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So if you remember, 20 days ago, I started a new hat to keep me occupied during a snow storm.  Well guess what I’ve made next to no progress on it but for good reason.

My husband, who I can’t get enough of, gave me a late Christmas gift.  It’s the gift to top all gifts, at least for me.  Are you ready, cause I wasn’t…

I’d like to introduce you my new sewing machine.  The Bernina 750 QE (Quilters Edition).


You’ve all heard and used the expression that there are no words to describe a thing.  Well I have no words to describe how surprised I was, excited I was/am and how unbelievable this machine is.  It’s a behemoth and I’m totally in love with her!!!

Ok, I can hear the question being yelled at me.  Did I really need another sewing machine.  Absolutely not!  But am I blessed with a husband who loves to spoil me, see me smile and has always indulged my hobbies.  YES!!! Am I happy? YES!!!  Is it an incredible machine? YES!!!  And the best part…has it made me bold, has it made me step out of the box?  YES!!!


Look at the size of this girl…HUGE!  It doesn’t even fit in my sewing table.  on top yes, but not inside…no matter… I still love her!!!

I’ve already started a few projects.  This is a start of a single Irish chain quilt for a friend.


And here are some HST (half square triangles).  I have no idea why I haven’t tried them before but I swear this machine has given me wings.  Dramatic I know…but I’m going with it.



I’m happy…very happy…and that poor hat.  Going to have to wait a while.

Thank you Darling…thank you so much!!!

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Getting To Know You….

…getting to know all about you.  Who, you ask?  Big B…

Sorry for not getting the BLT up this past Friday but I was getting ready for a guide/”getting to know your sewing machine” class at Hartsdale Fabrics that was yesterday, Saturday.

It was a thin slice of heaven for me.  From 10 to 2 I was guided through the wonderful world of Bernina.  My jaw was on the ground for 4 hours as I discovered all the things I now had at my finger tips.  I was dizzy  from all the possibilities.   I also got over, completely over my fear of this machine.  You know the feeling, you don’t want to touch to much, unscrew anything, change settings then can’t get it to do what you want again and have no idea what you did or changed.

I’m free now and this machine will bend to my will.  This was just a bit of the fun we had. 

The best part was using the BSR for the first time….OMG!!! This is worth the price of this machine all by itself.  For those not familiar but still interested check out this link with a full explanation.   To put it simply, the BSR, Bernina Stitch Regulator, regulates the length of your stitches when you do free motion quilting on your machine.  In other words you look like a total pro without having to even work up a sweat.  I swear if it was the beginning of the year instead of  weeks before Christmas everyone would be getting a quilt…

This is after about 2 mins using it.   Seriously.  I was shown what to do then it was handed over.  That simple!! That easy!!! And it looks that good!!!

That’s the wrong side….AMAZING!  I couldn’t wait to get home and play some more.   Now that I know so much more there are so many things I want to try.

This was just for fun.  I made it this morning as a practice piece to figure out how to find different measurements on the machine.  1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, seam allowances…This little block called for 3/8″…

I promise to try to keep blogging but with 34 days until Christmas yall, that line of smoke you’ll be seeing  in the sky will be rising off my Bernina!!!

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It’s amazing what you can get done while your child sleeps.

As promised…Here’s a super quick project (nap time today was 90 mins) that is cute and functional.  I also got to use the Edging Foot on my sewing machine for the first time.   Great little tool.

Oh, and did I mention that this is another Pinterest Pin

I don’t know what I love more, having a carry-case for my phone, learning new skills on Big B or the fabric…

I think I bought this from Fashionable Fabrics but it ‘s been so long since I’ve had it…

I followed the instructions to the letter and it fits perfectly.  The only thing I had a problem with was figuring out how to find 3/8″ on my machine.  The instruction said to sew with a 3/8″ seam allowance.  I just winged it and success!  But I do think that’s why it fits with the hard case.  I may have given myself a bit of extra room.

None the less, it works…and I got some long over due sewing done. 

Next project…a new baby quilt, which I’ll be sandwiching tonight.

Thanks for pining this one for me May May…

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Coming Up For Air

The honeymoon continues as “Big B” and I get to know each other.  Can you be in love with a machine?  Is there a name for that?  Well, I’m so love.  Now I have to stop and give credit.  My Brother machine did serve me well and while I loved her in our moments together.  This is so much better.

It’s the difference between driving my Toyota (sewing on the Brother).  Yes, I will get where I want to go.   I will be comfortable and confident as I approach the destination.  I will arrive safely.

OR…having a chauffeur driven Rolls  Royce (sewing on the Bernina), with a mini bar, sound system, Ipod docking station, free cell phone and small decorative step stool waiting as I exit the vehicle.  See the difference?

I’ve already started a practice/getting to know you project.  But here’s a dramatic example of the good vs. excellent.

This is a 1/4″ seam on the Brother

This is a 1/4″ seam on the Bernina

HELLO!!  I was stunned to see the difference.

Here’s a peek at my project…

Perfect…That’s not me…that’s the Bernina.

The light or lack of, is not showing the true colors of the fabric but you still get the picture.

Ok, back to “B”, she is waiting for me…

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Look what I just brought home…the birthday present from my hubby.

My local fabric store was selling their class room models to make room for the 500 Series.  Lucky me.  I was more nervous about bringing it home than I was bringing Kira home from the hospital. 

I’ve also never been more grateful to my husband for “getting me”…He really gets me and is the most supportive husband, friend, father on the planet.  Thank you my love….

Look what also arrived…(thanks to my May May who gave me a very generous gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop.

Left: Butterscotch & Roses Jelly Roll Fig Tree Quilts for Moda Fabrics

Right: Curio Jelly Roll BasicGrey for Moda Fabrics

Left: Cape Ann Charm Pack Oliver & S for Moda Fabrics

Right: Little Apples Charm Pack Aneela Hoey for For Moda Fabrics

I think I’m going to need another one of each for the patterns I have in mind.

Come on…do I deserve all this…?

I HAVE A BERNINA YALL!!!!!!  I’m excited and so humble all at the same time.

I’d say the month is off to a pretty good start…

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