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A huge thank you to those who left warm, loved-filled comments on my ‘last post.  Your words ment the world to me.  I hope you and everyone out there had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Daddy and Kira got to spend lots of quality time together which freed me up to spend some quality time in the sewing room (and Joann’s, and Micheals, and Barnes and Noble and the park (to work out with my personal trainer sister, she refuses to let me be still for too long and I’m grateful to her for it).  Here’s how I spent the weekend.

I finished up another quilt.  I’ve had it and another one sitting around for way to long.  Now I can finally sent them out into the world to be played, puked and loved on by two adorable little babes.  One reason I had them so long was to do a compare and contrast between the two.  Same pattern, different quilting styles.

Here’s Hudson’s quilt!  I used my “go-to” baby quilt pattern, Charm Squares Baby Quilt.  The fabric line is Mishchief and it’s just adorable.



I love the yellow polka dot binding, it just screams “happy”!!


And here’s Maggie’s quilt (you remember this one).  Same pattern but different quilting.


The meandering pattern on Hudson’s quilt actually made it about 1 1/2 to 2 inches smaller than Maggie’s.   If I’d stuck with plan A it would have been even smaller.  I was going to use a pebbling pattern  but it just didn’t look good enough for a quilt that was intended as a gift.


Definitely more practice…oh the burden…(hee hee).

The rainy, cool days this weekend served me well.


They may have been a bit of a disappointment for some but not for me.

Now to get these in the mail!

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Bad Planning

I was so pleased with how Maggie’s quilt turned out that I started another one.  This pattern is definitely my “go-to” baby quilt when I need something easy and quick but still looks like there was some effort put in.

Here, another quilt top all done.  This one is for a precious boy who arrived a week ago today.  Hopefully his mom is too busy and won’t see this post.  It’s not a surprise but still….


The name of this charm pack is Mischief.  I couldn’t resist, it was just to perfect for a boy.  My only problem is I didn’t order the backing fabric until two days ago so now I have to wait to finish it.  I even have the batting.  Hence the bad planning…


It will be totally worth the wait though.  The backing fabric will be that blue square.  I decided to be a bit colorful with this one.  Blue backing, green sashing and fun busy prints.  I think baby Hudson will like it.

If you’d like to keep an even closer eye on what old Earthtones Girl is up to, don’t forget to check out my Facebook page.  When I get to 50 Likes there will be a sweet little giveaway!!!

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Maggie’s Quilt

It was my best intention to knit while watching the Superbowl yesterday but that so didn’t happen.  We watched the game over at a friend’s house and between touchdowns, commercials, and a kick-ass half time show I was making sure Kira didn’t eat to many brownies from the dessert table.  Not a single stitch was completed.  However while the little one napped  before the game, I was able to finish a quilt!! First one for the year (and many to come)!!

This one is for my dearest friend May’s new (7 months old) niece.   I’m so proud of the quilt but even prouder that it’s actually done and before she graduates college.

Maggie's Quilt Febuary 2013

Maggie’s Quilt February 2013


I absolutely love this charm pack from the Fat Quarter Shop called Chemistry.   And again very appropriate for February’s love fest!!


Check out the backing fabric!  Which, don’t laugh, I found at Joann’s.


Could it be any more perfect?

And I’ve never bound a quilt with white before.  I wasn’t even sure it was “allowed”.  I know you’re laughing but I was honestly expecting the quilting police to show up.  But it pops so nicely and looks so crisp against the pinks and reds.


And I don’t know if you can see it but there are white (tone on tone) hearts on the fabric.  I’m so happy with how this came together, considering I broke the cardinal rule and bought all the various fabric components from different places at different times.


Ok, I’m off to make another one for another special baby that arrived this past Saturday.  A boy this time.  What until you see the colors for that one.

Oh, and I almost forgot…the pattern for this quilt can be found here.

What did you get done or not done this weekend?

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Baby Gifts

When a crafty person hears that a friend, neighbor, co-worker, blog reader (I love my fans!) is having a baby the wheels instantly start spinning.  And the first thought is, I have to make something.  Now I’ve knitted sweaters, jackets, hats, socks, blankets and of course made quilts, the only problem is time.  That list of babies can get pretty long, pretty fast and the well intended pile of  projects can get a bit unmanageable.  Then there’s guilt…you know the slippery slope.  But I think I’ve found my new Go-To baby gift.  It’s super fast, super easy and the AAAAHHH factor is off the charts.

ONESIE CUPCAKES!!!  No need to ask where I found this idea/tutorial

Can you stand it?  Do your teeth ache from how sweet these are?

You know when you see a new idea and you just have to drop everything and try it.  This was one of those for me.

A onesie, a receiving blanket, small rubber band to hold it together, a coffee filter and a matching ribbon.  How simple is that?

That hardest part was finding the right size box.  On my first try I bought a box from Micheals but it was way to big.  Stupid me I bought the box before making the cupcakes so I was guessing.

Second try, I measured the width and height of the cupcakes then went box hunting.  I found these boxes (3 per pack) at Joann’s (but I’m sure any store that sells baking supplies will having them.)  This time…perfect fit!

That little peek-a-boo window makes them look even “yummier”!!! All I need now is red and white baker’s twine.

This set of goodies is for May’s new niece and  I lots more ready for a few other little bundles that will be arriving shortly.

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The Real Henry

Here’s the little one whom this quilt was made for. 

All the time spent selecting fabric, cutting, sewing, piecing, sandwiching, quilting, binding…It’s all worth it when you receive pictures like these.

Isn’t he the sweetest little man?

A big thank you to his momma for allowing me to share him with you all.  

Daria it was my pleasure!

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Welcome Back

After what has felt like the longest and hottest summer ever, I’m returning to calm and to myself.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while or if you know me personally you know that my heart starts beating a bit faster as September approaches.  Well, HOO RA!! It’s here and so is a return to normalcy, to rhythm, to a turning inward that unlike most people I revel in.

This summer was so full and busy it left very little time for me to “play”.  I posted about my Dad’s book, an ironing board cover and Marin, my Olympics project…that’s it.  My last BLT was July 15th!  You have no idea how frustrated I’ve been.

But in the last couple of weeks as the temperature has cooled a bit (although the heat from yesterday made me feel like I lost brain cells) and my summer house guest has returned to school I’ve begun to play again and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

My amazing aunt Dianne, who lives much to far away in CA. posted this beautiful comment yesterday and I’d made me feel so great.  She posted it to the Marin post.

This shawl is Absolutely Magical. ABLOODYMAZING!!!!!!! How do you do it?? I would love to know that I could make one of these someday. Your blog is so inspiring. You are loved and appreciated.  -DF

My blog stats are very humble and I don’t have tons of readers/followers but the few I have I adore and love to share things with.  So please join me in kicking off September and this fall season with the presentation of a gift.

I started this quilt about 4 months ago when one of my readers mentioned in a comment that she was having a baby.  So we started chatting over email, she said the baby was a boy, mentioned his nursery colors and that she loved quilts but had no patience to make them.  Well that was all I needed to hear.  Here’s Henry’s quilt!!

I made this up as I went along.  Yes, there are a bunch of things I would do different next time but I will listen to the wise words of my mentor and not point out the flaws but show off the successes.

The quilting was done in an echo pattern around the H.

and subsequently over the patchwork on the back…

I alternated the binding between a light and dark fabric just to experiment and I really like how it came out.

The pieces of the H were appliqued to the cream fabric in a soft green.  I wanted it to stand out but not be too bold.

When I saw this fabric I thought PERFECT, it has all the colors from the nursery and is so darn cute!!

It’s the Forest Friends Fat Quarter Bundle  from The Fat Quarter Shop.

The funny part was when I ordered the fabric I was so caught up with finding the right colors that I totally missed that the fabric was flannel…oops!

I have to admit that flannel is not my favorite medium but it makes for one super snuggly quilt.  I really worried too about putting it in the washing machine, fearing it would get fuzzy but nope.  It’s now washed and being packaged.  I don’t think I can get it in the mail today but my little friend will have it next week for sure.

Happy 4 month birthday little man.  And a  great big HI!!  That was a fun surprise! It was not really my intention to put in the “I” but when I turned the quilt there it was…

Not a bad way to start my favorite month and time of the year!!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday weekend.  Enjoy!!!

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Just A Peak…

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog because I’ve been busy on the sewing machine, knitting needles and of course life….

Here’s  my latest project.  I’m just finishing up the binding and it’s going in the mail.  My list is growing as all these wonderful babies keep arriving!!!

This one’s for you Henry…..

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