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The last thing I remember was walking over to my laptop to write up a new post and something hard hit me in the head.  As I was coming to, several warm and love filled faces were hovering above me asking me where the triple A batteries were, “mummy can I have more ice”,  Can you help me hem a pair of pants, did you pick up my uniform from the cleaners?

As I tried to sit up, the dull ache of awareness told me it was my old buddy that hit me…”old buddy?” Yeah, LIFE, you idiot!!!

I can’t even tell you how swamped I’ve been lately and honestly just not feeling like myself.  I won’t bore you with all the details but I will say that you HAVE to make time for the things you love to do no matter how much life’s responsibilities try to pull you away from it.  I feel so lost without my online world.  It’s awful!!!! But no matter what I’m going to try to my best to “be back” even if it’s one post a week.  I missed it here.

So when last we met I’d talked about the bookcase doll house I was working on Kira and wanted to have done by her birthday (May 6).  Well, it was not finished on time…for a number of reasons.

My cousin is now living with us.  We knew that was to be part of the plan for this summer but we didn’t know the summer was to start on May 5th.  So all of a sudden Chris and I were chickens without heads trying to get the down stairs in our house turned into an apartment of sorts for a 20-year-old to be comfortable as she traveled to and from the Manhattan each day working her first internship.  It has been wonderful having her but needless to say there is just more to do with another person under your roof.

That said, the brakes were put on the doll house.  I also realized that while I was super excited about the doll house I suddenly wasn’t sure that a three-year old was going to enjoy it as much or in the way I wanted her to.  Kira is a very busy girl and loves to take things about to figure out how they work and I suddenly saw all my time and energy spent making miniature curtains going awry in a matter of minutes.  So I decided to wait.    Maybe getting ready for my cousin’s arrival was the universe’s way to saying wait another 6 months or a year. 

But I couldn’t leave her with nothing.  So I found a substitute “doll house” that for the time being will be so much more fun, portable and far less breakable.

Here’s a little peek…

Aside from working on that project I’ve also started a new quilt for one of my readers? How’d she get so lucky? Actually I now have 2 quilts going for readers who have become friends and have brand new babies (one to arrive any minute).  What sewist/quilter/knitter can resist making a gift for a new babe? Not me!!!

I’m only showing a peak of this one since she “visits” here and I don’t want to ruin the surprise completely…

You’ve seen this one already but I love it so much it’s worth an updated peak.  Most of the blocks are completed..Now it’s time to “sandwich”, quilt and bind…

I also have a quilt planned for this lovely bundle….It’s for my sister for her 40th birthday and 10 year wedding anniversary…..

I am busy just haven’t been making the time to tell you about….well guess what…..

Blogoversay post tomorrow.

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More Puppies

It’s so motivating to complete projects so you can finally gift them and (best part) move onto others waiting on the list.  I can’t complain I do get alot done, but I feel like things take so long from start to finish.  But I can’t decide if it’s project  ADD or life getting in the way…probably both.

Here’s my Puppy Dog Tails Quilt Complete!!  (I just realized I gave two projects the same name…oh well).  Maybe because I started it so long ago.

I did a basic stipple/meander quilt design.  It’s fast and I love the effect!! Every time I try to branch out with another pattern I always come back to this one.  I’ve learned the fancier patterns and am not to bad but there is something about a stippled quilt that just makes me want to snuggle under it.  In this case I wish I had a new babe of my own to wrap up in this one…One can dream…

My favorite part is the binding fabric.  Polka dots, so perfect and classic for this quilt.  (Thank you Teri!)

I applied the binding using Pat Sloan’s tutorial.  Again, fast and easy!!!  Have to save my hands whenever I can.

This Little Rascals fabric is beyond adorable…

Here’s the required “rolled quilt” shot.  On almost every quilting blog I visit, if there is a completed quilt, there is also a picture of it rolled up.

Can’t decide which end I like better…

Baby stuff….I love it!!!!

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Here’s a little baby gift I made up this weekend for a friend of Chris.  A boy, obviously and I just couldn’t resist the “traditional” color and theme.

This is the kind of project you can make in about 1/2 hour.  Measure, cut, assemble, sew, edge, iron…DONE!!  It’s from a tutorial I found on Pinterest (where else)  for a Self Binding Baby Quilt.  It’s actually a receiving blanket, but so what…it’s super cute and easy.   (Gosh I sound like Jenny from the tutorial.)

Here’s a close up of the print…CUTE!! Who can resist puppies?

I used a simple decorative stitch between the print and solid fabrics.  In hind sight I probably should have used brown.  It would have “packed more punch” but oh well…It’s done and off to the family.  Next time…

See what I mean.  That white thread just gets lost on the back (and front).  But when making something for a stranger, in my mind, I’d rather err on the side of simple.

The tutorial was done by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I like their videos/tutorials for the ideas but they are not to big on technique and exactness.  That is good and bad depending on what you are looking for.  In this case…it was just what I wanted.  A quick handmade gift without a lot of details and perfection.

Here ‘s the YouTube link…Enjoy!!!


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As March Madness begins this month in sports it has also begun here for me.    Once again there is smoke rising from Big B as I’m working on one project after the other.  Interestingly enough all of my projects are geared toward babies and children.  What’s up with that?  If I sew it, it will come?  One can pray…

That said let’s get to some of the things fueling my flame!


In a word this blog is FUN!  If you have little ones about there are plenty of projects here to keep you and them busy.  This post  in particular really got me going…Adorable and one more skill to put in my bag of tricks. 



Lately, I’ve been really trying to watch what I eat.  I wouldnt’ say I’m dieting but I’m being more selective.  I’m also working out again.  It was super hard the first few days but I got myself in a workable routine with Kira and I’m managing a workout every morning.  Kira even “cheers” me on.  I would really like to stay focused.  Therefore if I’m going to have something cavity-inducing it better be worth the “cheat”.

I think this fits the bill!  NUTELLA GOOEY BUTTER CAKE

Nutella Gooey Butter Cake by Plain Chicken

Oh good gracious!!!  I would say totally worth it.  Yes, May May we can make this one when I come to visit…

I have two tutorials for you this week and both are for the kiddies!!  I just couldn’t resist.  Especially since I have both in the works for this weekend. 
When I pinned this 2 days ago it got over 50 repins!  I mixed up a batch yesterday but it has to “cure” for 24 hours.  I’ll let you know how it comes out!
My darling girl has some major food issues but loves to cook with me in the kitchen so I had 2 thoughts.
1.  Make her some of the foods we cook so she can “cook” them all by herself in her toy kitchen then she can pretend to eat them which may lead to the real thing.
2.  She can have something tangible to go with some of her books that have food items in them.
Seems like a “win win” to me.
These tutorials are also from U-Create Crafts.  Told you this blog was fun.
Have a great weekend everyone!  Can wait to hear about what you created this weekend!

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And Puppy Dog Tails…

…that’s what little boys and this quilt are made of. 

Here’s my latest creation.  When I first bought this charm pack, Lil’ Rascals from the Fat Quarter Shop, I wasn’t sure about it.  The big prints were super cute but the others seemed dull and almost boring.  I put it away for a little while but then “rediscovered” it the other day.  

We have new neighbors and they just had a baby boy.  I thought this would be a nice welcome to the neighborhood/baby gift.

Now that it’s all pieced together I think it’s so “soft” and sweet but still boyish enough.

I kind of made it up as I went along but was  definitely inspired by the many modern,  “cross“, and “x” quilts I’ve seen on various blogs.

My only hesitation was the image of the little cowboy (top left) holding the toy gun.  The PC side of me is a bit worried the new parents may take offense but I’m also thinking I’m over thinking.  What do you all think? 

The rest of the images are so adorable and innocent and classic little rascals.

I’m so glad I decided to give this another look.

This is the backing fabric.  Fat Quarter had some of the prints available by the yard.  This one was my favorite.

Last Thursday afternoon I took a Free Motion Quilting class at The City Quilter in NY.   What timing!! I can’t wait to try out some of the things I learned.  What a class!!!  The first time I took a free motion class I was a rank beginner and was using my Brother machine.  I was miserable.  I think I was expecting to be good at it right away but instead I was so endlessly frustrated. Since then I’ve practiced, a lot, now own a Bernina (the same model used in the class) and I’m now a bit less fearful to “mess up”. 

I can’t wait to get this sandwiched and on my machine…

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So here it is my latest quilt, Serafina….

There are so many firsts  for me and this quilt, in a way I’m sad to part with it.

My first Disappearing 9 Patch pattern for the piecing.

The first time I put green and pink together…ever….

I love the backing fabric…

First free motion quilting and first machine stitch binding (which I don’t think I”ll do again for a while.  It’s super fast but not “clean” looking to me).

This was also the first time I used the walking foot on this machine and I’m so happy to say, no pucking.  That has been an issue for me.  The binding always pucked at the end but not this time.  It came out perfectly…

I hope you like it Serafina…I can’t wait to meet you and see you all snuggled up in it.

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A few months back I posted a Process Pledge button on  this blog but haven’t shown much process in a while…

Ready for some?  Here’s my first real attempt at stippling a quilt.  While it ain’t bad it aint’ great either.  Curves are not that smooth, looks a bit jerky, this stitch length is irregular and I even crossed over my stitches once or twice.  All that I can live with.  What was getting to me the most was the color of the thread.  This is what happens when you trust the judgement of others instead of listening to yourself.  More important, doing what feels right to you.

That green thread looks hideous!!!

Just look at that?…YUCK!!! It totally “uglies” the entire quilt.  Not to mention hiding the prettiness of the prints.

I was almost half way through when I just had to stop and RIP!!!  For the record that is not as bad as it sounds…it’s a small quilt, 36×36.

Take 2…Much better!!

Still a bit pokey but then I think I found my rhythm…

It’s so “soft” looking.  I love it!!!! I’m sure I will look back on this years from now and think, how elementary but for now…I’m very proud of it and can’t wait to give it away.  It’s for a new arrival, Serafina…hope she likes it?

Now I feel ready to tackle the 2 other quilts that have been sitting in the basket since June.  It’s not just being excited that it looks good but that I’m teaching myself.  I did the same thing with my knitting 12 years ago and now with quilting.  You can take all the classes you want, read books, watch Youtube or DVDs but in the moment it’s just you and your needles or your sewing machine…The sense of accomplishment is so motivating.  Should also note that I did all this without using the BSR on my Bernina…can’t wait to see what I can do with that baby…

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