Settling Into Fall

If you live in North America you know that the temperatures are cooling down, the clocks have “fallen back” and there is less light. But oh the colors...this is the most wonderful time of the year (insert vocals by Andy Williams). My absolute favorite!  


It’s also the time of the year when it’s rare to see me without yarn and needles in my hands (ok, that’s me all the time, lol).  One of the parents at my children’s school looked at me the other day and motioned toward my sock in progress and said Everywhere? I replied, Always! And we laughed.  

My latest complete project is a pair of Everything November Mitts by Jen Yard. And I love them! You can find the pattern here.

Knitting these mitts was the perfect palate cleanser after knitting sock samples for my recent classes with Vogue Knitting Live.  I wanted to knit something for myself.  So much of my knitting is for tutorials, classes and demonstrating techniques. While I will never don't love sock knitting many times it feels like I’m making them for others. Knitting these mitts was a reset for me. It also gave me a chance to revisit the Sewn Bind Off.  A great and very underrated method of finishing.

The mitts were also a great segue, if that’s the right word, into gift and seasonal/holiday knitting. Trust me I will be making lots more socks before the end of the year, keeping some and gifting some but there will also be more mitts, some Christmas tree ornaments and maybe even a pair of long johns. Stay tuned! (wink, wink).

What are your making plans this season? And I didn’t forget, I know it’s spring for many in the southern hemisphere.  Will you be knitting/crocheting/sewing holiday gifts? And if you don't celebrate the holidays (many don't) will you be making something for yourself? Remember there’s no such thing as selfish knitting! 

Whatever you create, I hope it brings you joy!



  • I have been watching your podcast on socks and would like to know if you can knit with 5 needles, that’s the only way I do socks, have found Norman that does it, would like how you do yours.

  • Thanks for the tip on the mitts! Any use for all my sock yarn besides socks is a welcome one!

  • Will you have project bags again soon? I’ve just found your YouTube channel recently as I’m a beginner knitter. I’m hoping to follow your sock course in the near future!

    Jenean Lee

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