibilities try to pull you away from it.  I feel so lost without my online world.  It’s awful!!!! But no matter what I’m going to try to my best to “be back” even if it’s one post a week.  I missed it here.

So when last we met I’d talked about the bookcase doll house I was working on Kira and wanted to have done by her birthday (May 6).  Well, it was not finished on time…for a number of reasons.

My cousin is now living with us.  We knew that was to be part of the plan for this summer but we didn’t know the summer was to start on May 5th.  So all of a sudden Chris and I were chickens without heads trying to get the down stairs in our house turned into an apartment of sorts for a 20-year-old to be comfortable as she traveled to and from the Manhattan each day working her first internship.  It has been wonderful having her but needless to say there is just more to do with another person under your roof.

That said, the brakes were put on the doll house.  I also realized that while I was super excited about the doll house I suddenly wasn’t sure that a three-year old was going to enjoy it as much or in the way I wanted her to.  Kira is a very busy girl and loves to take things about to figure out how they work and I suddenly saw all my time and energy spent making miniature curtains going awry in a matter of minutes.  So I decided to wait.    Maybe getting ready for my cousin’s arrival was the universe’s way to saying wait another 6 months or a year. 

But I couldn’t leave her with nothing.  So I found a substitute “doll house” that for the time being will be so much more fun, portable and far less breakable.

Here’s a little peek…

Aside from working on that project I’ve also started a new quilt for one of my readers? How’d she get so lucky? Actually I now have 2 quilts going for readers who have become friends and have brand new babies (one to arrive any minute).  What sewist/quilter/knitter can resist making a gift for a new babe? Not me!!!

I’m only showing a peak of this one since she “visits” here and I don’t want to ruin the surprise completely…

You’ve seen this one already but I love it so much it’s worth an updated peak.  Most of the blocks are completed..Now it’s time to “sandwich”, quilt and bind…

I also have a quilt planned for this lovely bundle….It’s for my sister for her 40th birthday and 10 year wedding anniversary…..

I am busy just haven’t been making the time to tell you about….well guess what…..

Blogoversay post tomorrow.

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Getting To Know You….

…getting to know all about you.  Who, you ask?  Big B…

Sorry for not getting the BLT up this past Friday but I was getting ready for a guide/”getting to know your sewing machine” class at Hartsdale Fabrics that was yesterday, Saturday.

It was a thin slice of heaven for me.  From 10 to 2 I was guided through the wonderful world of Bernina.  My jaw was on the ground for 4 hours as I discovered all the things I now had at my finger tips.  I was dizzy  from all the possibilities.   I also got over, completely over my fear of this machine.  You know the feeling, you don’t want to touch to much, unscrew anything, change settings then can’t get it to do what you want again and have no idea what you did or changed.

I’m free now and this machine will bend to my will.  This was just a bit of the fun we had. 

The best part was using the BSR for the first time….OMG!!! This is worth the price of this machine all by itself.  For those not familiar but still interested check out this link with a full explanation.   To put it simply, the BSR, Bernina Stitch Regulator, regulates the length of your stitches when you do free motion quilting on your machine.  In other words you look like a total pro without having to even work up a sweat.  I swear if it was the beginning of the year instead of  weeks before Christmas everyone would be getting a quilt…

This is after about 2 mins using it.   Seriously.  I was shown what to do then it was handed over.  That simple!! That easy!!! And it looks that good!!!

That’s the wrong side….AMAZING!  I couldn’t wait to get home and play some more.   Now that I know so much more there are so many things I want to try.

This was just for fun.  I made it this morning as a practice piece to figure out how to find different measurements on the machine.  1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, seam allowances…This little block called for 3/8″…

I promise to try to keep blogging but with 34 days until Christmas yall, that line of smoke you’ll be seeing  in the sky will be rising off my Bernina!!!

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So Annoyed!!!

Ok, so for some reason after blogging with WordPress for 4 years I am suddenly unable to add links to my posts.  I can’t tell you how annoyed and incredibly frustrated I am…

That little glitch is also the reason I haven’t been posting.  But enough is enough.  Rather than letting that stop me I’m going to continue posting, typing in the link’s address and if you’re really interested you can always cut and past the URL yourself. 

In the grand scheme of life this is SOOOO not a real problem but I will apologize for the inconvenience.  Adding links to your sources is super important but for the moment I have to beg pardon.  I miss my blog and won’t let that stop me.

Maybe this is the universe telling it’s time for an upgrade.  I had wanted to do that after hanging with my friend JL but then put it on hold.  Alright, alright I’ll get my butt moving.

I’ll try to have something fun for you to look at tomorrow.

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So many of us waste our time on that old way of thinking, “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”.  I can’t tell you how many fences I’ve been peering over lately…it was beginning to become a bit obsessive.    And  a complete waste of my time.   Time that could have been spent sewing, knitting, quilting and not to mention loving my family.  I’ve been so silly but thanks to my readers and friends, I’ve got my head back on straight.

Earthtones Girl is staying Earthtones Girl!!  Yes, there will be some modifications and lots of fun new things to read but I love my blog and honestly don’t want to use more creating time fussing over the way it looks. 

That said…there are so many things I want to show you, write about, work on…this is going to be so fun.

One of my readers, Nancy, suggested that each day have its own theme, Mishmash Monday, Sewing Tuesday, etc.  I love that idea…thanks Nancy. 

So let’s start with today, Friday. 

And thanks again everyone!!

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