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While I posted on Friday that I need to get my butt in gear and get ready for Rhinebeck.   My sewing machine is beckoning…like the whale to Ahab…

They say as you age the best thing to do to keep the mind sharp is to learn something new.  So how about a new project to keep old age at bay.  Today is my 41st birthday and while I had absolutely no problem welcoming 40 (as you remember last year I posted for days about it) for some reason I’m in a tail spin about 41.  9 freaking years away from 50…dear God….

Seriously I’ve been in such a funk…but I think this will pull me right out of it.   An applecore quilt!!! The first time I saw one of these I fell in love and even started one by hand (that didn’t last long).  I had made the template myself and it worked but not well.

The charm pack is Strawberry Fields by Moda which I ordered from the Fat Quarter Shop.   As you can see I sort of botched them a bit while I was experimenting for another project and wasn’t sure what to do with them.  But this project is perfect. 

I ordered the template from Missouri Start Quilt Co. (I’m doing the online course Quilting Quickly I & II on Craftsy).  One of the lessons in Part II is an applecore quilt.  Perfect.  There are two templates, on for a charm pack and one for a layer cake, again perfect.

Not a bad way to spend my birthday.  Breakfast with family, chatting with friends and other family on the phone and online, playing with my girl, starting a new quilting project and I may sneak out tonight to see a movie…ALONE(one of favorite things ever and a rare treat these days)!!  If you’re wondering about my darling Hubby.  His gift is on the way…the man loves and spoils me to death.  I truly don’t deserve him.

Happy Birthday to Me!!

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